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  1. Hey, Tony here, First of all I would like to thank all of the staff team that is taking the report The reporting Party forgot to mention, that the small encounter they had with us, was them shooting me/ my property, attempting at my friends life, and going into a big chase, which we lost them, but tried finding them around the city, I have no evidence for that happening because I wasn't recording at that time, but logs would say everything. As i understood 3 Hours haven't past from our encounter which lead to me still having DM rights Them pulling up to us, saying "this is the one" a
  2. -1 Feel like this change is not really needed, as there is plenty of drags, If you watch most of the Crimp Fights that involve council and some other old group, its mostly drags kamachos/novaks or komodas
  3. Eyyy, I was there, but dead Great interactions with yall
  4. +1, But i feel that, the group chats could be made a bit customizable, by saying that i mean, that like in "messager" the owner of the chat could add nick names to the people which would make it a lot harder for rival gangs or people to find out who you are rolling with, Because otherwise, if you get killed by a rival gang member, and he takes pictures of your phones group chat, he could find out all names involved in the gang and numbers which would fuck it up for the rest of them, if he cant find names, he has to go through a more rp process of finding numbers, through other people that you
  5. Zac Oxx

    ID 55 NON-RP

    @RekamonI refuse to believe you accidentally went through the bush. If you were driving to the canal you would have drove down the open grass area. Instead you clearly went directly for the bush. You can’t say the bush was in your lane that makes no sense. That would assume the bush moved and got in your way. Are you saying the bush jumped in front of you? Or the truth is you chose to drive through it as part of your route to the canal. I think that is very apparent in the video. It is a choice you took. The bush didn’t jump in to your lane so let’s not make silly comments, I tried to reach ou
  6. Zac Oxx

    ID 55 NON-RP

    Player(s) being reported: Tyler Rogers(ID 55) Date of interaction reported: 6/30/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1593461455 Your characters name: Tony Oxx Other player(s) involved: 118,38,382,177,36,198,129,77 Specific rule(s) broken: 8. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. Examples of actions that are considered as non-roleplay: • Baiting Government Services - Provoking a reaction from faction services without a realistic reason / or calling faction
  7. Hey, this is Tony Oxx, first of all I would like to thank the Staff members that took the report, My side of the story is practically the same as with Ash, I was with him at parking as we were setting something up, then we saw the guy with the SMG on his back, at first I thought he had a carbine on his back because of the mods as seen in this screenshot which looked as an even more valuable target http://prntscr.com/t8s54d due to my weapon mods that I use(didin't get the time to properly see all the weapon re-textures I use), I was waiting on Ash to take the lead because I knew that he will no
  8. Insane video, best of luck
  9. Zac Oxx


    Good Luck, Hope yall will have the forum activity that WCA had
  10. Zac Oxx


    Saw, promising fashion photos , best of luck
  11. ID 183 Here http://prntscr.com/stmj0r heres my screenshot of me being injuried in tequila after getting stabbed by that guy
  12. Hey, This might be a doozy one, but might also improve racing and chases So, for racing if anyone has seen some ***** clips , I want to suggest having a command to set up races like over there. The problem right now is that racing is pretty stale the same tracks over and over, It's also in places that PD never go to so it does not have that risky factor in it which should be there in Street Racing,My fix for this would be making a command like this "/startrace 4(4 PEOPLE CAN JOIN) 1000(The Buy-in)" everyone would lineup and a race would be started in a couple of minutes , the tracks
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