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  1. I want to buy a house in Grapeseed. Before you give me offers far away "is this ok?" Please look at this useful map I made. Green - This is Grapeseed, it's fine Yellow - Meh... If you got good offer Red - If it's not free I'm not taking it
  2. ((in Finland we have really weird laws about this, you can grow marijuana, but having it with you, in your home, your car etc. is illegal. We definitely need that to Los Santos)) Tyler Hill.
  3. And candy tax and Diesel tax and everything else, we need this to the server.
  4. I'm looking to buy a trailer, not an apartment. Bit northern would be nice.
  5. -1 There's already snow in some parts of Finland. It's nice change to the normal sunny weather.
  6. Timo_Oranki


    Hey I am interested of the house, can you please email me. Waterholic#7849 ((on discord))
  7. Timo_Oranki


    I'm interested.
  8. Hello, I'm looking to buy a house at Canals. Please contact me #2994786 or email me Waterholic#7849
  9. Hey, I'm interested. Please send me a message, Waterholic#7849
  10. I'm just a random player, but don't you have assets for things like this?
  11. I see everybody was in rush to get their salaries.
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