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  1. Shalami

    Ban Appeal - Carter Navaja

    I will like to recall that the simple but major rule I broke that time was FailRP because I get out of a police car using F. the police involve in the RP PM me and toll me it was fail RP, because I didn't use a single /me or /do to get out of the car whit handcuff, at this point I realize I fuck it up, and was driving back to LSC (the place where all happen) to resume the RP, but i was told it was to late for that and got perma ban. Maybe if my record was not that big, Triple seven will have let me just resume the RP and take my jail time (like i have seen done on the forums), but his final desition was to permaban me even do I was there. This is the 3 ban, all of them happen like this: First time: me and another guy got dual KO (we shot at the same time and got down/injured). I crash waiting for medics, and when I came back I was permaban for FailRP. On my apple I show evidence of me talking whit the people of the server on discord, telling them “I crash, im coming back”, showing that I didn’t Disconect, I crash and was coming back. Second time: a guy I have a problem whit before was following me, I get out of my car infront of the hospital, he then point a gun at me and shot me dead. When I respawn infront of the hospital, I saw my car and take it, the guy that kill me report me for braking NLR, even do I didn’t brake NLR, I spawn infront of my car and take it. Last time: the LSC and police car incident I recall in the beginning of this post. Yes I have brake rules in the pass, but I don’t agree whit you when you say “think there have been enough chances” because the last 2 times I show my point, I show I was right, this time is different because even do I think it could be handle different, I did FailRP by getting out of a police car having my hands cuff without doing a single /me, even do the police was not inside the car and was dealing whit another guy. Im coming crystal clear on this report, this is all the true, and I hope I can get a chance to redeem myself and get back to continue developing Carter’S life, I wont let you guys down.
  2. Shalami

    Ban Appeal - Carter Navaja

    Account name: Shalami Character name(s): Carter Nacaja. Admin who issued punishment: Triple seven Date of punishment: 06/03/2018 Reason given for punishment: FailRP Why should your appeal be accepted?: When I join the server I was a noob to RP, all I know today I learn it in eclipse, but I learn it the bad way because of my hard head. I continually get in trouble whit admin for breaking rules. Been ban for 2 months I have learned that I really like the server, and I really like the character I have developed for the last 8-9 months o so, I think I have learned my lesson I will like to ask the admin team for an opportunity to show that people can change for good. For you, this will be just an unban, for me, is my LAST chance on the server, I really won't fuck it up. I will like to add, that I'm not a toxic person, most of the people on the server like me and want me back, I have never taken part on haking bulling or exploiting, whit this I'm not saying I didn't do bad, all I'm saying is that the bad things I did was most of them because of ignorance, and know that I know better they won't happen again.
  3. Shalami

    Unban appeal – Carter Navaja

    Because this time I take my time to think not only about the last punish and the event, but about the reason for the admin to take that action whiteout letting me just correct my error in game and go to jail (if you check the situation leading to this ban, it could have been work out different, but maybe the way I defend my point that day was not correct). Like I say, I was having a bad ooc attitude and discussion style whit the admins that lead them to have no other option that to ban me, in my mind they were out to get me and everting they did was personal against me because im a latino whit bad grama, now I know I was just been paranoiac and crazy!. In this opportunity I take my time, step back and chill out to think; about my mistakes and how not to make them again. If I’m given the opportunity for a fresh new beginning (not saying to delete my admin record, but I will like review It whit a head admin sometime, cuz some of the punish are mistakes but they are not void from my record and keep affecting the outcome any move I made ig) on rage im coming back whit a new attitude and playstyle.
  4. Shalami

    Unban appeal – Carter Navaja

    Account name: Shalami Character name(s): Carter Navaja Admin who issued punishment: Tripleseven Date of punishment: like 1 or 2 months ago. Reason given for punishment: failRP. Your explanation of what happened: Long story short; a police put me in a police car to take me to jail, he get out to talk to someone and I take that chance to use press F and get out of the car (thinking that if it let me get out whit F it was because he didn’t lock the car) not know it was not possible to do that. After the runaway and when I was going back to the scene (cuz the police pm me and told me it was failRP, so I tell the guys that free me “guys take me back, they are saying is failRP (I think one of the guys was Leron)) admin Tripleseven TP me to the scene and after talking whit the police proceed to ban me. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I have done bad things, and I have a big record. I know that doesn’t speak well for me but I have had time to think about it and change. I miss the community a lot and I miss the friends I made on the server. I know this is not excuse but, I was in a bad place due to lots of IRL problems which made me act out in childish manner, taking everything to personal and using aggressive words and behavior. I regret this deeply and want to show the community that I have change for good. I was under lot of stress and acted poorly due to this stress, but I will like to have the opportunity to show the community that I have change and also I whana play on rare now that is out !!. I understand the reason for my many punishment, but now im a new guy and I know I wont have that kind or problems I have learn from my mistakes and I hope to get back to play whit all my hommies.
  5. Shalami


    i know, but i mean; same logic your using for off road applys to stunt jumps.
  6. Shalami


    so, if GTA V engine supports vehicles to do stunt jumping, that vehicles shold do it ?
  7. Shalami

    Guns R' Us new deals !!!!!!!

    and you have no idea what else we have coming soon.
  8. Shalami

    Guns R' Us new deals !!!!!!!

  9. Shalami

    Benny's Custom Motor Works.

    you have a point there hehe.
  10. Shalami

    New Government Faction

    well, that's a beginning, and it show the potential of this place to become the center of all the RP in the city. eclipse is missing that !! I remember when I join the server that social spot was infront of hospital, there you can always find good RP or Leo Leonardo RDM someone whit his rental car hahah, the server need something like this, like a social club of some kind.
  11. Shalami

    Benny's Custom Motor Works.

    +1. Make LSC and Bay View to just work on pain jobs and engine repair, all other customization leave them to Benny’s. I think this cold work great together whit the new racing club.
  12. Shalami

    Easy Criminal Content/Jobs

    If you’re a criminal theres 3 ways to get money: Regular jobs (trucket, money truck and Fedex). Keep in mind that if you commit a crime your truck and driver licenses will be take away for some days, so you just have 2 jobs, cuz you will never be able to apply for a legal job whit crimes on your record. Selling drugs and illegal weapon. Most of the people that use illegal guns have their own turf or friends whit turf, so its almost impossible to sell big guns on a regular base. Whit drugs the story is another; we have like 8 type of drugs, so most of the time the costumer ask for something you don’t have, you have to go order 10 of this, sell 1 to him and keep the other 9 till you find someone that whana buy that. On top, people don’t whana pay even the cost !, and I don’t blame people for this, I blame the difficulty on getting money that make people stingy about spending it. Make a legal alt. I personally HATE alts on a RP server( lest be honest, most of the pople use them like and extension of their main and use it to found his criminal Activiti) cuz they end up been just a bank, the guy that work and send all his money to his sugar daddy (the main character). We need new and real criminal ways to get money !!! that will occupied our time in other than police chases and shootouts, +1 to this idea.
  13. Shalami

    Armor Vest

    This is what we need: let gun stores sell body armors and shotguns, to buy them you most have a high end military gear licenses that will cost 20k (double the pistols licenses), all other weapons can be obtain true illegal weapon dealers (criminals). If police see someone whit armor they can request licenses and if they don’t have it jail time or make a run time, that way criminals and civilians will be force to not use them at all time, just in the times of need, or risk going to jail. I will also like to see back the old feature that made your big guns show on your back when you have it.
  14. Shalami

    New Government Faction

    I think someone is already working on this, I have attendee to some party's at Bahamas.
  15. Shalami

    Discord ban apple

    you cant remember cuz it was more than 3 months ago i think. by not insulting people in a ooc way (even do i didint say it to insult).