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Ramon Carter Chief of Police Resignation Letter

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Good morning Civilians and Officers alike,

It is with regret to be announcing my resignation as Chief of Police of this great city of Los Santos. For years now I have had the honor to work with and command some of the finest men and woman law enforcement has ever seen. I have personally sworn in every single Officer to take part in the Department since the day I began my role as Chief. I have witnessed some of my greatest friends sacrifice their lives for this city. I have witnessed the vast amount of lives that have been saved due to this Department. Through all these vivid memories the achievement I hold most dear is the forward momentum the Los Santos Police Department has brought to this community into molding it into a safe and stable environment people will want to call their home. The Department since I began has been one of the greatest driving factors in fairness and justice within the community and increased stability among citizens whom reside in San Andrea’s state wide.

I want to personally thank a two people who've made this such an amazing process. Samuel Osborn whom will now be taking over my role as Chief of Police - Thank you for sticking by me through thick and thin while we brought this whole Department to a standard we can all be proud of. Travis Palmer – whom will be taking up the position of Assistant Chief of Police once again, Thank you for being my right hand man and leading on my most dear project the Investigations Bureau. I could not think of another two individuals I can trust like these gentlemen to run this Department the way this community deserves.
I’d also like to thank the Command and Sergeants staff. Every member in these two supervisor teams is a long standing member of the Police Department capable of leading it into an amazing future. You are all to thank for being a solid example for not only the entire Department but as upstanding citizens within the community. I truly commend you all.

For my future endeavors I will be joining the government as a Police Administrator in order to continue to guide the Police Department along with the other government agencies throughout the city. I hope I can bring the same spark and life that I was able to bring to this fine group of Officers to other areas of the community as well.

To all my brothers and sisters in blue, thank you for the honor and opportunity to serve as your Chief. It was truly an amazing experience.

With Regard,

Ramon Carter
Chief of Police
Los Santos Police Department
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It's been a pleasure working with you Mr. Carter.  I'm glad to see that you will still be involved with the police department., and I am excited for the future!  Thank you for all of your service and hard work that you have put into the department.  Good luck with the future sir.  - Papa Stouch #0402

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Thank you for everything chief and best of luck on your future.

Best regards,

Henrique Azevedo - #0267

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Madafucka i am very sad i did not have any chance to meet you face to face but i am  very sad to see you go too,

Good luck on your future.

Bandar Jan AKA Ladies killer 




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I've seen you go from Commander all the way up to Chief, sad to see you go as it's been a pleasure serving underneath you. 

Thank you for everything you've done for the department.

Michael Miller - #0560

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