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Found 5 results

  1. -Lately i have noticed something that it could be actually add some detail to the Bayview Mechanic Shop. -Weather conditions are known to everyone , sometimes they can be a hard problem to Deal with and for the mechanics at Bayview i think its actually a real Problem ( Realistically ) as you will see in the following Image: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -From that small problem , we cant really serve customers that easily (RP-wise) , as the mechanics are getting all soaked and wet , resulting on getting wet the inside of our customers cars as well. Although there is a pretty simple way of actually fixing that Problem. As you can see in the image above , we got some concrete walls that protect the mechanics from in-coming Vehicles or any kind of danger that might appear. Above that there's Plenty of room under our mechanic sign , to add a simple cover to protect ourselves from the different weather conditions like Heat , Snow and most importantly Rain. LSC has their own cover as well ((Because of the Map)) so i think Bayview Mechanics deserve something close to that as well. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ============================================================================================================================= (( The rain would still fall through the roof , if it gets added. That happens because of Game limitations as far as i'm aware , although this does not stop the fact that RP-Wise this should be already a thing. It does not require any effort to add small details like this one , as we actually asked for CCTV and we got it relatively quickly by adding a security camera right above our garage. Small details like that , in my opinion , play a huge role not only among the Mechanics but for the whole community as it inspires and pushed more ideas for the future , it would be nice to see many more ideas like this one in the future that add a bit more detail on our RP experience. I would love to add this post from the past that actually has some Great Ideas from all the Mechanics but they never actually were pushed through any further https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/20546-list-of-suggestions-for-mechanics/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-134136 )) Thanks for your time and effort reading thing suggestion
  2. Hello, my name is Charlie, Charlie Nightingale. I'm currently the acting General Manager of Bayview. Chances are I've worked on vehicles for you, answered any questions you might have about the city or your cars, or even helped you to purchase your first vehicle in town. I'm writing this letter to all of you to state publicly that I have applied for the Ownership role which became vacant at the place I call home. Bayview has been my place of work since i came to the city a long time ago, and I am proud to be a part of the extended family of mechanics who work there. The company functions from the core values and principles that make us unique - the most important being that we don't just bring customers in to provide the bare basics of the service. Our customers come to us for the experience, the friendships, and the non-judgmental atmosphere we provide. No matter how you choose to live your life we will always offer you the mutual respect you deserve. It is my intention to maintain that standard for all of you whenever you visit Bayview if I am successful in my ownership application. I will continue to maintain my presence amongst the other mechanics on the shop floor too. A leader does not sit idle whilst their team works for them, a leader should be right there alongside the team in a capacity that can be continuously relied on. I will continue to work with you all, welcoming you to the shop, and servicing your vehicles to the standards you have come to expect from myself and the rest of the team. I intend to see Bayview carry on in the way we have been, I don't want to see the shop in the state is has been in the past where we are only open for six hours in a week, I want you, our customers, our friends, to know we will be there for you. We will continue to treat you with the decency and respect you deserve, and I believe as Owner I can ensure this. It would be a sad day to see someone who is unfamiliar with our mode of operations, and our values taking on the role. The last thing i want is for Bayview to be shaken up into a place people do not want to work, and a place where people don't want to go. As customers you take the time to make the extra journey to us, and for that I and the whole team are eternally grateful. You allow us to continue the work we love to do. In this time, I have one thing to ask, and that is for your support in my application for ownership. I want to ensure that the Bayview you currently know, continues to improve and meet your expectations while retaining the charm and character we have established for the shop. As always if you have any questions, or would like to know any more about me, please feel free to come by Bayview and I'll be happy to talk. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Kind Regards, Charlie Nightingale.
  3. Firstly, "Why are you making a server suggestion about this? This could be done IC by the government" - You try and speak to the government, I've sent messages to more people then I can count talking about this and other things and they are ignored, because just as I said in my last suggestion these people don't need to answer to anyone and therefore they won't. I still think that the government needs reformation via staff action, however I know that won't be done. So currently with the faction system there is either government or illegal, that's not really fair for the people who want to RP civilian or as entrepreneurs, it also creates issues for business functions. There should be 3 types of businesses, (this is on a development level and not on a RP level, you could have a public held company however not listed as one); Statutory corporations - companies/organizations created and governed by the statute, there is no owner or CEO, but a board of directors, shareholders, and a chairman/woman. Things like DCC, Weazel News, Bayview and LSC fall under this and could be changed to suit this change. Sole Proprietorships / Limited Partnerships / Corporations - These are larger businesses, approved by the state government via an application and registration of the company. These companies have full flexibility and are able to make a faction meaning they can pay, hire, fire people through that system, however they also fall under a higher tax band and have their faction income taxed once deposited/money comes in. This tax would be something like 38.9% (this is the current US Corporate Income tax rate). Small businesses - Unregistered businesses that are unable to create a faction, they would pay their employees privately via cash/private bank transfer. These companies are limited to a staff of 5 people, and cannot exceed a weekly income of over $100,000, exceeding this without registering as a state approved Sole Proprietorship can result in multiple charges such-as; tax evasion, and possibly unlicensed selling depending on the nature of the company. These companies could also fall victim to another Sole Proprietor taking their business name and ideas, making them official under the government and this won't fall under any form of copyright infringement as the small business has failed to register their name. Weazel News Weazel News should be reformed into a statutory corporation, with a board of directors and a chairman; any other business decisions such as making it a LSP (Limited Statutory Partnership) where there is a board of partners as well as a board of directors and there are shareholders of-which make up these boards can be made IC by the government and the current leadership of Weazel News. What this means for the company is; there would be much more regulation to the company, under-performance means a re-vote into who should be the new chairman and/or the formation of the board. This removes any ability for corruption and inactivity ensure efficiency throughout the company which is needed heavily. This also makes it much more fair for the employee's of the company who thrive for promotions and plan to make it to a high level within weazel news however they can't because the current system doesn't allow for it, this allows for promotions to happen regardless of the persons name or relevance, it simply means that those more capable will go further within the company then someone who is inexperienced and unprofessional. Downtown Cab Co. I think Downtown Cab Co. will perform best as a corporation instead of a statutory corporation as it is currently performing extremely well without the input of the government, this also allows for competition to arise which is something that is essential for the business market and economy, the idea of a company being sole without competition makes it's more of a sort of PG organization instead of a company, this isn't DCC's fault this is more a fault of the system. DCC are completely fine and the only thing I would change is dis-associating it with the government. LSC & Bayview Sort of the same thing that applied to DCC applies here, they should be sole proprietors and not associated to the statute, they are performing fine and would perform better in an economically dynamic environment where other garages can arise with ease and be on a similar level. WHY? This system allows for much more dynamism in the economy and business market, it allows for more competition to be created and thus allowing more businesses to be made, more employment, more civilians and less criminals. This also allows for a more interesting tax society, meaning that the government becomes more essential to the functioning of the economy and there could be even cooler things like possible recessions due to companies ect. I personally think there where there should be statute created entities and corporations there should also be many more sole/partnership corporations that can counter these - especially in the media. The way I am looking at it right now, Weazel News is like the BBC, the BBC is a statutory corporations with a sovereign charter, if the BBC under-performed David Clementi and other directors would most likely be fired/replaced within a matter of hours. However on the other end we have things like ITV or Channel 4, where if they under-performed there is no legal obligation that forces them to perform to a level and they are not obligated to replace or fire their leadership, this would be perfect for an independent news/media house. Let me know what you think, and maybe even develop on this down below - I doubt this would come into act but why not give it a shot.
  4. Dear ECRP staff, I’ve been on the server a lot and spend a ton of hours at Bayview. With the gates added, Bayview got a beefy upgrade and it is great to have those gates. Also, the extra walls around the existing fences are great to have, so people can’t steal cars easily. Though, there still is an issue. There are walls added to prevent people from ramming the fences over and drive cars out. This is don’t at the north, south and west part of Bayview. I mapped this out: As you can see, where the gold line is drawn there isn’t any extra fences. Here is what that part looks like in-game: You would say it’s not needed as there is a small concrete ledge to keep cars in/out. Sadly, that isn’t the case. For a long time, there was no issue, until more and more people found out this could be done: So, this is what we have seen people doing: People climb over the fence and lockpick cars. After that they use a bigger car they have themselves or they got from lockpicking (as some people own a Sandking) to ram against the ledge. Sometime the vehicle they use to ram against this ledge is already high enough to ram the fences themselves, otherwise the vehicle bumps up and will touch the fence. People do this repeatedly till they have created the ramp. If they didn’t succeed doing this, they go into the office to reload the map. People mostly do this at times not many people are online. I do have the feeling people use the F4 list to check if there are any mechanics around, but I am not sure. A PD officer told me they do, but as I have no proof or whatever I can’t say this happens. This is bad RP as it makes no sense a fence would be able to create a ramp for a car that got quite some weight. Also, people damaging their cars by this process and reloading the map is not a good example of how RP should be. Bayview really stands for their good RP and wants to keep it that way. This is also a waste of time. Let me tell why: When this happens we mostly get the message we must make a report on the forum. The sad part is that this only happens when people arrive at Bayview when they are about to open the shop, as these people know they shouldn’t do this. Not everyone has their record program on directly when they join, so we barely have stuff to make reports of. And I am also sure it will be a waste of time for the people on the forum to review the reports IF we would make them, as there will be a ton of them. Now the issue is explained, we have found a solution that is hopefully possible. The solution for the other destroyable fences were some walls like these: But this won’t really fit at those fences as it would look odd and not “natural”. When you look at the fences you will see a small space in front of the fences: This amount of space is not big enough for those walls added earlier at the other fences, but I hopped into GTA editor and played around a little. I found those double fences who have a small footprint and cannot be destroyed. I was able to place them perfectly on the ledge, so that is what I did here: This fence is called the Double fence. You got multiple types of these. The ones who got a pole on both sides, the one with a pole on one side and both types also on single fence format. I kind of placed them a bit shitty, so use this picture only as an idea for now please. Here is 1 fence: I also made a video that shows the fence is indestructible and how it should work: https://plays.tv/s/Ly4vhbMznzru We all do really hope this will be looked at seriously as more people are getting to know about this “trick” as some Bayview employee actually for a message about he found out how to “legitimately” get vehicles out of Bayview. Bayview is family and we care about each other. To show how much we care about each other and the company we created a name list. This is not meant as an attack! This is just to show who, from the family, cares about it and show this in a more personal way instead of “+1”. We are not trying to get stuff done/stuff done sooner/extra stuff done: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FKLFduJyY6YwRkC8JjTfw1YBbINCoNbjOeA1h1LtAdU/edit?usp=sharing We know the info in these suggestions can not be used IC, but in this case it’s hard to keep track of that. We know people will get to know about this trick by reading this, but we have accepted the risk as it is already getting out of hand. Next to that, we are already trying to get our own cars parked at our houses or somewhere else to try to prevent this and we actively ask people to do this. I want to thank everyone for reading this and hopefully someone would like to look into this. Kind regards, Audrey Martin with the help of the whole Bayview family!
  5. Picture: Rundown gas station inside Bayview Auto Center I think it would be a great idea to add 2-4 gas pumps inside Bayview, now that all the explosive barrels and burned out cars have been removed from the lot it opens up a great opportunity for useful expansions. Adding gas pumps will allow easier access to fuel for players on the server, also it would help draw more players towards Bayview which could then translate into more business for the company. More Business = More Roleplay
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