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  1. Cap 06 its out kids, dont forget to suscribe and smash that dislike bottom !!!!!.
  2. Blowing up cars to get 1000hp

    Las time I check, repairing my warren cost the same as repairing my kuruma or my V12. same whit modifications and paint (I pay 10k to paint my biciclete chrome, same I will pay to paint a contender). you guys can keep arguing all you want but the true is out there: economy its broke, it need a rework.
  3. Blowing up cars to get 1000hp

    its not a little more, its ALOT MORE !!! take your car from mors cost 300, a repair on a car under 500 its like 6k, or 7k. what you need to do is lower those prices !!!! all the economi of the server is fucked ! cuz prices are to high and works give low money. Eclipse its right now like a 3erd workd country, we get pay to low, that's the reason people don't whana spend 6k. PS: blowing a car to call the insures its not FailRP, people do that all the time irl, they even do it whit big bussines.
  4. Car Selling Economy 🅱️roke.....

    the main problem here is the stock price. economy of the server need to be rework. but you also have to remember that this is a game in not the real life, and cars don't lose valor when you buy it cuz they don't turn old, they work the same as a stock car from heavyflow. my 2cent to the topic: charge people to sell cars In Hightmarket. like autionhouses in WOW, charge them for the time they whana there car to stay there. the money from that can be use for weekly partys at the beach.
  5. Unfair Capturing of Turf

    Read again and you will find this is noting against you or your gang, its against how admins handle cases different according to the party’s involve, just that, and if your hones whit you self you know its true.
  6. Unfair Capturing of Turf

    Ask Moreti crime family, Savage, Bratva, old Grove, old Professional and new professionals, all of them try to get Ballas turf while all the members where inactive, but admins say no to all of them, so its funny how this gang call reaper MC, (whit like 2 admins on it) got a green light to do something that other 4 gangs where told not to. In the case of the new Professionals I have a video (its call killing purple in my youtube channel), where the Ballas try to attack us, we kill them all, but that was still no reason to go war them and take there turf according to admins, but when the reapers stand in out turf (in the middle of we in war whit another gang), they shot at us and we kill them all, its a reason to war us (yes I have video, yes I show it to admins, and again, yes, there answer was in favor of thre friends). And again; Im not biching I just whant all the rules to work the same for all the members, and not different for admins friends, and more than 1 person can confirm what im saying: admins help there friend by bending the rules for them. I think this is something that need the a deep investigation that include the owners and developers of the server, this admins corruption have gone to far and its time to stop it for the good of the server. its not bitching, we just whant the rules to work the same for every one, and not different for admins friends. I have all the proof on videos and declarations of gang members, if admins whanae get this investigation deeper, just contact me.
  7. Unfair Capturing of Turf

    no hate bro, just making a point. you guys think your over the rules cuz you have admins helping you. i didint even make a report because i know the result: admin > Carter, but i still have video if admin need it.
  8. Unfair Capturing of Turf

    Reaper MC did the same to me, war me for no reason and take my turf. We show videos to admins but they did noting, they are protected by some admins, so good luck. Also we should stablish what constitute and act of war to.
  9. Community Update #1

    ETA: Soon.
  10. Report [Powergaming]

    A normal police don't use teaser 3 times on a person, you need to be prosecute for police brutality :P. @matthiasG, do what the others police do when a criminal get away, metagame his ig name and put a ticket on him.
  11. Report for deleting faction.

    me leavint the factinon give you no right to kick every one whitout first talking to the others in comand (first lady and brick) cuz you know all of us take the desitions for the family, you kick every one cuz you where mad, thats it.
  12. Report for deleting faction.

    if you left 4 members how its the faction now delete ? yes i did rage quit, and yes like 10-20 minutes later i regret my destion, at that point is when quan kick every one. you can see in this picture how he (quan) say he kick every one afer i left and ask back in.
  13. Your player name: Carter Navaja Player you are reporting: Quan Angelico Rule broken: kick every one from faction and delete it. Explanation of events/why you are reporting: after a long day full of drama (ig and ooc) I rage quit and left the faction. Then the guy I give owner to change the name, rank and all. Afther I calm down , contact him and tell him to invite me back, and he say no, so then he kick every one and just leave the faction. This is kind of a grey zone here, cuz I did leave and give owner, but that’s don’t give him the right to kick 10+ people and delete the family just to fuck everyone and don’t give it back. Time and date: yesterday. Evidence: