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  1. edited my post for a better understanding
  2. This is true- although i figured the chase was over, and I had to do something IRL, ive been on ECRP for awhile now and if you check my logs, i am not a rule breaker. and I had sorted this out OOC on discord, AFTER being informed of what happened... I let Blair know i was coming back within a time frame, that seemed like everyone agreed too from my understanding.
  3. great job. Love being apart of this group.
  4. Hello and welcome to Eclipse Roleplay! I hope you enjoy the game and if you need help at any point, don't hesitate to reach out!
  5. After a hard day at the Cab company, Gunner walks outside and gazes upon the moon. His work isn't over yet. He gets inside his car and speeds his way down to the headquarters.to start helping the club set up some races, and look at possible recruitments. Making his way to the headquarters, Gunner begins to feel as if something is off. He looks into his review and realizes a cop is behind him. Gunner cracks a grin, saying to himself, "Let the challenge begin." Pressing the pedal all the way down, Gunner bolts off. Racing ahead of the cop, away from the headquarters, Gunner decides to go to a familiar track in hopes to lose him. More police officers join the chase and Gunner begins to feel afraid, despite that he gets a huge rush from it all. As the chase continues, the majority of the officers would have been lost or they crashed. In a last effort of ditching the rest tailing behind him, Gunner decides to get on the opposite side of traffic on the highway. Dodging and swerving, oncoming traffic, Gunner looks into his review and notices nothing is behind him.
  6. Down Right Dirty. Today was a special day for the company, as we landed( or so we thought) a contract with the Sheriff's Department. While meeting with the sheriff, discussing and informing what we do as a company,The sheriff agreed to give us a shot since the cadets don't clean well at all. SO THE CLEANING BEGINS. The Chaz’s aren't always the smartest when it comes to making a plan, but we attempt to try this, after about 30 minutes of trying, we eventually give up and just do what we do best. Clean, starting with the bathrooms we move around to the jail room. While Chaz Lesixteen is cleaning the toilet inside the jail room, he ends up breaking a toilet making water flood the whole room. The chaz’s huddle up and look at the broken toilet realizing that one of the pipes was loose, one of the chaz tightens the pipe and the toilet is as good as new. The last room we will clean will be the sheriff's office, before entering we had strict instructions to not touch the RED BUTTON on the wall. We were not told why or what would happen, but we did know, it wouldn’t be in our best interest to press it. We get everyone together to finish this office so we can go home for the night. As we start cleaning... The red button is making itself look more interesting. We all have this same idea of checking out the mysterious red button. Debating on if we should press it or not, One of the Chaz members realizes that the button has dust on it. Finding an excuse to touch this red button, we proceed on our original thought and press it. Nothing would happen, No alarm, No secret door, Nothing. We make our way to the front lobby in disappointment, waiting to meet with the sheriff again. We were told we did a fantastic job..Expecting payment, we were denied. Packing our stuff back into the vans, we head off into the night, going home.. Until another day of cleaning arrives.
  7. the "warning" my buddy encountered today was more of a threat, if he didnt change his bright blue pearlescent there was going to be problems. IC issue but still its annoying.. IRL a gang member isnt going to tell me to change my car color because its blue. I feel like this type of stuff should be considered power gaming.. I understand if your gang or any other gang just wants to warn someone about the color and risk involved with it.. let that be up to the owner of the car if they want that risk of being robbed or shot at... but thats not always the case.
  8. Gunner was born in the deep south of Mississippi, lived his whole life on a farm, hauling hay, milking cows, fishing and killing deers. Life was easy and simple, never needed anything fancy, all he had was a lifted 4x4 truck, that he would tailgate at parties and go mud riding in. The day Gunner turned 24 his parents both died in a car crash due to a drunk driver, At this point; heartbroken, Gunner decides to leave everything behind to move to the city of Los Santos. With no money, no real family anywhere near, having to sleep on the streets, Gunner relies on his hunting skills to get by for a while til a new opportunity arrives. Fast forward a year, Gunner decided to apply for the Downtown Cab Company, as he felt like it was calling for him, since his parents both died to a drunk driver. Becoming a taxi driver he would try to prevent drunk driving as much as possible, He would even go as far as paying for peoples fares if they didn't have enough money. Putting every waking hour into this company it starts getting noticed by high command, even the CEO. Climbing the ranks at DCC, becoming a manager, Gunner begins to feel as his calling is finally over for the taxi service. As he still manages the company, not putting as much time into it; Gunner starts to feel lost, as he doesnt know what he likes to do anymore since all he has done for the last year was drive people around. One night after his shift at DCC, Akio walks up to him, asking if he wanted to go for a ride. He gladly accepted, little did Gunner know, this wasn’t just a ride. But a test. “Faster, faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death.” With this new love, he has also found a new family within it, Gunner finally feels as if he belongs to something greater in this city. Living, Breathing, Thinking of racing.
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