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Remove snow

Do you want snow to stay or be removed?  

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  1. 1. Do you want snow to stay or be removed?

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I, along with most of the people that have asked are strongly against snow being one of the randomized weathers for the next few months.

It causes fps drops, it might be a factor in the recent crashes, and it breaks some of the new vehicle customizations. 

It also makes very little sense from a roleplay stand-point for snowstorms in Los Santos, seeing as how it is based on Los Angeles. 

However, as an European I can admit that it would be strange to not see snow at all, therefore:

my suggestion is to remove snow and only have it from 20th of December to 5th of January. 

This will allow some seasonal weather, without all of the drawbacks of having it on-and-off for two months.

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