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  1. Thanks for your reply but if you read the issue i wrote that its been 3 days means 72 hours sir , isnt it wierd ?
  2. Issue Being Reported: I cant recieve verification emails for 3 days Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 18/9/2020 Your characters name: Jade Edwards Other player(s) involved: None Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: none
  3. hey there everyone , I also have the same problem been waiting for 3days no verification email yet , [email protected]
  4. Hello, At the first I want to say that the player started robbing me without any reason just when He saw me i am in front of a house, I did not even enter or exit the house (you can check it with logs) , Then as you see in the video i uploaded, i was so lag and I had like 3 4 minutes delay for my chats and actions so i tried to do my best for doing rp as you see when i got disconnected from the server (because of my bad network condition) when i came back I PMed him and asked him to come back im back (they guy saying just i disconected on purpose so why should i come back and ask him to come back to rp). I also told him that im lag i cannot do rp for like 3 or 4 time, but he didnt listen to me , also i told him this robbery is against the server rules and we should wait for admin he didnt listen also , so i answered his rps as much as i could and as you see in my video when we were infront of my house he just pulled the gun at me and told me go in and in 2 seconds he went in faster than me so when i was struggling with my network to stop animation and he didnt come out of the house when he realized i am still out so there was no gun at me that time so i called police to help me i also waited for him to come out and ask me again to go in but he didint so i wasnt under any fear rp rule and i didnt stailled any rp because i was so laggy , also i believe that that player broke the rule by robbing me there and he should be punnished not me , also you see in the video that i asked if i broke any rule or no by calling cops and see id 176 responding no so also i was trying not to break any rule at that time this is the evidence ( sorry this is the only site i can upload in) https://www.aparat.com/v/fNACy در دیدئو ببینید
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