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Unable to manage owned gas station | "Generic"

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Date and time (provide timezone): 08/AUG/2023 - UTC+2 - 12:05 PM

Character name: Franco_Morelli

Issue/bug you are reporting: Franco is attempting to buy fuel for his gas station HappyHeptane, but when he is entering the management section, the store name is generic and there is a placeholder name in the owner section Michel_Bong. He is also unable to buy any fuel and in the orders section, it says: Fuel left 14/50l. There are also other things that are wrong within this section. This bug has happened before, but then a quick ESC press was enough to solve it, however, it has nearly been 24 hours since this bug was also reported to me last night. 

Expected behavior:  Correct and usable management UI at the gas station

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: 

1DmmcGp.png Tiob6U7.png


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