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  1. Timo_Oranki

    Reduce consumable prices

    Big +1, been thinking the same.
  2. Timo_Oranki

    [BUYING] House at Canals

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a house at Canals. Please contact me #2994786 or email me Waterholic#7849
  3. Hey, I'm interested. Please send me a message, Waterholic#7849
  4. Timo_Oranki

    Claude Floyd (300 thousand loan)

    I'm just a random player, but don't you have assets for things like this?
  5. Timo_Oranki

    [Punish NCZ Parking Abuse]

    I see everybody was in rush to get their salaries.
  6. Is Grove Street in the hood?
  7. Timo_Oranki

    [SELLING] 1 car garage apartment near the beach - 45K

    55k? Good luck with that bro.
  8. Timo_Oranki

    Looking to buy a 2/3-car house

    Still looking?
  9. Timo_Oranki

    Add timer to mors

    Yeah I also suggested this some time ago. +1
  10. Timo_Oranki

    Less rain

    I like rain. It's beautiful and I like drifting in rain. -1.
  11. Does the location matter? Does it have to be in city?
  12. Timo_Oranki

    [SELLING] Weeny Issi

    I'm selling my lovely Issi, this car has a few visual mods and custom horn. This is surprisingly fast, compared to its price. Stock Issi would cost something like $13000. This looks good when you park it on your driveway. It surely is worth its price. This car can happily seat two. It even has roof.
  13. Timo_Oranki


    It was nice to make business with you.
  14. Timo_Oranki


    I can buy it right now.