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  1. i know, but i mean; same logic your using for off road applys to stunt jumps.
  2. so, if GTA V engine supports vehicles to do stunt jumping, that vehicles shold do it ?
  3. and you have no idea what else we have coming soon.
  5. well, that's a beginning, and it show the potential of this place to become the center of all the RP in the city. eclipse is missing that !! I remember when I join the server that social spot was infront of hospital, there you can always find good RP or Leo Leonardo RDM someone whit his rental car hahah, the server need something like this, like a social club of some kind.
  6. +1. Make LSC and Bay View to just work on pain jobs and engine repair, all other customization leave them to Benny’s. I think this cold work great together whit the new racing club.
  7. If you’re a criminal theres 3 ways to get money: Regular jobs (trucket, money truck and Fedex). Keep in mind that if you commit a crime your truck and driver licenses will be take away for some days, so you just have 2 jobs, cuz you will never be able to apply for a legal job whit crimes on your record. Selling drugs and illegal weapon. Most of the people that use illegal guns have their own turf or friends whit turf, so its almost impossible to sell big guns on a regular base. Whit drugs the story is another; we have like 8 type of drugs, so most of the time the costumer ask for something you don’t have, you have to go order 10 of this, sell 1 to him and keep the other 9 till you find someone that whana buy that. On top, people don’t whana pay even the cost !, and I don’t blame people for this, I blame the difficulty on getting money that make people stingy about spending it. Make a legal alt. I personally HATE alts on a RP server( lest be honest, most of the pople use them like and extension of their main and use it to found his criminal Activiti) cuz they end up been just a bank, the guy that work and send all his money to his sugar daddy (the main character). We need new and real criminal ways to get money !!! that will occupied our time in other than police chases and shootouts, +1 to this idea.
  8. Shalami

    Armor Vest

    This is what we need: let gun stores sell body armors and shotguns, to buy them you most have a high end military gear licenses that will cost 20k (double the pistols licenses), all other weapons can be obtain true illegal weapon dealers (criminals). If police see someone whit armor they can request licenses and if they don’t have it jail time or make a run time, that way criminals and civilians will be force to not use them at all time, just in the times of need, or risk going to jail. I will also like to see back the old feature that made your big guns show on your back when you have it.
  9. I think someone is already working on this, I have attendee to some party's at Bahamas.
  10. -1 We have support the server on the darkest days (crash every 5 minutes, lag, bugs…) and your asking that our progress get delete when we move to a more stable platform ? like FOR REAL ? that’s how you want us to be pay for our loyalty to the server ?. I know owners and developers know better and won’t make a move like this.
  11. Shalami

    Don't do it.

    we miss you brother !
  12. +1, and i willl like to add this: we need more ATMS in the southeast part of the map (industrial, gun R us area).
  13. It all stard the day before that, he crash my car (by accident), I stop in order to RP a car crash, he didn’t stop so I falowhim telling him to stop. He keep driving to the country and try to go off road (in a truck) and crash flip his car, when he get out I point a gun at him and he star running, so I shot him. I leave him for dead, he say medic save him so he remember it all. The day after that I see him in LSC, I get out of my car and star thing his car whit my bat (cuz he call the police and I end up going to jail and losing my gun licences the day before), and take off, he then folow me amd crash my car several times till i get out of my car and told him “lest solve this like mans, whit our fist” and that’s how we get here. Again, I accept that I did go back to my car, but I honestly think I was in my right to do so if no one was, and I can garrante that he was not there when I arrive and get my car, he arrive running when I was leaving, he toll me I was braking NLR, and I told him that I was not, cuz I did not talk or interact whit them, I have just take my car from the street. After talking to and admin, I can now see that i did brake NLR coming back to my place of dead whitout wating the 15 minutes, all i can do now is say that im sorry, cuz i realy do, all im looking for is good RP, thats why i stop the and get out of my car the 3 time you crash in to me, same reason why i give you the money i have on (cuz like i say, theres no comand for you to take it from me).
  14. i did hit your car whit a bat, after that you crash your my car 3 times and try to run me over several times. then i told you "lest solve this whit our fist" and step out of the car, you gun me down and stat frisking me, i aprove it when you did the propper RP, i even give you the money i have on me (give you, cuz it was my choice to falow that RP since there is no mechanic to do so), when you where not aming or loking at me i try to call the police, you spot me and kill me, end of the RP. i did when back to pick my car, and after talking whit and admin i realice that is not legal, i realy think it can be done if you didint interact whit the person that kill you, know i know that is braking NLR to and wont do it again. il take the punish admins think it fits this case.
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