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  1. Thank you for taking the time to make this Forum thread. The verification email can take up to 24 hours to receive. Please be patient during this time and do not request multiple verification emails as each one will void the previous.
  2. Hello, thank you for making this technical support ticket. Are you still in need of assistance? Thanks, Zack_Stevens
  3. This issue has since been resolved. This report is no longer needed. Thank you
  4. I was able to get my email changed by messaging Osvaldon using this format via DM on discord. ECRP Account Email Change Request Account name: Old Email Address: New Email Address: Current IP Address: Screenshot of you logged into the panel on that account:
  5. Osvaldon was able to change my email. This report is no longer needed. Thank you
  6. So not only can I not access my panel do to the Authenticator, but tonight when I tried to login to the game, it requested a 2FA code and sent it to the non existent email that you guys have on file. I made a request several weeks ago in regards to the panel. Now i cant get into the city all together. Please help me. I finally have 4 days off work and would like to play. Thanks
  7. Having the same issues. Been waiting 2 + weeks for a response on here. Hopefully we get it fixed soon.
  8. The panel is requiring me to enter a google authentication code yet the email on file for the panel is no longer accessible. Is there anyway to change my email on the back end or take the authentication off? Thanks. Please message me if you need my panel ID
  9. +1 need more places to gamble also. But definitely would live there if there were some black Jack and roulette
  10. Glad to see this. -Zack Stevens
  11. +100000 for the bitch on his dick that he made twitch
  12. Seth, Contact me for further information regarding a potential meeting between Eclipse 102.3 and Weazel News. Look forward to speaking with you in regards to this topic. Zack Stevens
  13. i do think this would be a great addition. Most servers have a way to sennd your GPS position via phone text. It would be cool to have a location ping for the radio. - Zack Stevens
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