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  1. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Thomas Gagliano Character to Transfer To: Kyle Gagliano. Requested Transfer: Asset #1- Massacro RWNSUN1J Asset #2 - Cash 160,000 Reason for Transfer: Few months ago Thomas received a text from his father back home in Italy requesting Thomas to come back. Regardless of the text Thomas didn't feel like going back so he ignored all of the texts and calls from his message.But as the days went on Thomas grew sick of his life in Los Santos. He felt that it was taking a very heavy toll on his mental and physical health. Because of all this issue Thomas decided to move back to Italy. One day while he was packing his stuffs to leave he received a call from his cousin Kyle . Thomas was shocked hearing that he moved in Los Santos. Thomas tried to explain Kyle about the city and why he should not be here but regardless Kyle insisted in staying in city. Kyle not knowing the way of the city started struggling to make in the city . Kyle decided to text Thomas for a help with his financial situation, Thomas soon got back to Kyle explaining that he is leaving city so. Thomas received the text the day he was taking the flight back to Italy, he quickly withdrew the money he had and the keys to his car leaving it to the hand of John who is a childhood friend of both cousins. Thomas later texted Kyle saying he has left a car and some cash which might help him to ease his struggle in the city and to collect it from John. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? The assets will be transfer with the help of a mutual friend of both cousins
  2. I'd like to speak from ID 126 point of view..at the scene while the kamacho and the cop car were coming i was talking with the guy on the elegy as soon as i saw them coming i pressed w to accelerate and move..but my game freezed whilist i was pressing W..and when my game dropped fps i was already ahead..as you can see in the video at 0:22 i went that way because my game froze while accelerating..so i am willing to take the penalty as it was my fault that the game froze
  3. is this a legal or a illegal faction ?
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