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  1. In Game Name : Carter "Shadow" Shalami Experience Points :126,400 Age : 32 Maturity: 8 Activity : like 4-5 h per day .
  2. Something is need to be done about housing, right now all the cheap houses are owned by people that already leave the city and some of them are not coming back, that give new players low chance to get a house (most of them cost from 90 to 200k).
  3. He point guns at me and my guys, and didn’t leave when was ask to. On my first days on the city I got kill just like this, I made a report and admins say the guy was in his right to kill me so I didn’t call the police, so idk man, rules on this server are really confusing sometimes.
  4. wow but that video is from more than 3 days hahaha wow. And yes, we kill him becasue he saw us poiting guns at the police and he poijnt a gun at us.
  5. yes, he saw us poinint guns at the police.
  6. And I just whant to make you understand that we kill you because you saw us pointg guns at the police and thret us whit guns to, you have your chance to leave (like the police did) and you didn’t, so don’t blame it on failrp, we ha ve all the ig reason to kill you, I have 2 investigators building a case agains me, cant risk it.
  7. so your telling me that server restard delete your memory ? my friend, that RP did happen, and i got pul over by that same cop later that night, so stop it man,. like i say, i got kill for the same and admin say he have reason to kill me,. i can find you the post if you whant.
  8. Memory works a lil bit to funny on this server; police can go after you because they saw videos that dead people show them, in other servers that’s metagaming, but on this server that’s “detectives work”, so since im a criminal looking for the FBI, I cant leave lost ends my friend. If police whant to RP like real police and having a department of investigations whit undercober polices and trying to infiltrade rats on our familys, how can we let go someone that just hear my name and saw my guys point guns at police ?. so, since memory work that way here, i think that you seen us pointing guns at the police, is a ig reason to kill you , i got kill for that one time and my report got denay, ballinature was the admin, you can check it on the forum.
  9. Well, you should have done the same (leave the area), because by staying you give us ig reason to kill you, since you see us all whit guns, and saw my friends arriving. We have houses arownd that area, it wont take my guys more than 2m to get there, they where just In the corner when server crash. There is no reason for us to let you leave if you just pull a gun on one of my friends and I told you “this is not your fight, leave before you regret it”, you didn’t and now you come cryng to the forums ? cmon man, im (carter) a man of my work. Sorry man but like i told you ig, this is nothing personal, its just RP, next time stay neutral and don’t try to help the police in a alleyway, you never know what’s behind that wall..
  10. All this star like 3hbefore that, I god pull over in house because a police “got info from me that a farmer that I mug and didn’t kill give him” so, since you arrive to the scene and try to kill my friend (that was pointing a shotgun to a police, that say that he didn’t see the shotgun but hide behind a wal to cover from it) so when the police saw he was out number he left and you where left alone. My frinds kill you because I have yo much heat on me, police have like 3h after me, noting personal, but we cold not let this info get to PD, they will come for me again !!!.
  11. Haha we are not even close, but working our way there. it was just and example , and you know i have a lil bit of the reason.
  12. You call realisim just when it fits you man, you go try to frisk 3 MARA SALVATRUCHA And lest see what happen.
  13. The big gun was not for you, i was working when you arrive. And now that you say that; you pull a shotgun on us when we where unarm, so in that situation its ok to use it ? Agains 2 unarm (you didint see our wepons) civilians ?. No matter what i try, that history will have end whit me in jail and lossong my AR, so i did good by runing.
  14. And you wil never see one, not when your standard of good RP is that 4 criminals whit big guns let a 1 police whit pistol come and frisk them all THAT’S THE FAIL RP.