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  1. Timo_Oranki

    [BOUGHT ALREADY] House around 100k

    Mhm, after some time of begging I got 5k more and bought it.
  2. Timo_Oranki

    Add some new houses to buy.

    I'd like to see some life at Sandy Shores too. +1
  3. Timo_Oranki

    [BOUGHT ALREADY] House around 100k

    I can do 105k. Can you give some pics and I'll think about. Is that Paleto Bay? Can you keep the door open so I can go inside and have a look?
  4. Timo_Oranki

    [BOUGHT ALREADY] House around 100k

  5. Timo_Oranki

    Police is bullshit

    My Issi is much more cooler than your goddamn Panto. It's small convertible, it can first to tight spots. It's perfect car for busy guy in city. Regards, John Mellison. Proud owner of Issi
  6. Timo_Oranki

    Police is bullshit

    Well if I would see somebody trying to picklock my car, of course I would attack him, or her. It's my goddamn car.
  7. Timo_Oranki

    [SELLING] House with 2garage

    Still for sale?
  8. Timo_Oranki

    [SOLD] 16 Los Santos Freeway. 1 Garage. 35K

    Nevermind tmdidnt see that huge sign saying "SOLD"
  9. Timo_Oranki

    [SOLD] 16 Los Santos Freeway. 1 Garage. 35K

    Still for sale?
  10. Timo_Oranki

    [BOUGHT ALREADY] House around 100k

    Looking to buy a house. No matter where. Almost everything is okay. Hoping for 2 or more garage spaces. But it doesn't really matter. Must be house. Not apartment. Please contact me, #2994786 or Waterholic#[email protected] John Mellison
  11. Timo_Oranki

    Your employee robbed me!

    This man has to work at Bayview, that's the only place whereä I caused trouble.
  12. Timo_Oranki

    Looking For Love

    Hello Phil. I'm not woman but I'm something better. I'm male. We don't have to be gays to live in same trailer. It's honor to you to take a guy who has never seen live rabbit to live in your trailer.
  13. Timo_Oranki

    [SELLING] Obey Tailgater

    Just someone buy this. I need to get rid of this. 28k.
  14. Timo_Oranki

    Your employee robbed me!

    So, I can shortly tell you what happened. I came to Bayview to customize my Obey Tailgater. (Fixing the mistake at my first message, to get it customized). And there was some other people too. One of them kicked my car. And we started fighting. And then somebody, I don't remember who was it and what he looked like. Told us to get out. I drove away. Later I came back because I still wanted to get my car customized. The guy was still there. He assaulted me and we started fighting again. After this the employees tried to call police. But I decide to go away before I get in bigger mess. I don't really want to get problems with police. After few hours. My car still needed to be customizing. And I drove back to Bayview. Because I liked Bayview more than LSC. And this guy said: "Oh it's you! Troublemaker!" So I decided to not start talking about this, and drove away. I went to LSC where they customized my car with no bigger problem. However. After getting my car customized at LSC. I was going to look some houses in Paleto Bay. I decided to go buy something good for me at store. But these guys robbed me, it took my a while to realize who they were. They took me lots of alcohol and food and weapons. And my Issi. That car is my sweetie. I also have picture of license plate of the car they used. Regards, John Mellison
  15. Timo_Oranki

    Your employee robbed me!

    I have some videotape of this situation. I can give it to you if you just want. I'll give it to you in a second.