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  1. Account name: Joe Narco Character name(s): Joe Narco,Joe Savage,Dimitri Narco Admin who issued punishment: @NobodyLTU Date of punishment: 15/Jan/2018 18:18 Reason given for punishment:Savage Your explanation of what happened: No clue Why should your appeal be accepted?: Good question, did nothing. Post any evidence or further details:N/A
  2. Wishing you all a good farewell!

    @InvalidSun am I too late?
  3. Unfair Capturing of Turf

    I hate saying it, but both those gangs are allied with CTC, and you are at war with the CTC, soo yeah...
  4. Joe Savage & Allisia Sweets - Fail RP / Fear RP

    Alright, "Fear RP". No one of the officer's aimed a lethal force at me when i started running, i had a bike parked 10m away from me, i think by this point every civilian knows that cops cant really use their AR's on an unarmed suspect "excessive force" "Fail RP" Jumping on a bike while handcuffed--- Only cause the animation shows your hands at the front, doesn't mean you cant hold to the back wheel cover, or anything that you can get a grip on. it's not safe, but its possible. "Fail RP" Me running when the officer got into the building---I did /me attempts to resist the officer's hold, and then /do does he succeed, the officer chose to ignore it for about 2 minutes, then i PMed him about answering my /do, and when i noticed i don't have any grip on me, i was sure the officer released his grip from me, so i just ran.
  5. [1.1.0] [2017-09-07] ECLIPSE Roleplay

    200 charges gone :(
  6. Report for Failrp and metagaming.

    Alright, you could take action by doing some basic /me /do, but you didn't. you choose to yell "give gun i shoot", with out any sort of roleplay included.
  7. Report for Failrp and metagaming.

    So you were trying to borrow my gun?
  8. Report for Failrp and metagaming.

    Alright, how is it FailRP if you never RPed it out? in this entire video you didn't use 1 /me /do? metagaming his location to some friends. What friends? i've told ya i was the only one online at the time.
  9. VDM by Cyber Threat Consultants

    Your video is more then enough, as i stated your friend that blocked your bike was shooting at me.
  10. VDM by Cyber Threat Consultants

    If he edited to 40 second he prob does have a full video. i hope this time it wont be muted as well.
  11. VDM by Cyber Threat Consultants

    Explanation of events/why you are reporting: Gang member randomly runs me over for no reason I've nothing to say, so your friend has a gun out for no reason? oh and him attempting to shoot at me?
  12. VDM by Cyber Threat Consultants

    Alright, beside the fact you muted the shit out of this video and didn't show your friend shooting at me. Story time! we had a fight near MORS. i was driving around and pulling into the area of the warehouse, as it was ours half an hour ago, i didn't shot say or do anything, until his friend yelled "get him" and started shooting at me, at that point i turned around to get to the other road, as i was calling for backup over the radio, by this point the bike is in the middle of the way. after ramming that bike, i've noticed few of our guys showed up, and we started the gun fight, beside the fact the guy that blocked the bike was just about to shoot at me. You have Stranger ID's for a reason, but i guess my name is "Cyber Threat Consultants" from now on.