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  1. Lola

    The Rooks

    @WongChan the storyline your character has with the triads is honestly one of my faves. would love to see this develop in the future!
  2. Just to clarify tor people’s info in-case they do want to understand the extent of which we had to go through to plan the heist.. The hostage situation at the Rockford Jewellery Store was a collaborative RP opportunity planned by Dark Army and Daichead Gadai. Dark Army did their part in preparing the heist by RPing hacking into the system, preparing the thumb drive, and disabling the alarms (which would explain why the alarms don’t go off via. script, can be read via. their now archived thread) and Daichead Gadai prepared in bringing on alternative characters from the faction to RP as clerks for immersion since there was no other plausible way to do so. This has to be written and approved by SA+, where we outlined who was going to use what character so that logs can be checked, as well as approval of MG. We were planning to RP going in, robbing the store, and leaving the scene, but a member of PD spotted us the last second and called it in. We were somewhat prepared but didn’t expect it at all and the actual hostage situation that unfolded after was completely unplanned. Admittedly, we started to fire at them first thinking it was our only means of escaping but we stopped when we decided to use the hostages properly and PD stopped as well as their reactionary response. Every person there, the hostages, LEO, getaway drivers, and robbers, displayed really good RP - we RPd non-script injuries (such as a member shouting that they’ve been shot and assisting them with BLS) as well as the value of life of the hostage (threatening them, shooting them in the leg, taking their wallet, finding their family, and telling LEO that their father will die if they don’t let us go). I think everyone at that scene can agree it was a really nice change to the way PD and Criminal factions RP with one another. Not all hostage situations have gone as well. We had a drop at Sandy and held one of the sheriffs up and shielded them with heavy set cars from getting shot. We told SD to leave the crate somewhere or their deputy gets killed, but these demands were ignored and the crates were taken and open at a NCZ. The deputy reported that he actually got shot by members of his own faction and expressed that he was disappointed of the RP that unfolded the way it did as well. It was agreed by both the Irish and LEO that both factions could have done things differently, but this was never followed up on. The difference between the Rockford Store and a normal Fleeca Bank is that the Fleeca Bank is scripted. When you implement a script, things become routine and there is no need to RP outside of this routine if the fastest way to fulfil the script and get the money is to either go in and out quickly, or take a hostage and leave with part of the money to sacrifice several members. I do think it’s important to empathise with the fact that, although a faction may hold a hostage two or three times, LEO have experienced the exact same RP experience over two dozen times. Generally, I think hostage’s lives should definitely be valued over everything and there should be more emphasis in this.. Either by LEO’s response and ways they prioritise or by hostage takers in the way they connect with the hostage and RP their life as extremely value and something they do not want to take unless absolutely necessary. Perhaps a new hostage animation would allow for this immersion as per @Bala’s thread.
  3. Good group here! Good luck and looking forward to more interactions in the future
  4. Below is an example of what it would look like in practice that was used for a recent RP opp. Instead of "ADMIN MARKER" it would read "DESCRIPTIVE MARKER". It's really amazing that we could get a staff member to approve this marker for the purpose of RP, but it would be great if there were less obstacles to go through and we could do it ourselves (with some level of moderation).
  5. Maybe the proximity threshold should be different to admin markers; as in you would have to be extremely close or directly on top of it to see. Alternatively, it could show up as a triangle and you would have to interact with it to see what it says.
  6. This has probably already been suggested, but I wanted to suggest an addition of descriptive markers. Descriptive markers are used to describe the environment surrounding the player. When I did the compromised bomb workshop RP with LEO, I had to RP on an alternative character and RP huge sets of lines to describe the inside of the bomb workshop as most of it was up to the imagination, and usually multiple times as new people entered the workshop. Here were some of the lines to give you an idea of what I mean; ~r~[DESCRIPTOR]~w~ When you enter the building, it would be completely quiet. ~r~[DESCRIPTOR]~w~ You would enter the room with the Irish flag, immediately seeing crates stacked upon each other, and machines in the middle that are turned off. ~r~[DESCRIPTOR]~w~ In the middle of the main room, there would be a lone crate that is not yet bolted shut. ~r~[DESCRIPTOR]~w~ Upstairs, there would be a planting set-up, with remnants of leaves. A pungent smell would come from them, but may need further expertise. ~r~[DESCRIPTOR]~w~ There would be a whiteboard, and on the whiteboard would be a blueprint for the Semtex C4, detailed with all its materials. It would also list details on how to make Molotovs. ~r~[DESCRIPTOR]~w~ In the back of the room, there would be two large machines; one to mix ingredients, the other seemingly to dry them, both not turned on. There would be a barrel of RDX powder on the side. ~r~[DESCRIPTOR]~w~ In the far left room, there would also be crates stacked full of motor oil and gasoline. While a lot of the RP did end up being quite interactive, i.e. evidence collection, confirmation of DNA, blood splatter analysis, allowing RP to progress based on character knowledge and depending on how the different players reacted to their surroundings, it was seriously time consuming and probably broke some immersion as I walked around the inside of the workshop using my alternative character even though RPly I am meant to be outside. How would descriptive markers benefit the server and its RP? Enrich RP quality and opportunities by setting the environment/stage for surrounding players. More opportunities to plan RP stories and situations. It provides the opportunity to change the course of certain RP, which I think would enrich player experience. Makes exploring the server more interesting as you don't know what type of RP can come out of certain descriptors. EDIT*: Maybe it is something that can be added as a result of RP approval? How would they work? Players will have to set a blip with /dblip and can remove the blip with /deleteblip. Players would leave a temporary blip that would last 30 minutes/1 hour. Staff would have to approve the placement and content of the blip. It would have to be considered realistic. This is only a suggestion following some past RP planning experience I've had! I know it is an extremely flawed suggestion and can come with a lot of ill-use and uncertainties of how to use it, but I thought it would be good to plant the idea, anyway. Feel free to leave your opinions and thoughts.
  7. +/-1 Let people see their Good RP feedback to encourage positive RP and OOC relationships. Leave Bad RP feedback for staff to read to review a player’s negative contribution to the server and disable notifications for the player when they receive a Bad RP feedback to avoid any ill-feelings mid-scenario. Include time stamp with the Bad RP feedback so that staff can review the interactions had between the players so that feedback is not taken at face value and can be judged without bias upon review if necessary. Poor RP would definitely not improve as a response of receiving bad feedback for the receiving player’s panel. RP is best improved by positive reinforcement, friendly advice by surrounding players, and following by example. Enable people to see positive feedback.
  8. legend says that john polar is still scaling chilliad mountain to this day in search for the drug lab
  9. Lola

    The Goblins

    running a faction can be demanding and comes w a lot of stress, so i respect the past and present command for their efforts. while everything must come to an end, paleto will always be marked by the goblins! all the best to its members
  10. @Bala bring back paris?
  11. really lovely read, and what you built out of ling and her story has been amazing! thank you for everything and any character you build on after i know will be just as good
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