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  1. They need to add /helmet on/off. And you will do it only when you are on a bike.
  2. So only SWAT need to go with M4, cops supposed to go with pistol and taser like in real life.
  3. Also I'm throwing an idea, if you're in a shootout with cops and they died. They you'll be able to loot em', just when they injured / dead.
  4. It won't because cops are very strong and they can call a backup really quick, that's not a problem.
  5. Basically I don't get it, cops very very strong here with vests even when you hit them in their head. So at least we need to be able to loot them because they CAN loot us.
  6. A beautiful Jester is up for sale, maxed out! It has a custom plate too! Drop me offers down below or contact me. Phone:3795762
  7. Still for sale? I would be happy to know the price, I can't find it on the doors.
  8. I was parking the bike there on a DAILY BASIS, it means that my character knows one place, WCA HQ. The first thing on his mind is that the bike is on the HQ. I hope the Senior Admin will understand it, thanks.
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