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  1. This will be my last response to this thread until staff asks me otherwise, I just want to clear up attempts to deceive staff with these comments above and to get any hearsay out of the air with actual factual video of the prior situation. The situation was re-ran because there was ZERO roleplay prior to the escalation of the situation. The extent of the RP from goblins side was screaming "WE HAVE HOSTAGE" at the door, then running out back only to break fear-RP by attempting to drive off. In short: Goblins hit bank -> PD rolls up -> Goblins wave gun at hostage -&
  2. Player(s) being reported: 452, 487, 211, 356, 85, 189, 352, 440, 64, - Many Goblins in general (might have missed some IDs) Date of interaction reported: 6/APR/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1617740247 Your character name: Cyrus Carver Other player(s) involved: Bunch of PD Specific rule(s) broken: Non-RP Behavior - Completely ZERO thought process for the bank robbery, Nothing was planned out. They just decided to hit a bank, hold up a new player and then rush out and escape when police arrived, ZERO REGARD FOR ANY RP ATTEMPTS. Fear-RP - Thinking they are immune in a situ
  3. Thats ironic considering SD and PD interrogated an NPC and didn't use a message? We were setup there for literally an hour. Plenty of time for retaliation, plenty of time to gather up forces and try to take your drop back. The fact is you guys did nothing but circle us, Drive up to our units say slick comments and then continue circling us. You knew it was compromised, you saw us there for an HOUR sitting there. I don't understand what more of an interaction you would like from us? Would you like us to sit there and jerk off inspecting t
  4. When an illegal faction compromises the drop of another illegal faction, PD does not get notified and vice versa. I believe you should learn about the system before you speak. PD was informed of a drop this morning, I can guarantee you that no other criminal organization did.
  5. Interrogating an NPC from PD/SDs side is a 2.5% chance of success. We rarely get drop information. The chances of us being INFORMED by the server of a drop without us having to interrogate is an even lesser chance. We had a 3 month dry streak if not longer of going to a single compromised drop location.
  6. i dont know if you know this but the chance of pd or sd being informed of a drop is 2.5%
  7. The most well written and most true response to any of these kind of threads. Impressive work and honestly preaching the truth. Hopefully people look and read through your reply and see some kind of mindset change.
  8. bro aint this you? https://streamable.com/0z4vvi
  9. The thread got derailed when people started complaining that the bike they saved up for and worked hard to achieve their "Dream" of escaping police. I was addressing this. Nice try with the fallacy though. And yes, my criminal characters ARE felons. Literally got a stockpile of heavies on multiple alts. The whole point is to remain incognito and NOT attract police attention but I know that can be hard to comprehend sometimes.
  10. You and I both know that playing this game to win is not the end-all-be-all goal. Well, it shouldn't be. Its about having fun. Every single time I log onto my multiple criminal accounts I mentally prepare myself to be ready to face a possible 4+ hour sentence. You should not play the game expecting not to get caught. Always be ready to get caught, the goal is not to win, its to have a fun time. There's a reason I've only posted like 3 forum reports in total. You're supposed to play to have good times with the boys, play a role or character that is fun for you. If you're not having
  11. I only had 5, sold one now I'm left with 4. I had them to flip for profit. I don't even drive fast cars other than my sultan classic and only cause its my favorite whip. The rest of my cars are funny plate collector cars such as a pink asbo with the plate 'pussycat', a 190z, a jester with the plate 'peep' etc.
  12. Bro you mean to tell me that I can't just escape police for free now?? This will not stand. My favorite bike is ruined because it is not overpowered anymore!!
  13. Anyone complaining about the underwhelming performance of a vehicle is not here for RP, change my mind. Who cares if something is slow. I literally collect slow unique vehicles. Not everything is about going fast. Honestly, its an RP server not a racing server. Just like ANY other game. Your favorite weapon, item, gear, equipment, mount, spell etc got nerfed and you ditch it? It was not really your favorite now was it? I swear bro people always find a reason to complain about performance having this play-to-win mentality. "me spend money, me want go fast"
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