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  1. Thank you Nicole for partnering up with our team for a fun project! The results were phenomenal. We look forward to continue working with you in the future where opportunity presents! -Kenneth Wong
  2. In the Studio Kenneth Wong checking up on the best radio jingle creator in town, Chicken Chiu, as he works on our newest batch of commercial and sweepers for 102.3 Eclipse Radio, a division of Weazel News!
  3. Very nice project, what a bonus with the huge parking space in the rear!
  4. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Chris Vincent Character to Transfer To: Kenneth Wong Requested Transfer: $300,000 Reason for Transfer: Chris Vincent had owned a radio station called 102.3 Eclipse Radio in Los Santos. After a fruitful discussion with the CEO of Weazel News, Seth Blackwood, Mr. Vincent had graciously accepted an offer on his company and have his radio station join forces with Weazel News. They now operate as a proud division of Weazel today. As Chris is getting much older in age, he had selected his top Entourage Crew Member and Promoter, Kenneth Wong, to take over future operations of the radio, as Weazel News' General Manager of Radio. To assist with the startup of this new division, Chris is sharing a portion of his profit with Kenneth, to help build the future of his past station. He is looking forward to seeing Kenneth take this to new heights and work alongside a great team for exciting future collaborations to come. Here's to a new family and to the success of Weazel! (( OOC is essentially the IC story - I would like to transfer $300,000 to help build the Weazel News HQ to have a Radio Station area for future live broadcasts, podcasts, meetings and great role play. )) How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? I have arranged to meet with Kenneth's current management team who will ensure a safe transfer of funds
  5. Hi @Revelt! Kenneth Wong from 102.3 Eclipse Radio, a division of Weazel News. Great cover! We'd love to play this song LIVE on the air for you and hear you sing! Keep an eye out for our station and be sure to make the request on our APP when you are tuned in. Keep up the talent!
  6. Good Day Everyone! We have had a fruitful discussion today and have graciously accepted the offer to join forces with Weazel News and operate as a proud division of Weazel! I am accompanied by two great leaders, Zack Stevens and Chicken Chiu, who will help shape the future of this station and are as optimistic as I am for Weazel. I have handed over general operations of our station to Kenneth Wong. Effective immediately, Kenneth Wong has been appointed the role of General Manager of Radio. His direct reports include Zack Stevens, Event Manager and Chicken Chiu, Manager of Radio and Media. We look forward to working alongside this great team and for exciting future collaborations to come. Here's to a new family and to the success of 102.3 Eclipse Radio, a division of Weazel! Chris Vincent Owner/Radio Host
  7. Good Day Mr. Blackwood, Thank you for proposing an opportunity to meet with you! I understand our diligent Entourage Crew have made arrangements on my behalf for a meeting this Sunday, September 8th. Would you kindly connect with me via email to finalize a time and place best suitable. Chris_Vincent#[email protected] You may also feel free to reach out to me anytime on our app, available on both Google Play and Apple Store: : [ECRP] 102.3 Eclipse Radio : [ECRP] 102.3 Eclipse Radio Looking forward to meeting with you! Best regards, Chris Vincent
  8. 1023 Eclipse Radio BUMPING at Bahama Mamas (In partnership with HAYLSTORM EVENTS) Check out some of the highlights of the night! Courtesy of Entourage Crew member, Kenny Wong Click for videos! ============================================================================= Party so lit, even the PD came down to get jiggy! Famous Los Santos Rapper Gio and his hit song Bluley Thank you to HAYLSTORM EVENTS for hosting another successful event and for reaching out to the #1 Hit Music Station 102.3 Eclipse Radio Interested in having 102.3 Eclipse Radio at YOUR event? Download our app today and speak with an Entourage Crew member for more details! We'd love to help make your dream event a reality!
  9. Hey @bill smit, welcome to Los Santos! Sounds like you would need to connect with the Traffic Management Division for this. Here is the Car Club Registration website you can take a look at for more information on hosting a car meet: Car Club Registration Hope this helps!
  10. *New Update* Our station has recently upgraded their phone lines! We now have the ability to receive incoming calls and have conversations with you LIVE on the air Our Entourage Crew members have also received business work phones and will report LIVE updates on the scene with you To call into our station, use the APP and dial in during the next LIVE broadcast! Download our APP today! Google Play: [ECRP] 102.3 Eclipse Radio Apple Store: [ECRP] 102.3 Eclipse Radio
  11. Thank you to Hayley Swan and Levi for hosting an amazing party at Del Perro Beach! Shout outs to our entourage crew, Chicken Chiu and Kenneth Wong for managing the station LIVE on location! It was a pleasure being invited and supplying your event with entertainment, good music and a grand time! Thanks you Kenneth Wong for supplying some photos of the party, enjoy! (Click each one for a special surprise ) Until next time Los Santos, have a great one!
  12. Good day Tom, Our team specializes in live radio broadcast, focused on engaging the public and driving traffic to special events. We would love to support your club with a broadcasted radio event, live from your location. If you are interested, please feel free to contact our team, at www.1023eclipseradio.com/business-inquiries ((https://discord.gg/f6BnrXT)) Looking forward to speaking with you. Regards, Chris Vincent
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