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  1. As someone who has predominantly RPd as a criminal, I know my response is going to be highly unfavourable and unpopular to many people. At the beginning, I admittedly found the RP with LEO extremely frustrating. It seemed that all they wanted to do was win, rake up as many arrests as possible, and make your time on the server miserable. I was earning way less than than what I was losing. However, after months on the server, you realise that this is not the case for most LEO players at all. You learn to be a "smarter" criminal and you learn to surrender to the RP rather than resist it, and you
  2. Lola

    Dark Army

    what a fucking fantastic faction that i’ve had the pleasure to rp with so far. stories are top-tier and each member sticks really closely to faction lore. you guys have so much potential here to build on and so far you’re meeting them. keep up the great work.
  3. -1/+1. It’s a good change, but I agree that name tags should automatically show when someone is using VOIP. It’s easy to distinguish people’s voices usually, but it’s a lot harder to keep up when it’s within quite a big group of people and I need to press alt briefly every time someone chips into the conversation.
  4. was in the middle of writing a suggestion around /do, /me, /ame text-wise rp, but I've just read this and I think you've outlined it perfectly! this is a great way to vet the rp standards of new players coming in. +11111111
  5. Lola

    Forum Name Change

    Could I change my name from Lola Millers to Lola, please? Thank you!
  6. best of luck, looking forward to more interactions in-game to come.
  7. FSO, thank you for your time on the server and the RP that you provided to the rest of the community. I have said this many times before, but this faction was the main motivation that helped me change the direction of Daichead Gadai completely by pushing forward a massive emphasis on backstory and heavy RP scenarios. I constantly admired the hard work that the members evidently put into their faction and started working towards doing the same. FSO has led by example on what an RP-based faction looks like by showing that RP is what you make of it and not simply revolves around constant fi
  8. Please delete this reply if I'm not meant to share this here, but I commend a lot of the members of this faction for being both so involved and patient in-game. More often than not, I'm finding myself disappointed that my time's up in DOC because the members of this faction make it that much enjoyable to RP there. It has also correspondingly made arrests a lot less frustrating knowing that these members will be there to make the time pass by quicker. Thank you to everyone that I've RPd with so far within this faction!
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