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Sharing keys to houses & renting houses

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Alright so I've brought this up earlier this evening in the Discord during the meeting between the administrators and the community and a lot of people ended up agreeing with me that it's a good thing, including @BallinByNature


This idea came to my mind as the amount of in-character marriages have been increasing by an insane amount, both my characters also being in a rather serious-RP relationship. 
Even if it's for characters that aren't actually married but can't afford a house on their own and want a roommate to live with, sharing a house would be a great solution.

Another good thing would be houses up for rent, giving players both the option to rent the house or buy the house. I'm not completely sure on how often the rent would be taken but maybe once per in-game day or two days given every in-game day is 6 hours IRL, but obviously this would be subject to change. I think this would be a great addition because a lot of the players that do not have a government job can't afford to just fully buy a house, given them basically nowhere to store anything that they might want to store, especially with the recent introductions of bobby pins and how they work. 

Of course this is just my two cents on this situation, but I thought I'd make a proper suggestion after I saw the amount of people that agree with this suggestion and think that it would work out well.

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40 minutes ago, Spook said:

Would be really cool if we would get a real gang HQ

There are several big stand-alone houses/buildings with a big drive-way and parking spots outside in Vinewood hills that would be perfect to serve as a gang hideout.


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I'm not sure if I'm supposed to dig up older posts like this but it's been hidden behind 2 pages of new suggestions, and I'd really like some more opinions on this or for someone to look at it (again?).

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