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  1. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Cevon_Whitfield Character to Transfer To: Pablo_Valdez Requested Transfer: Asset 1# Hakuchou Drag Asset 2# a 1G house Asset 3# 300,000$ Reason for Transfer: Pablo has left the town two months ago and gave Cevon his stuff. Cevon has grown in Los Santos and made a lot of money since he was involved in illegal work. Pablo came back to Los Santos and he has nothing, he doesn't even own a car or money to buy food and clothes. Cevon suddenly saw him sleeping on the ground behind the bank and he was suprised. Cevon doesn't care and he wants to give all of his stuff to his best friend, Pablo. ((Well, I played on Cevon very long time and I'm tired of the RP of that character. I want to go back on Pablo and start from 0, when no one knows me.)) How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? By a friend.
  2. How is it not a good idea? You will have the price on both ways!
  3. I would like to /buy/ one of those 2G's.
  4. As you can seen in the longer video the reporter has uploaded in the comment below mine, he already showed himself hostile to us when he was pointing his gun at our members of the group. I saw him from the roof and jumped instantly to help my teammates, as soon as he ran up the stairs I told him to put his hands up. I indeed shot once as he already proved himself hostile and I believe he was about to shoot our people. In my perspective I couldn't see the reporter raising his hands due to the piece of cloth the reporter went through. After hearing the shots from my teammates I was absolutely sure he was returning fire, therefore I joined the fight. Also, you can clearly hear my teammates telling him to put his hands up at 01:05 while he has him at gunpoint, yet he refused to cooperate, ran upstairs and used his radio to call backup. We had all right to open fire at him as he also showed his intention to shoot and had my friends at gunpoint. I wish I was told this report was about to be posted as I could easily save my POV and use this as an evidence in this report.
  5. It's only 1G, haha. 160k - 3795762 hit me up now.
  6. Nice update! I hope you to get official because you deserve it.
  7. I'm looking to buy 2G House! Not interested in Vespucci Canals or Beach houses. Hit me up or post down below! Phone: 3795762
  8. I don't think that everyone would be able to see your panel which /all/ of the information is in. People sometime want to stay in more privacy instead of being public.
  9. -1 for this. +1 for the original suggestion.
  10. Basically now we can't just take off our shirt, pants, shoes. We can do it only with our mask. So what I'm going to suggest is a simple command that will result to take off shirt / pants / shoes. Command: /shirt on / off | /pants on / off | /shoes on / off | /hat on / off. I think it will help for us to RP, because when I'm RPing taking off my shirt and wrapping it around my hand I can't really take it off.
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