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Hey my fellow roleplayers!

My suggestion is for people who donated over 100 dollars to ECRP and have the title of donator rank

Donator Home.

My suggestion is to add a appartment in the "Eclipse tower" near the bar. Where people with donator ranks get automaticly

-The tower would have space for 2 cars in the garage to put your lovely imported vehicles in. (Or normal vehicles)

- A Stash spot can still be set

- The appartment does not count as a normal house

- Swat can still raid the place as the appartment is for that character. You other character gets one aswell. But its not shared.

- Working fridge (second stash) where you can only place food and drinks in, you buy at a general store.


Open to suggestions.

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Big fat +1

I dont agree to this only because i am a donator myself, but you don't really get anything special from being a donator, sure you can import a nice car or two but thats not really enough for people that support the server with such a amount of money. Myself i am way above the 100 200 and 300 € mark so something like this would be extremly cool. We don't get any advantage over other people if this is getting implemented. 

@MusketDeezNuts gotta admit thats hell of a cool suggestion.


A. Johnson

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