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  1. mickeytoolin

    Wanting to buy supercar

    i could do like 100k or whatever the person agreed too
  2. mickeytoolin

    Wanting to buy supercar

    oh wasn't trying to be a dick! thanks man!
  3. mickeytoolin

    Wanting to buy supercar

    Please read my post. I did not say I am trying to low ball someone with 2.5mil. I said I am trying to find someone to make a deal with 2.5mil down payment with weekly payments after. Thank you for your time.
  4. mickeytoolin

    Wanting to buy supercar

  5. mickeytoolin

    Wanting to buy supercar

    Well all I can do is try haha. I would rather try and get told no then not try at all. Thanks though !
  6. mickeytoolin

    Wanting to buy supercar

    Hello! Name is Arthur Goldman. I am in the market for a super car that i can put a 2.5mil down payment on and then pay it off after. I work for DOC so I have consistent cash flow and weekly payments would not be an issue! I hope I can find someone to make a deal with thank you! My number is #5395146. My email: MickeyTuwulin#[email protected] or just reply to this listing thank you again!
  7. mickeytoolin

    remove please

    Pending @ElisabethC please be patient as this appeal is reviewed.
  8. mickeytoolin

    itsali666 - Jamarson_Ali (Ban Appeal)

    Thank you for submitting this appeal, please be patient as an admin reviews this.
  9. mickeytoolin

    Wanting to buy or split a business

    Hello, name is Arthur Goldman and I am looking to purchase a gun business if I can. I currently have 2.7mil which I know is on the low end which is why I am open to co owning a business with another investor. I am very serious about this but I know I am at a disadvantage with my economy limit. For any interests or offers please contact me on here, at my email: MickeyTuwulin#[email protected] or at my number is #5395146. Thank you! Also open to other businesses as well I just prefer a gun store.
  10. mickeytoolin

    Buying 4G house/Mansion

    19 didion dr between bank and tequilala right off eclipse blvd
  11. mickeytoolin

    [Selling] 1G at the Paleto Bay

    how much?
  12. mickeytoolin

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    Sales tax cut to 2.5% from 5%
  13. mickeytoolin

    Chris Bluestone Ban Appeal

    Pending @ElisabethC and @Andy. Please be patient as this is being reviewed.
  14. mickeytoolin

    Sam Clifford ($7,000)

    Thank you for making a refund request, please review the refund request requirements as there is a minimum of 25,000 dollars worth of money or assets had to have been lost. Pending admin reaponse.
  15. mickeytoolin

    Cop Baiting appeal Archie Gribbins

    Pending @MusketDeezNuts please be patient as your appeal is being reviewed.