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  1. Joe Narco

    Banned Players' Supecars

    Well in my eyes its a bad idea for a few reasons as i said before 1-They removed super cars for a reason... 2-Some people do take short/long breaks after a perm, or just a normal ban. 3- will just cause drama, with charge backs, and crying on the forums. so that's a -1 from me, even tho i i got no saying 😄
  2. Joe Narco

    Banned Players' Supecars

    Okey, so first thing first, no i did not mean, they removed super car just to inforce more player to player transactions, they removed them, cause they were aids to deal with, and you would see them all over the map, second of all some people do end up taking quiet a long break after being permed, as they want to sit back and think about what to do, and the last part, no not all people charging back after they get permed, a good example is Le_Chan with a GP1 he got permed and never charged it back. same as i donated 10$ like a week before being permed.
  3. Joe Narco

    Banned Players' Supecars

    Sometimes appeals get denied for months, in that case whats next? cause if you remove someones assets for not being able to appeal, in kinda unfair, and if you just remove them, it will kinda bring bad rep to the community, as sometimes people are getting permed for not much of a reason.
  4. Joe Narco

    Banned Players' Supecars

    In that case people will just start charging back. and once again, im pretty sure they removed them from dealers to prevent players from having those, giving players a new way of getting super cars, brings the question of why removing them in the first place.
  5. Joe Narco

    Banned Players' Supecars

    Didn't they remove them to prevent players from having them? and what about people who got their cars with Credits?
  6. Joe Narco

    Game map/textures hardly loading

    When I had that issue I just had to play with the rendering distance and some other setting, as for me it was loading far objects, and sometimes I would be able to see AI vehicles spawning in far, try playing with your setting
  7. Joe Narco

    Case of ADMIN bullying/abuse of powers

    Well i do understand where you coming from, but calling it "Bullying" or "Abuse of Power" like really? overkill much, as i said before prob someone made a mistake just talk it out with the admin and that's all.
  8. Joe Narco

    Case of ADMIN bullying/abuse of powers

    can i just point out its not really "Bullying" and neither it is "Abuse of Powers" either you or the admin just made a mistake, simple as that....
  9. Joe Narco

    Help please

    Try turning down rendering distance
  10. Joe Narco

    Carbines/MG Bring Back

    At this point, i really gotta say get gud......
  11. Joe Narco


    Well they did, if they don't Welp, sorry.
  12. Joe Narco


    Dunno if they still have, but Ive never understood why they got them, seems just allitle bit over kill. The suggestion is remove SWAT LMGs.
  13. Joe Narco


    Cause they need to deal with situations where they are out number and sometimes they have less fire power
  14. Joe Narco


    Well not really, was watching a freinds stream the server and I've seen guys running with shotgun...
  15. Joe Narco


    Well when cops are having to deal with 200 people that's not the case, civilians can out number cops in almost all situations.