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  1. Hi, Lola_DeValera (ID 256) here. Thanks to the reporting party for filing this report and to the staff members taking it. Prior to the death of Darragh and the injury of Ivan at the gas station, Darragh made a call for everyone to move towards Elysian Islands so that immediate support can be provided should a shoot-out be instigated. While everyone was preparing to move towards one location, someone called over the radio that he was being pulled on at the gas station. When I arrived to the gas station, PD were already there and multiple 67 members were clearing the scene. I learned t
  2. loving the style of this post, famingo!!! superrr cleannnn
  3. +1 bc diversity. not sure how this can be monitored to make sure that disabilities are being fairly portrayed.. i think the best way so far that's been mentioned is having it approved by staff. there are many misconceptions about wheelchair users so i think that whoever rps it - especially people who are able-bodied irl - should demonstrate that they know how to rp being a wheelchair user without advancing any current stigmas/misconceptions.
  4. great post as always mr. disciple!
  5. Lola

    Russian Mob

  6. +1 I think we're all responsible for ensuring that everyone has a good time on the server. I have let a lot of things that have been said slide just because I very rarely get an apology in return and the interactions thereafter turn sour - whether IC or OOC. I've never used slurs myself (whether racist, ableist, xenophobic) so I know this is not a difficult thing to do, therefore I would not be opposed to this rule change. I imagine it would be quite difficult to monitor, but not impossible.
  7. epic thread, best of luck and looking forward to seeing how you guys work dynamic wise with Lost MC!
  8. interesting backstory! will be cool to see how the dynamics are in-game between this faction and daichead gadai since both were based in ireland and tied to the ira. best of luck!
  9. +1 implement grow houses to replace the removal of drug labs.
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