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The city has changed from what it used to be. Retribution on criminals has become harsh, police enforcement more strict, and near total economic blunder. Laws have been forged to further strip the human rights of oneself, unable to go as little as concealing one's face for rightful anonymity. Detectives run rampant in corruption and unprofessionalism.


These actions have been expected to be looked over by the common people, however they have not. This has led a group of Los Santos residents to take a more extremist approach to solving these issues.


In the dawn of what extremest would call a fascist society, an organization was formed to revolt. This organization would thrive by attempting to create a world free of a governed society, one filled with pure anarchy, unafraid to profess their agenda and act accordingly.







After the founding members came together to form this organization, they quickly began to recruit the immediate members they knew would be fit for the agenda. As the numbers grew, so did the action.


A business property in Paleto was remodeled into a techno/gothic nightclub to satisfy their downtime, bring in extra income, party habits, and make further connections in the city. Plans of opening are in course. 


The organization is currently spending its time making the appropriate actions to convey its purpose in the city by hosting rallies, public meetings, and retaliation on the police force.


This is only the rise, but soon the moon will set.











- One should have full control over their own bodies - allowing drug usage in any form as long as the party consents


- Weaponry of any type as well as not requiring government licensing should be permitted - protecting oneself, loved ones, and property is a basic human right


- Police serve no purpose aside from wasting tax dollars


- An anarchist society, one without government is the only way to achieve full freedom


- Other criminals are not our enemy - police are








The Prophet is the superior of the cult, a full representation of someone who has reached full ascension and anarchy extremism, guiding it and its members towards that same goal



The second highest ranking member and someone who aids the Prophet and the cults anarchist agenda



This rank has been chosen to delegate each member, ensuring their individual success as a member in our society



A Cultist has proven themselves to be highly efficient in aiding the agenda - nearly able to continue on the ascended path without constant guidance



An Acolyte has proven themselves competent enough to fully be apart of the cult and it's dark and discreet activities



The recruit title is given to someone who has been noticed as having high potential and a competent soldier but should continue to prove themselves to receive a deeper look into the cult



The Citizen is someone who has just gained an invitation into the cult. It is that of a Citizen who follows the organizations teachings but has yet to choose whether to fully indulge in the path of ascension or not






Acquire an establishment that can be used as a discreet headquarters - ungoverned


Purchase a property to run a legal nightclub


Establish relations with other criminal organizations


Gain a weapon and drug material supply


Live and thrive in a non-governed society










80k XP Minimum

Exceptions can be made on a case to case basis. Exceptions are also made for people who meet the XP requirement on an alternate character


Your character can not have been a government worker

This includes PD, SD, DOC, etc. Other legal workers such as LSC, DCC, etc. are allowed


Solid understanding of Eclipse Server Rules

Must be capable of taking an OOC test before being accepted into your trail phase


Healthy admin record

Should be clean of any rule-breaks/offenses in the past 30 days


Able to contribute to extremely heavy/high roleplay standards

A large majority of our time will be spent hosting heavy rp events, so you should be able to efficiently take part and contribute to these events









Costa Black - Writing

Lily Blackrock - Art & Revisions

Kirky Blackrock - Revisions

Samuel Castle - Revisions



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