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  1. Always enjoyed the RP we had. Sad to see you go man. Wishing you the best, peace bro.
  2. What an insane read @MissDeeds. Great RP as always
  3. Sick posts @Tezhl and @Devil Neeraj, fire
  4. Great stuff both @nomadhtims & @Driqz! Nothing but great RP with you guys, keep it up.
  5. Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit @Sam Onizuka great stuff my g
  6. Hi, Rafi Leib here. Thanks @Nexuus for informing me about the rulebreak, and thanks @Aldarine for handling the report. Sadly, I do not have my POV of the situation as my hard drive was full. I also informed the reporting party about this. I will admit that I was wrong going back to the area of where I had died 20 minutes prior. Even though I did not go "too" close to my body, I still broke the NLR rule. I will not argue this wasn't the case. These actions may have negatively affected the reporting party and other players' roleplay experiences, for which I deeply apologize. I will learn
  7. Good stuff @Christopher Vanhyse, keep it up lads.
  8. Sick post g @givejoshamosin. Can't wait to see what's happening next!
  9. Very nice read Alicia. Keep it up guys!
  10. RobinMiller


    Thread looking good! No IC interactions with you guys yet but looking forward to it! Good luck!
  11. ID 55, Rafi Leib here. The rest of the following individuals, please provide any information or footage that would help explain this situation further and the reasoning to it. I was not told to save my POV, so I don't have any. I hopped on the chase after it was called out on radio. I was not chasing the Irish car directly, I was actually chasing the chase to prevent any non-RP convoys. This can also be seen in the footage provided by the reporting party, in which I arrive at 3:01, quite a bit later than the other people already hopping out of vehicles and shooting the reporting pa
  12. My family, only love for you guys
  13. Thanks @Charlie Baker for making this report, and thanks to @dawpi for handling it. I'm ID 10, Rafi Leib, in the video. I was trying to put my hands up with the Ctrl+1 shortcut but accidentally pressed Shift+1, which made my radio switch to a prebound frequency. I can actually be seen doing it multiple times with Shift+1. If I really wanted to switch to another frequency so that my current one wouldn't get comped, I wouldn't have repeatedly switched to the same frequency. As seen in the video I provided, the bind switched to the same frequency I was already on and didn't have a negative impa
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