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Found 1 result

  1. We are proud to announce, the latest, HOTTEST, radio station has now arrived to Los Santos! Welcome to 102.3 Eclipse Radio, a division of Weazel News, proudly broadcasting to the Los Santos and Blaine County communities. List of Staff General Manager of Radio Kenneth Wong Manager of Radio and Media Chicken Chiu Events Manager Zack Stevens How to tune in? Listen live in the city, look out for a speaker near you! Broadcasting the top tunes in Los Santos and area Watch out for Weasel News ads stating what location we are broadcasting at! (( Option 2: Use your browser and connect on the road at http://us3.internet-radio.com:8390/stream )) (( In order to get the best experience, we recommend tuning in with Option 1, listening LIVE with friends gathered around a speaker near you )) (( [Please note, our station is currently only LIVE when a Radio Host is LIVE with you. If there is no Radio Host broadcasting, the station will be offline.] )) Say hello! Broadcasts are LIVE radio hosts, LIVE on location, interacting with the community during radio shows A Radio Host will always announce what location they are at, as well as monitor the official 102.3 Eclipse Radio app for shout outs and requests! Come on down and say hello *NEW* Our station has recently upgraded their phone lines! We now have the ability to receive incoming calls and have conversations with you LIVE on the air Our Entourage Crew have also received business work phones and will report updates LIVE on the scene Join the family! Announcements, Shout outs, Contests, Business Inquiries and so much more! Join the family today and be alerted when our Radio Hosts go LIVE with you! Download our APP today! Google Play: [ECRP] 102.3 Eclipse Radio Apple Store: [ECRP] 102.3 Eclipse Radio (( Verification is required to view the discord, please complete steps 1 and 2 on the "app" to unlock all features )) Partnership Opportunity! Eclipse Radio is currently seeking business partners for upcoming events and contests If you are interested in being a Radio Partner, hosting a joint event, or interested in hearing more, please inquire directly on our website [ECRP] 102.3 Eclipse Radio and a member of our station will be happy to connect with you On behalf of 102.3 Eclipse Radio, we look forward to building our new family with you, here in Los Santos. See you on air! Chris Vincent Owner/Radio Host
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