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    i know, but i mean; same logic your using for off road applys to stunt jumps.

    so, if GTA V engine supports vehicles to do stunt jumping, that vehicles shold do it ?
  3. Guns R' Us new deals !!!!!!!

    and you have no idea what else we have coming soon.
  4. Guns R' Us new deals !!!!!!!

  5. Benny's Custom Motor Works.

    you have a point there hehe.
  6. New Government Faction

    well, that's a beginning, and it show the potential of this place to become the center of all the RP in the city. eclipse is missing that !! I remember when I join the server that social spot was infront of hospital, there you can always find good RP or Leo Leonardo RDM someone whit his rental car hahah, the server need something like this, like a social club of some kind.
  7. Benny's Custom Motor Works.

    +1. Make LSC and Bay View to just work on pain jobs and engine repair, all other customization leave them to Benny’s. I think this cold work great together whit the new racing club.
  8. Easy Criminal Content/Jobs

    If you’re a criminal theres 3 ways to get money: Regular jobs (trucket, money truck and Fedex). Keep in mind that if you commit a crime your truck and driver licenses will be take away for some days, so you just have 2 jobs, cuz you will never be able to apply for a legal job whit crimes on your record. Selling drugs and illegal weapon. Most of the people that use illegal guns have their own turf or friends whit turf, so its almost impossible to sell big guns on a regular base. Whit drugs the story is another; we have like 8 type of drugs, so most of the time the costumer ask for something you don’t have, you have to go order 10 of this, sell 1 to him and keep the other 9 till you find someone that whana buy that. On top, people don’t whana pay even the cost !, and I don’t blame people for this, I blame the difficulty on getting money that make people stingy about spending it. Make a legal alt. I personally HATE alts on a RP server( lest be honest, most of the pople use them like and extension of their main and use it to found his criminal Activiti) cuz they end up been just a bank, the guy that work and send all his money to his sugar daddy (the main character). We need new and real criminal ways to get money !!! that will occupied our time in other than police chases and shootouts, +1 to this idea.
  9. Armor Vest

    This is what we need: let gun stores sell body armors and shotguns, to buy them you most have a high end military gear licenses that will cost 20k (double the pistols licenses), all other weapons can be obtain true illegal weapon dealers (criminals). If police see someone whit armor they can request licenses and if they don’t have it jail time or make a run time, that way criminals and civilians will be force to not use them at all time, just in the times of need, or risk going to jail. I will also like to see back the old feature that made your big guns show on your back when you have it.
  10. New Government Faction

    I think someone is already working on this, I have attendee to some party's at Bahamas.
  11. Discord ban apple

    you cant remember cuz it was more than 3 months ago i think. by not insulting people in a ooc way (even do i didint say it to insult).
  12. Discord ban apple

    Account name: Shalami Character name(s): Carter Navaja Admin who issued: Pabzz (I think I don’t remember 100%) Date of punishment: last year, cant remember the date. Reason given for punishment: telling and admind to suck my dick Your explanation of what happened: Something happen IG bettwen me and the admin that ban me, he or me, I cant remember, star talking about it on discord general, and I told the admin “old carter will have tell you to suck my dick, but not me, im a new carter” to be honest, I was trying to let him know that even do I don’t agree whit his action, in the pass I will have insult him for it, but now I will just chill and go whit the flow, but he say that “that’s a sniky way to tell me to suck your dick” and ban me for that. thats what i recall. Post any evidence or further details: In first place: I was not looking to insult this admind, sometimes i get lost in translation, and second , I need the discord to stay tune whit rules change and all that. I will like to add that I won do something like that anymore.
  13. Ban Appeal IG

    ok i accept the condition, tell me when yes, it is.
  14. Ban Appeal IG

    i have read the rules more than one time, but your right, i didint re read them again after that insident on the 18 of december, and i shold have, and will do as soon as i finish this post. i will like you to PM me about this so we can have a depper talk. read the rules again and folow them 100% and stay tune for the changes.
  15. Ban Appeal IG

    i know about NLR and the 15 minutes, just didint thin i was damage nobody by simple crosing the street and take my car, since the guy that kill me take off in his car, and police or medic or nobody arrive. what happen on the january 9 was a mistake, if you check the apple you will see i ask that to ve void to avod confusion, i crash and the admin involve ban me cuz the think i combat log, but i show admins that i have intention to return since i say to like 3 people that i crash and was cominmg back, i spend all that day crashin as admins cold confirm in the game log i send them. yes i have a long record, most of them from my first moths, but since my last ban (the one i got on the 18th of december) i have been trying to improve my RP ig and folow the rules. to start i answer all his /me whit /do, i even give him the money i have on me whit /pay, also ask tripleseven how i lot of the time asking before do stuff so check its legalty. there is no way for me to show you that im realy trying to improve (and have, i think,) my RP but i think you can see the honesty of my regret on the answer to the first report, i say all the true, someting that the guy didint do, if thats not someone willing to change i dont know what it is. like i say before, i summit to any kind of punish you guys think is fare, but i truly didnt do this knowin i was braking a rule and again i repete myself; "i die infront of the hospital, when i spawn my car was just there, since there was nobody arorund i jump on it", there was like 16 people on server, no taxi no friends to pick me up no noting.