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  1. http://plays.tv/video/5aaffeb767e012ae11/check-out-my-video- here is video of the arrest
  2. I was the arresting officer, and can confirm that I did take the shotgun away from him
  3. I think it would be useful to be able to set a message of the day for Faction Members to see when they login. This could be used for many things, such as notifying people of important faction info, like dates of events, rule changes, reminders of something they are supposed to be doing, or even just to inform them of a new policy or to check a certain discord/forum for a piece of info. For example, Weazel could make use of it to remind members they are getting close to article deadlines, MD could use it to inform people of who is looking for training, Police could use it for any number of useful aids like informing people of rule change, or protocol change, or simply to remind people to check active Bolos. I know we have the forums, but its easy to miss info on there, same with Discord servers, especially for people like myself who are part of far too many discord servers and dont check all of them frequently enough. I know i have members in some of the servers im part of who rarely look and so wouldn't notice announcements made there, but if the announcement is actually in game when you login, people are more likely to see and remember This is potentially also useful for the server to have one set by admins, so they can remind/inform people about things as they login. I know admins can send Server Wide announcements already, and people can Bleet if they have VIP or use Weazel, but it would be useful for admins to be able to remind people of things on login occasionally.
  4. For the record, the cop didnt say any of this...
  5. I didnt see any of this tbh, I was told by the medic that there was shooting outside, but I was inside with Mr Davis at the time. He did indeed break FailRP and flee from me without any RP whilst I was holding onto him, but I PM'd him and he realised his mistake and came back, so theres no need for a report on that.
  6. Problem about PD with chases

    -1 as well, you start going down this route, then you also need every criminal to stop crashing into things which would total a car IRL and then keep on driving, which lets be honest, just isnt going to happen. As much as we are trying to RP real life, this is still a game, and some things aren't going to be 100% realistic. The damage a vehicle can take, the damage a person can take, the amount of shots it takes to actually hit half the time, are all things which are part of the game mechanic, and so arent going to be RP'd by everyone to the same degree. If you start insisting police RP it to a much higher standard than 90% of the criminals they chase (which tbf a lot of them already do) then their chances of ever catching someone gets pretty slim.
  7. Tavi (Powergaming, Forcing Money, FailRP)

    Hi there, Here is the link to the video: http://plays.tv/video/5a9d9bd1c4ebbb7ac0/check-out-my-video- Lewis, before you inevitably try to pull another meta-gaming report out your ass, Tabatha is only asking if we got the information yet because she was in a crash loop and not back in the game yet.
  8. Tavi (Powergaming, Forcing Money, FailRP)

    Hello, Firstly, can i just say this is really clutching at straws at this point.... In terms of Powergaming, the Adrenaline shot i took out was in the form of an epipen. Something which is perfectly believable for someone to carry around, as you complained so much at the time, i said it was just because Jon had his dog there and I was allergic so getting it out in case I had a reaction, and didn't use it, as Triple said to wait for a medic. So as Felix said, this was resolved at the scene. As for the FailRP, this was an almost 2 hour RP situation, drawn out so long because of your constant complaining, whining, and trying to find any possible way to get out of complying. I simply forgot that I had destroyed your phone. You could have said that you couldn't use it to track your car because it was destroyed, but you didn't. You instead claimed that your car didn't have GPS, until Triple told you to stop lying about server scripts, and then claimed you had sold the car. Considering i'm pretty sure there was no more than an hour which had passed since you stole the crates, you claiming that you had already sold them, and the car, was not believable to us. At no point was the phone used however after we had destroyed it. Just to clarify as well, the situation where you got punished was in no way similar. You took someones phone battery, and then later took their phone and RP'd installing spy software in their phone without giving them any option to the contrary. THAT is powergaming, and what you were punished for, as can be seen in this quote from your report: 'On top of that punishment, player Lewis_Smith / @JackD248 will also receive a warning as his first offense of powergaming, for installing a seemingly undetectable app on a phone without any interactive RP, essentially forcing it upon player Felipe_Barrichello.' All i said was that the only way we weren't going to kill him was if he gave us either the crates, or the money for them, we were no where near an atm, and at no point did we attempt to force him to take the money out. He was killed because he has continuously pissed us off, lied to us, and had stolen 75 meth from us at gunpoint an hour before.... The phone thing had nothing to do with why he was killed, other than part of the way in which he lied to us by trying to pretend his car didnt have GPS, and then that he had sold the car. No one sells cars that quickly, and there are very few people in the city with any way of using those crates, and all of them were there holding you at gun point..... Whilst we are on the topic though, we also had planned to take him to his house to search for the car/crates and rob him for anything he had there, but he emptied the house and put it up for sale a couple hours before we continued the RP. He also came to the continuation of the RP without any weapons on him, and I very much doubt he was unarmed when we initially did the RP due to the fact he knew he had every criminal in the city looking for him.... Surely that would be Fail RP considering this was a continuation of a situation where he 'Timed out' because he lost all power, despite the fact he was still on discord, and discord still showed him as 'Playing GTA V' as you can see in the picture attached, and so circumstances for him should have been as similar as possible to the conditions back then.
  9. just to hurry things up, @BallinByNature at 30seconds it was @Jon jackson I believe he thought his radio wasnt working, but he should have used text based radio rather than asking on discord. and at 9:40 it was @spenny113
  10. 5752_6192 FailRP FearRP

    Hello, So first off, I admit i probably did break this rule here in the heat of the moment. From my perspective, these men had been provoking us for quite some time at this stage, and had already opened fire on me several times. They weren't just trying to get away, they had many opportunities to do so if that was all they wanted. They wanted to kill me. You can see in this slightly longer video attached that they had already got my car stuck once, and rather than escaping at that time, they tried to kill me, and they kept driving away and coming back to try and shoot at me and kill me. I was fighting for my life at this point. As soon as I could, I got back in my car and tried to get away, as I knew Backup was coming in the form of Kilo Crosby. This was unsuccessful as you can see and they pushed me down the cliff and kept hitting me until they flipped my cruiser, at which point they were both telling me to get out and trying to shoot me. Whilst @WoogeTV may say it was a warning shot, from my perspective, considering they had already been trying to kill me, I assumed thats what he was doing again. And as I got out of the car, with my gun in my hand, I didnt feel as If I had any option but to do my best to fight back and inevitably die at this point. Yes I could have roleplayed being injured better, but this was an adrenaline fueled situation, and saying I was able to shoot perfect is just ridiculous. You were 2 feet away from me, its kinda hard to miss at that stage. All I did was fire one shot after crawling out of my flipped cruiser. If Admins decide I have done something wrong here, then I am happy to accept my punishment and apologize for making a mistake in the middle of a frantic situation. https://plays.tv/video/5a98ac6c8b9828d6b0/check-out-my-video-?oreferer=notifications
  11. Housing Upkeep

    +1 the numbers need some careful consideration to ensure it’s not ridiculous amounts as others have said, but I think the idea is great!
  12. Wishing you all a good farewell!

    Ill miss you bro :(
  13. I recognised both gentleman, Lewis smith and Nihil Snow. I have seen them around in game, and spoken to them, multiple times in the days leading up to this. Lewis tried to join the exiled the night before, and came to bayview that morning before I spoke to Felipe, and got into an argument with Chloe, including taking a picture of her without her consent, which she told me and mike white, using their descriptions. The two had been driving round town together on multiple occasions wearing the same clothes, and same masks as in this video. I literally spoke to them several times whilst wearing that exact outfit. That combined with what felipe told me about their voices and what they asked about led me to believe it was Lewis Smith and Nihil Snow. Nihil snow was the easiest to identify due to relatively distinctive hair and a mask that only partially covers his face. That jacket Lewis was wearing is one I don't see many people wearing. I can only think of him and Mike Baby I've seen in it recently, and I knew mike baby wouldn't kidnap a bayview mechanic
  14. Mike White. Tavi (Metagaming)

    So, thanks for another report Jack, As for the screenshot, at the time we were dealing with the aftermath of the server crashing, and losing our shipments because of the server crash. We had been discussing it on radio, but were having a lot of issues with people not seeing messages because of repeated crashing, Jason had recently crashed at this point and came back asking what we had asked him to do in faction chat, it was all a mess at this point because of multiple shipments messing up. Personally I wouldnt consider repeating messages already transmitted IC on faction chat after someone crashes as metagaming, but thats for the admins to decide. As for the second screenshot, I was having a private chat with John Obama in Pms, what exactly are you accusing us of metagaming here? that conversation had no relevance to anything we were doing in game at the time, as you can see from the screenshot, I was busy collecting shipments, and we were having a private conversation whilst I was doing so. As it wasnt relevant to anything we were doing in game, we had that conversation in PM chat. As far as im aware, theres no reason why that wouldnt be allowed, or why any conversation in /pm would be metagaming, unless you acted on it without first RPing it in game anyway. This is also a situation which has been taken out of context, and in which there is no wronged party, and no one is being affected in any way by anything you have shown here. I personally believe the only reason you are reporting this, is because you are angry that I identified you in a video of you kidnapping a bayview employee a week before you applied to bayview. Something which you have already made what I would consider a ridiculous report about. The reason why I didnt seem interested in talking to you about this on discord, is frankly just because I have no interest in ever talking to you on discord about anything whatsoever, which is also the reason why I blocked you. I dont believe I am under any obligation to talk with people I find annoying on discord, and i blocked you to prevent further unwanted conversations from taking place. @spenny113 is there anything else you would like to add?