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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, my name is Charlie, Charlie Nightingale. I'm currently the acting General Manager of Bayview. Chances are I've worked on vehicles for you, answered any questions you might have about the city or your cars, or even helped you to purchase your first vehicle in town. I'm writing this letter to all of you to state publicly that I have applied for the Ownership role which became vacant at the place I call home. Bayview has been my place of work since i came to the city a long time ago, and I am proud to be a part of the extended family of mechanics who work there. The company functions from the core values and principles that make us unique - the most important being that we don't just bring customers in to provide the bare basics of the service. Our customers come to us for the experience, the friendships, and the non-judgmental atmosphere we provide. No matter how you choose to live your life we will always offer you the mutual respect you deserve. It is my intention to maintain that standard for all of you whenever you visit Bayview if I am successful in my ownership application. I will continue to maintain my presence amongst the other mechanics on the shop floor too. A leader does not sit idle whilst their team works for them, a leader should be right there alongside the team in a capacity that can be continuously relied on. I will continue to work with you all, welcoming you to the shop, and servicing your vehicles to the standards you have come to expect from myself and the rest of the team. I intend to see Bayview carry on in the way we have been, I don't want to see the shop in the state is has been in the past where we are only open for six hours in a week, I want you, our customers, our friends, to know we will be there for you. We will continue to treat you with the decency and respect you deserve, and I believe as Owner I can ensure this. It would be a sad day to see someone who is unfamiliar with our mode of operations, and our values taking on the role. The last thing i want is for Bayview to be shaken up into a place people do not want to work, and a place where people don't want to go. As customers you take the time to make the extra journey to us, and for that I and the whole team are eternally grateful. You allow us to continue the work we love to do. In this time, I have one thing to ask, and that is for your support in my application for ownership. I want to ensure that the Bayview you currently know, continues to improve and meet your expectations while retaining the charm and character we have established for the shop. As always if you have any questions, or would like to know any more about me, please feel free to come by Bayview and I'll be happy to talk. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Kind Regards, Charlie Nightingale.
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