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  1. @Ryzoft Crimsons involvement in the conflict that happened was mentioned in two of our post actually
  2. Joining The Wanted Dave and his friends began to have more meet ups and parties with The Wanted. They had such a blast chilling with their old friends they started to make it a daily ritual to meet up and chill joke around and just have a good time. One day while they where hanging out some one started shit and Dave , his crew and Wanted had each others backs without question. Dave felt what he had been missing the feeling of a family and a place to belong. He discussed it with the rest of his crew before approaching Jamaar Bovarium about possibly having the OG's from Seaweed drop
  3. ID 296 here the gun was pointed at the man on the bike because he was calling the cops he was never going to be robbed just held to stop the call and make it so we could make a clean get away before cops were alerted. the man drove off at gun point also and was never robbed so don't know why this is included. I will say from what i remember the reporting party did run from gun point straight to an ncz which is frp and didn't wait 15mins after stealing a car before running to an ncz which is ncz abuse.
  4. I live near chicago where crime is really high and none of the police stations have instant access to any stores cameras they have to go to the store owner or managers to get the footage. They cannot just access it from their vehicle or station miles away they make take a recording and watch it afterward but they do not have live feed to stores it would not be feasible nor would a pd pay some one to watch convenient stores realistically it would be a waste of resources . Stores in bad neighborhoods hire private security and have insurance so they can claim any losses due to theft. So if your
  5. Coming to Los Santos Dave Weeden came to Los Santos like most people looking for new opportunities and to start a new life. Upon arriving, him and three friends started out doing odd jobs around the city. Doing anything to make some cash to keep food in their stomachs and clothes on their backs. It didn't take long before they realized that working these minimum wage jobs wasn't going to get them where they wanted to be. Along with some new friends they had made in their time in the city they decided if they wanted something they had better be ready to take it! Living in Los Santos for
  6. The Raid La Familia had been making a big name for themselves in the city and with the notoriety comes attention from police. Swat and a line of cruisers backing them up quickly stormed the night club taking down any La Familia they could get their hands on. There was no way out so they decided to take the small charges the cops could try to pin on them they had nothing but small fire arms and the place they raided was a business front still being renovated. With no other evidence they got taken away for petty charges then arrested and sent to prison. The cops had messed up a
  7. ID 91 (Dave_Weeden) I do not have any footage as i was unaware of any report but ill give my side the best i can remember it. We had all geared up and set out to rob a bank that night in order to add some money to each gangs treasury involved and do something together as a group. Unfortunately we could not rob any banks because of lack of LEO's online so we then switched to robbing stores instead. The incident at Vespucci store from my side of things was pretty clean we hit the store and as we where finishing up we heard over radio that cops had shown up but that we had enough back up to
  8. ID 21 here i was the passenger of the rapid gt and they rammed our vehicle 3 times at the very least we gave them the first two or three because desync can be bad. But the after the 3rd or fourth one they could be seen swerving towards our vehicles and break checking and trying to hit us after a couple times of them ramming into us i inform my driver that if they ram into us one more time im going to cap these guys at which point i hear them laugh and then turn into us again. I then opened fire at the driver i do not have my video footage any longer since i thought 2 days had passed and no
  9. as a player who has experienced both fighting against and now being apart of the council i can say that from what i have seen their goal has never been to wipe out for no reason they usually have a valid reason for what they do i think a lot of people twist shit for whatever reason but that's their problem. I have fought against them as a leader of seaweed then again as a member of the wanted and for a short period as a rook and although it ended up with most of the groups disbanding i feel it was the natural progression of the rp that was happening at the time. The Azteca's were nearly wiped
  10. While the SeaWeed boys were cooking up some drugs to make a little cash three people in masks showed up and tried to rob them. They quickly handled them and stripped the bodies of any valuables they could find. Then they headed out to a stash house to lay low while the heat died down and drop off the goods they had acquired. It seemed to Weeden that people thought just because the council had beaten them down that they're easy pickings. These new gangs are in for a rude awakening if they come after seaweed!
  11. i would love to see the Bravado gauntlet classic its one sexy lookin car.
  12. Brody and Weeden while catching up with some good friends ended up in an impromptu dance off!
  13. Weeden and Waylon hitting the streets chopping cars to put a little money in their pockets after the war left the remaining members of seaweed low on cash.
  14. Love the thread looks amazing. Good luck!
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