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La Familia Michoacana

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La Familia is growing

La familia is growing bigger and bigger everyday and there making a name for themselves.


The La Familia hit the streets looking for suitable people to fill their ranks they soon came across two people who wished to try and join their ranks. They where put on a trial basis and put to the test to see if they where capable members that the familia could depend on. After the two had proven themselves it was time to bring them fully into the familia so a meeting was set at one of the tattoo shops in the city. When everyone had gathered each recruit took their turn getting inked with the traditional La Familia on the palm of their hand.











Shortly after it was time to meet with the council and introduce their new members.





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Making a move


After renovating the newly acquired club, It was decided that Andrew would be promoted to a full member of La Familia after proving himself with hard work and dedication.









While they were at the tattoo shop La Familia received a tip that the sleepers were intruding on the local drug market, It was decided that action must be taken. 


The bodies were disposed of and the cars were sold to a nearby chopshop.



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Brody Burns was locked up for the murder of 7 officers after a large shootout took place behind a hardware store. Not long after getting settled in his new concreate home, he was approached by several members of a rival gang in the prison yard. The two groups began to exchange unpleasant words with one another. However, it did not take long for a fight ensue. The two men believed this would be an easy victory considering they outnumbered Brody two to one. The two men attempted to attack him with only their fists. Therefore, Brody reached for his waistband and swiftly pulled out a shank. The makeshift weapon consisted of a large piece of glass from a broken tequila bottle (that had alluded the guards during their search) and a strip of an old prison tee  wrapped around the bottom to form a makeshift handle. It only took two well placed stabs to end the first mans life. Warm blood was surrounding him on the prison yard floor before he had even realized what had happened. As he collapsed to the ground with a look of dismay the second man began to run for the exercise yard, but not before feeling crudely broken glass enter his lower back. Brody then tracked the trail of blood to find the man cowering behind an electrical box. The man screamed for his life, praying a  guard would hear him. Alas, Brody plunged the long piece of jagged glass through the mans left eye and there was silence. 
Using a rock from the yard, Brody quickly disposed of the shank by crushing the glass into a fine powder. A few moments later several guards rushed to the life less body, baffled at what had happened. Meanwhile, Brody watched from the other side of the yard as a smirk slowly took shape on his face.

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It was a regular day for the gang checking labs, Helping there allies and killing their foes. The streets of los santos seen the convoys of La Familia all filled with men eager to destroy their enemies. There name is spreading throughout the city and people with all backgrounds recognized them as formidable gang.


All the Familia new batch of recruits got promoted to be a full member of the family except one.

Greg showed himself to be promising asset at first but the waves of disrespect to his high command and other allied members kept coming he got warned but still his bad comments and him questioning everything the family do started to piss off members of the familia.

Tyrone called for a meeting between his HC to discuss about the problem and they all agreed on on thing ..... he need to go not just a regular let go he must be made an example of.

Tyrone, Jordan and Dirk picked up Greg and went to mountain chiliad.

Greg didn't even know what's going to happen to him and that's for the best.






Greg begged for his life or just last chance to be around but he already used all his chances.

Tyrone pointed and told him "Greg just look at the scenery and enjoy your last time".


Greg would not be a problem for LFM any longer.

La Familia doesn't leave loose ends.




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The Raid
La Familia had been making a big name for themselves in the city and with the notoriety comes attention from police.
Swat and a line of cruisers backing them up quickly stormed the night club taking down any La Familia they could get their hands on. There was no way out so they decided to take the small charges the cops could try to pin on them they had nothing but small fire arms and the place they raided was a business front still being renovated. With no other evidence they got taken away for petty charges then arrested and sent to prison.
The cops had messed up and played their hand to early La Familia now knew they're being watched and would be more cautious in the future.

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1990 it was a summer day at Los Santos where Shakur family lived in the ghetto they were kind of an interesting family.

Their father is called Tony Shakur he was an old head at dealing drugs which affected his first child Jamal into following in his footsteps.

Tyrone on the second hand has believed in expanding the business and start dealing guns which made shakur family have a name for themselves, and the last child is Malcolm was like the Einstein to the family he finished school with top marks and stayed on the right path for a long time, but it didn't go well




It was 2003 malcolm was the first one to graduate from high school and tony was proud. Tony asked Malcolm what’s his future plan and he said “I'm gonna be with my brothers” that's when tony got angry with him and told him not to be like them. On the other hand, Jamal was selling drugs in his usual corner and Tyrone was providing protection to his brother with his best friend Jack Colenta




In that ill fated day Tony Shakur called Jamal to meet him outside his office. Jamal hopped inside his car and drove off to meet his dad 

when he got close to the office he heard multiple gunshots he wiped out his weapon to check what happened to his shock he found his father dead body

he hugged his father and tried to save his life to no avail.The funeral was 3 days Later friends and family came to say their final goodbyes 




After the The funeral The Shakurs got approached by a man named Joseph Aziz.

He was a business partner to their old man he promised that he will help them 

And fund them to buy weapons to avenge their father.




Tyrone called his brothers to meet at what used to be their father's office. The brothers arrived together to find Tyrone standing close to what his father 

dead body used to be. 




The brothers went inside the office.

when they got inside they found Jack standing close to the CCTV system.

The Shakurs sat down, then Jack turned on the CCTV footage of the incident.




All of them were hurt seeing what happened to their beloved Tony. Jamal placed a Uzi on his father's desk and said, "We need to kill them sons of ****s"

Malcolm said: "but first who are they ? and why they made a hit on our father ?"

Tyrone says: "I don't care, they're dead !"



The Shakurs kept discussing how they do it and how they will get the weapons

Everyone was assigned a task Tyrone to get the weapons Jamal and Malcolm to get the intel on the gang everyone had one simple mind set is to bring them down !

Jamal expanding his little crew and asking around to know who orchestrated the hit. He knew it was a biker gang but which one ? that's the answer he is looking for

Tyrone contacted the russians to get weapons, he met with a well known Brigadier(Captain) in the Bratva Luis Stalin.

Luis gave Tyrone the firearms that they needed, Tyrone Struck the deal with Luis and gave him the money and said his goodbyes.






Two months gone and 2004 is here and the brothers didn't find anything until Malcolm and Jack were trying to gather intel and heard a biker bragging about his gang killing a black drug dealer Malcolm infuriated and whipped out his pistol ready to shoot, Jack lowered Malcolms gun and said to him follow my lead.

They followed the biker to his gang HQ and found out the bikers are called The Lost MC the biggest MC in los santos is behind their father's death? Why? for what?

Jack and Malcolm waited outside for the biker to come outside and as soon as he went a little far from his gang Malcolm and Jack kidnapped him and interrogated him. 

Malcolm called his brothers and told them that they need to hear this 

The brothers came and saw a bloody biker clinging for dear life on top of him was Jack and Malcolm 

Malcolm told him "tell them what you told me Bi**"




The biker told them everything and that was the Lost didn't like tony pushing into the gun business and they needed to get rid of him.

and he told them about a big gang meeting that will happen, most of Lost MC big shots well be there 


The brothers looked at each other and they knew that was their chance to hit them good and hard

Jamal looked at the biker and said “Thanks for your help” *multiple gunshots*..  “that's the first body we have a lot tomorrow"








3 weeks go by and it was Lost MC big meet the brother met at the office Jamal told them if they were ready? 

everyone nodded in agreement and they all looked at Jack and they told him if he is ready to do this and if he backs out there will be no hard feelings.

Jack said "I'm a man of action i will never back out"

Tyrone gave them the weapons and told them that THE RETALIATION is on !


They pulled up on the bikers and mayhem started raining on them, they didn’t have the chance to escape the place and a lot of the top dogs in Lost MC got killed that day.

“it was a massacre” The police chief said.

the police only had a CCTV footage of what happened.




Lost MC got buried in the ground after that hit a lot of gangs kept hitting them and they withered out of existence

and the brothers? they escaped the bloodbath and went to Liberty city.




It was 2019 The Shakurs came back with Jack to Los Santos. A lot of things changed in Los santos the gangs the buildings and grove street too

They met Aziz at the airport and he offered to help them out and they can stay at his house 

As long as they want.




The brothers  worked hard and got familiar with how the city operate and established connections with a lot of gangs until the met ACID.

ACID was a crazy man hence the name but he was super friendly with them.

ACID recruited all of them, they met the Street kings 

and Street queens.






The Wanted welcomed them with open arms.

They gave them purpose, something to push and work for. 



















Black Santa

Tyrone Shakur lived the best chapters in his life with his brothers in The Wanted went to jail for years and got shot to.

his dream was to become one of the most successful gun dealers in the city. and he found the opportunity when the Wanted got there connections with the cartels. he supplied him self and then started to the road to his dream.

The Wanted contacted the Russians and met with them to clarify the prices and talk about future plans.




Tyrone saw that as an opportunity of a life time to secure a whole gang and to be there main supply of guns ?! it's the dream.



After the meeting he met the Russians alone to see if he can supply them NOW with weapons and pistols 

he secured  the purchase of these heavy guns with the same prices discussed in the meeting.






he had a lot of competition but the Russians always went to him for weapons.

Tyrone was dealing with pistols heavily he secured deals up to 60 pistols in one go.

he dealing them cheaper then anyone in the city even cheaper then most of the renowned gangs in the city.

Black Santa name was ringing in the city.





Tyrone tried to sell the heavy weapons but no one was buying them.

He investigated and found out a couple of triads and zetas members were undercutting to other gangs.

He went to his Ace with the information to Jammar shock from that he arranged a meeting with the leader of the zetas to tell him about it

the system they worked for years to let it work is being ruined by greedy people that just want a quick buck.

Jay told them that the one who is doing this will get killed over it.

Tyrone continued selling his pistols and his fame is getting bigger and bigger.


Two months passed after the meeting and Tyrone forgot about it. He had more problems with SD and PD that he didn't even care no more

he just wanted to help his brothers not get in jail.





and then Tyrone heard that there is a meeting happening in HQ and everybody needs to be here.

Tyrone got anxious he remembered that every time everyone was called out to HQ some thing bad happened

he arrived to HQ to find his brothers lined up and he joined them.



to his surprise he saw the triads and zetas in HQ and now he really know that someone really f***ed up.




all wanted members lined up in HQ and then Jamaar asked them who do you think fucked up now.

most of them shouted a buster and the others were just silent.

to everyone surprise it was Tyrone.

Tyrone went silent... he was just in shock he going back in his memories to remember when did he miss up ?

and here it comes the SHOCKER he was blamed for undercutting.


he explained himself and his proves but no one believed him he was feeling betrayed by his own for not trusting him

and for talking with him before but he can't do nothing now he was in a middle of armed guys with no one to help him.

he screamed that he was set up that he never did it that he will never throw his own brothers under the bus like that 

but all he heard was the silent death that is coming to him.


then he heard his brother Jamal and Jack saying "if you gonna kill my brother Jamaar you should kill me to"



Jammar put the pistol back and ordered them to get taken from here.

Tyrone closed his eyes and said "see you in the after life brothers"

everything flashed in Tyrone eyes.










Then clack Tyrone Shakur aka Black Santa was shot.



He is ALIVE 


Tyrone Shakur was dead to everyone but the thing that they didn't know about that Jamaar didn't hit a vital point in Tyrone's body 

Tyrone woke up in Trophy truck trunk bandaged up he was in Dirk Trophy truck.

Dirk got Tyrone after the incident and saved his life Tyrone was super grateful for Dirk's help

he just saved him from death.

Tyrone remained hidden until he felt he was in a good condition.

Dirk met with Jamal and Jack to tell them the news that Tyrone is still alive and will.





Tyrone woke up after 1 month of hiding

he felt well and ANGRY.

He called the Russians and met with them to finish up some deals and to kill the guy who was spreading the rumors of him undercutting 

and that was Revelt.



he was lying with everything that was brought up 

he was a loudmouth that needs to be taken care off.


after they finished from Revelt he want and met with all the rebels and Russians.

to take revenge on the gangs that set him up.





and he took it 











Bad news

the Shakur brothers lived there life hard hitting council and disappearing before the backup comes and with that they were one of the most hated groups in city.

Tyrone woke up to see Jammar calling "Weird" Tyrone said why is he even calling me?!


Council just declared war on Wanted and with that the rest of the gangs declared on them too Jam told him the news and hung up.

Tyrone met with his brothers to discuss if they will help all of them said in one time "HELL THE F""" YAH"





The fight was big so big with a lot of gangs joining in against them Wanted held down there ground for a good amount of time until they began to fall apart.

council was stronger then ever and with that they lost a good chunk of their members and the rest flead.

the gang was no more Wanted is now Dead.

The Shakur brothers vanished from the city.

Chapter 1

The End






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