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  1. It’s to properly RP the wounds that you have. DeathRP (ability to roleplay your death and subsequently die) is a privilege and should not be expected, and is usually up to the main person on the scene to say if you get DeathRP or not.
  2. I can see that you want more smaller-sized groups instead of less larger-sized groups. However, this can be achieved In-Character. Why does there need to be an Out-of-Character way to do this? If people want to start their own faction, they're more than welcome to! You should take a look at our faction thread and read through it. There are plenty of stories written that do not involve shooting. We just want some interaction with other players. Whether that be gun sales, diplomacy, drug sales, etc., we want to increase the opportunity for these things. As for detective RP, I would agree. There is not a lot of interaction/interrogation. I would like to see PD doing more when the opportunity arises (this does not mean I want them to try and do more to find us, but do more when they find us). I've addressed some long term issues on the second page of this thread. I don't want to get into a lot out of fear of being banned, but you should just take a look and see if you agree/disagree. 99% of people miss interacting with other players. We're criminals, not civilians. It should be expected, like it was before the rule changes/updates, to be on your toes about where you're at and what risks come with the place that you're in. Nowadays, people abuse the rule change for their own personal gain as others have said, "a glorified NCZ". NCZ abuse was already rampant, and the changes did not do what they were intended to do. Shootouts being slowly removed over time has nothing to do with the reasoning behind this thread. It's not like we actively seek shootouts for fun. If we wanted to do that we'd just go play GTA Online. You can't speak on behalf of majority criminals when you don't represent the same opinions as them. Hitting drug labs for us was a way to interact with other players. You'd start to see which groups were trying to make a name for themselves, stay in contact with them and develop RP relationships with them. If someone had something of value to us, we could rob them. If we wanted to hangout as a group and make some cash, we could chill at a lab and setup shop for a few hours while hanging with other crew members. There's three role play opportunities in itself that come from running and holding drug labs. This would also give SD some action up north, providing roleplay for them as well and even PD if it was necessary. It doesn't even need to be shootouts, it can just be interactions among other players. If we had more guns/ammo in the laptop, we could be interacting with other groups and players developing RP with them. That is just one example of what could be done to provide opportunities. I understand your perspective on some ideas, but hopefully you see where we're coming from as well.
  3. From a smaller gang standpoint, you'd want a better chance at taking over the bigger gangs.. Of course they enjoy the idea. Less people to fight. For bigger gangs, we've worked to recruit high quality members. We had a cap at 60 members, it's not like we could recruit forever. The IC monopoly was built over time. It's not something permanent, the council has changed multiple times throughout it's existence. Just look at NLA, they built themselves up and put themselves in a place to expand and make their own moves/decisions. New factions pop up all the time. Triads, Zetas, NLA, and even WCA were new factions at some point. You can't expect to have this stuff handed to you because you want it; that's just being entitled. And I'm not sure where this "300" thing is coming from. We were already capped at 60 members, it was just now dropped down to 40 as we were approaching the 60 member limits. If you want to see change in the server, make it happen ICly. Seaweed, Wanted, Rooks, Vory, Russian Mafia, and WCA all had chances to make a difference in the server and via In-Character means failed to do so. If they played their cards right, they would be the ones on the top right now. Los Aztecas were able to do make moves, why can't anyone else? Nobody asked to remove member caps. We don't want to be hit with a member cap without explanation. We don't want to lose 33% of our members for seemingly no reason when PD+SD is at 200+ with recruitment open. There was nothing wrong with the 60 member caps. Don't try to fix something that's not broken.
  4. I think in order to look at the current state of criminal RP, we should be looking at something bigger. Communication The current communication between staff and player base exists, but we wish there was more. We went a long time without any significant updates, but NBDY began to communicate with the player base what he was working on and it got us excited, kept us around, and made us want to play the video game we play for fun. We didn't feel like we were being left in the dust anymore. Communication needs to be increased between members of staff and the server. Something as significant as a player cap for factions shouldn't get randomly dropped from nowhere. Opinions should be taken into consideration from both criminal faction leaders, and even legal faction leaders (PD and SD) before coming to an educated decision and realizing what impact a change could have on the entirety of the server. We want to be kept in the loop as to what is going on behind the scenes. At the end of the day, without the player base, ECRP wouldn't be anything. We want to see transparency, communication, and we want to work together to make the server better. Updates The current updates being worked on by NBDY is something highly appreciated by the community. The biggest thing is that NBDY listens to what people want, and updates people on his progress as he goes, continuously taking feedback and working through things with the community. He doesn't want to burn himself out, lose motivation, or give up on something he's invested so much time and effort into. The same goes for us, we also do not want to burn out, lose motivation, or give up on something we have all put lots of time and effort into. The same principle should be adapted by the rest of the staff team. Think through a decision, understand the consequences of that decision, gather all possible perspectives on the new change, and make a formal decision based off that. Script Support to provide RP opportunity As someone who has played for almost a year now, and played on both sides of the legal/illegal side, script support is something that needs to be implemented. While working at Bayview, there was always something to do. If you weren't working on cars, you could take out a tow vehicle. While working at DOC, you could do training or interact with the inmates, or even paperwork if deemed necessary. PD will always have things to do, because of the natural state of their job. Script support should not be seen as a way to remove RP opportunity. Instead, we should look at it as a way to provide new chances for people to interact with each other. It seems over the last few months, we have been stripped of RP opportunity but it has not been replaced with anything. The removal of turfs was not supplemented by something new for people to do. The addition of turfs has been advocated for ever since it got removed, and is now on the roadmap for development. The removal of the Hakuchou Drag was not supplemented by anything new. (Not to mention people learning about this change before it was implemented and abusing it for their own profits) People quickly switched to the Rapid GT which was also recently limited in the most recent updated (along with Comet Retros) to only go 240. You may ask, why only 240 km/h? This is the max speed of the Police helicopter, placing both on an even playing field. Even this change has been heavily debated in the past. IRL, plenty of vehicles can outrun police helicopters and it should still be a possibility. The laptop was scriptly broken preventing us from getting weapons for the longest time. (This prevents gun sale RP, more forms of criminal RP, and even RP for PD/SD). "The Cartel" was supposed to fill in this void, but with the sheer amount of people in criminal RP, it's impossible to do it perfectly. These are just a few things that have not been supplemented with something else for us to do. Labs switching away from static to mobile also lost us an RP opportunity (an unforeseen consequence). Faction Management (FM) Faction Management works their ass off to better the overall RP of the server. They have the right intentions for the most part, but sometimes they make mistakes as well. I don't interact with FM myself, but they still have made decisions that impact me directly. During the war with WCA, it was paused for 3-4 days by FM for seemingly no reason at the time (a reason came soon after the pause, not before). New war rules ensued, and the war shortly began thereafter. It could have been communicated between the illegal factions involved as well as the legal factions their opinions on the current war. IF changes were deemed necessary, it should have been done after the war was over and not in the midst of a one-sided bloodbath. This felt like pausing the NBA finals because Lebron James was putting up 50 point triple-doubles every night, and telling them they needed to limit Lebron James' minutes because he was slaughtering the other team. (spoiler: it made no difference) With the recent player cap, it seems like a slap in the face. This is an OOC limit to something that has been built ICly. I fail to see the reason behind this, as well as many others. This seems to be the straw that broke the camel's back for most people. This all loops back around to communication or the lack thereof. If the reasoning behind the change was communicated with faction leaders and even discussed with them, this discussion could've been avoided. Rule Updates For the most part, the robbery rule changes were a step in the right direction when first introduced. However, as others have said, the robbery rule change has affected criminals more than it has civilians. People are scared to rob someone due to getting reported. People don't know what's "safe" and what's not. Criminals who were already abusing NCZs now have a seemingly global NCZ as long as it's daylight. In conclusion, we just want to help build a better community on ECRP. If we didn't care, we wouldn't be sitting here making these posts on this thread. I hope something I said here sparks some ideas or discussion for others. I have more to say, but out of fear of being banned, I will refrain from saying anything else. Edit: This is on behalf of someone in a big official faction, I can't imagine what solo players or small groups do to get by.
  5. 蛇 (Snake) It had been a while since Jae was in the city. Things had changed, new people came and went, laptops stopped working, prices were different. One thing that stayed the same, however, was his family. They were still a group of people he could rely on and use his skills in order to better them in return. After a long hiatus, Jae Fang was once again a member of the Los Santos Triads. The first couple of weeks had been smooth sailing. There weren't many external nor internal issues arising. The Triads were working on expansion, bringing in quality recruits and building their capital. This all changed when news of Jemal Brown, a.k.a. T-Bag had returned to Los Santos after getting heart surgery in Spain to replace the heart that had been ripped out of his chest. Within a few hours of the news, T-Bag already had a small group assembled and decided to declare a "1 on 1" war with the Triads. As tiny of a threat it was, the Triads still decided to change into their war uniforms and begin their hunt for the new Narcos. An idea quickly sparked in Jae's head. When he first joined the Triads, he proved himself by snitching for the Triads in Los Calaveras. This time, he would not be looking for approval from anyone else, he'd be looking to prove him to himself. He'd be looking for a challenge. Did he still have what it takes? He found the Narcos hanging out at the bank, and talked to one of the recruiters. In less than 5 minutes time, Jae Fang was the newest member of the Narcos. The next few weeks of Jae's life would be working towards gaining some power within the Narcos. He used his previous knowledge from Triads to gain some influence over the members within. People were listening to him calling the shots, even T-Bag looked to him for answers when things weren't going so well. This is exactly what Jae was looking for. After about 6 days of being in the Narcos, Jae was already second in command. T-Bag told him, "You're the brains, I'm the shot caller.", and he ran with it. Having a snitch as your second in command causes a lot of issues. Jae saw a lot of opportunities for himself and seized them. He had 15-20 monkeys he could use for his own personal gain. He had new contacts that he could purchase guns for, less than $3,500 a pop. If someone was purchasing guns, he could setup people to hit the shipment to the stash location. He did this multiple times, causing more than $300,000 in guns to be stolen by either Triads or Zetas. This ran the Narcos members dry of their supply and their cash. Not being able to afford or purchase guns left many Narcos members unprepared and unwilling to go into battle to defend their name. Exactly what Jae wanted. The lack of money within the group gave Jae another idea. Jae proposed the idea that he should become the treasurer for Narcos. If they went out and rolled as a group, any money they made would go toward the "treasury". He told them once the treasury got big enough, they would purchase a big shipment of weapons including .50's, shotguns, AK's, SMGs, and more. Little did they know, his was all a ploy for Jae to build his own capital. Apart from the monetary side of things, Jae also began to gain intel on vehicles, house locations, hangout spots, and more. He knew where people stored their valuable items, had keys to plenty of cars, and continuously passed this information along to his Triad family. The Narcos didn't win a single fight, argument, nor beat any conflict that arose in their path. This defeat led many Narcos members to leave town and become uninterested in being in the group. Jae decided his time in Narcos was over. He successfully joined the Narcos, passed along intel, built his capital, gained trust within the group, and took them down with the help of his allies. They wouldn't be able to financially nor mentally recover from the scar that Jae had left them with. This was the end of the Narcos and the beginning of Jae's return to the Triads.
  6. +1, would also be nice to see the date/time of the messages being sent/recieved.
  7. This is great, can't wait to see what ya'll end up doing with this. DOC isn't ready.
  8. +1. I suggested this a while back internally, but haven't heard anything back from it. RAGE supports gloves in the Torsos (Male | Female) section of clothing, so it shouldn't be too difficult to do. As per the action timers, you would have to realistically figure out which actions to increase the time on.
  9. Character to Transfer From: Michael Burns Character to Transfer To: Jae Fang Requested Transfer: $65,000 Dominator Reason for Transfer: IC: After receiving a lump sum of $75,000 from a friend, Jae Fang, Michael worked at DOC for a short period of time. Michael doesn't come into town much often anymore. However, Michael believes in repaying his debts and $65,000 plus the car is the least he can do to reimburse Jae. Thus, he wants to give Jae the cash and the car. OOC: I wanted Michael Burns to be able to join a legal faction, but never ended up playing on him enough. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? I would do the transfer with the help of @krooks365.
  10. +1. Utilize the other parking spots to add more high end slots.
  11. -1. You shouldn’t be storing your car overnight at your place of work and expect it to not get robbed.
  12. I would be fine with this. Illegal items such as guns, drugs, and drug supplies should be lootable, and the rest they should respawn with (GPS, Map, food, clothes, etc.).
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