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  1. [APPEAL] Carter Shalami

    i havent insult you, i just say the true, you hack in to people acout, thats a fact, its funny that im gting ban from the game for saying someting out of the game to a people like you.
  2. [APPEAL] Carter Shalami

    no, /b ingme its OOC, discord its metagaming, its someting out of the game, it have noting to do whit in game, actualy, ig we cold and will have conversations, cuz this is diferente than ig. as long as i dont insult you ig, there is no reason for do noting, i realy dont even get how you can be back if you hack in to peoples acounts.
  3. [APPEAL] Carter Shalami

    Again, noting to do whit the server, discord is not part of GT MP.
  4. [APPEAL] Carter Shalami

    I just whant to remark that you are baning me for something that happen outside the eclipse network, and on the days i play the most. and lest get all the situation clear out here, i lost 3 shotguns, so i report i on fórum and admin contact me and give me my shotrguns back, by mistak he give me a diferent kind of shotguns, but what shold i know ¿? I mean its not my fault, and its not like I was hiding them I have use them I have video of me killing polceces whit one of them, so it was not like a secret that I have that shot5gun, even do admin tell me to give it back but don’t replace the ones I lost as a punishtme, like WTF, punishment for what if all I did was take what the admind give to me ???.
  5. [APPEAL] Carter Shalami

    the name of the server Candy Army or someting like that and i didint threat his life. about the sucking dick, i realy didint say it as and insult, and i realy was trying to say that im not that hot head anymore, i dont find that a reason to ban me from discord, even do i take it back. i say "old carter will have tell you to suck his dick, but not me" cuz im chill now.
  6. [APPEAL] Carter Shalami

    Account name: Shalami Character name: Carter Navaja Reason of Punishment: OOC insult ? Administrator: Chief Pupui Why should this appeal be accepted? So, I tel Ray to kill himself yes, but I didn’t over another server, noting to do whit eclipse, you can check it, it’s a discord server that it is use for other games to, so I didn’t do it over eclipse, I don’t see why shold I get punniush on eclipse. After that I say suck my dick and I got ban from discord, I mean, I didn’t tell him to suck my dick, I tell him that old carter will have say thatr becaue of the ban, but new carter wont, then he say suck my dick is and insult, and I tell him that ints not, that my gf do it every time, in fact, she loves to, so how can that be and insult ??, and he ban me from discord. First part: even do I admind I shot not tell people to kill themselves (its not that of a big issue in my contry, trus me, maybe we got lost in translation) but I did it out side eclipse, why shold I get punish on eclipse ? Segund part: I didn’t say it as and insult, I don’t know why you take it like that but I take it back.
  7. Report - Carter Shalami

    what the fuck are you reporting ? someting i say you you over your discord server ? grow up.
  8. sing a song ? whit your mic, log in ? theres is a post that tells you how or you can ask here:
  9. that didn't just end there, police stay around the store the next days to check that there was no illegal gun selling, it also lead in to a raid in to Mason house, that was some COOL rp that we have in the server back then, and we can get it back. ____________________ It is so hard to do that ? honestly I will like some admin, developer or owner to answer; is so hard to make ranks system in the gunstore so you can have 3 ranks, one that can do noting, one that can restock from the money of the gunstore (but not take it out) and one that work just like the only rank we have now do, is that so hard to do ? cuz some of the gunstore onwers are asking for that in this post !!!, and making that it will only help the server grow, and the population we have to stay and have fun !!!!!!. To begin, the development team shold introduce the ranks in the gunstore administration system, so you can hire workers. I can pay whit my money the first days till we can prove that making gunstores a real work is the way to go, like somether guy say in his economy post, right now we are not using all we have the correct way, we can
  10. that use to happen. i remember back in the days when i join the server Savage nation was dealing some ilegal guns, police find oout and close the store for like 2 irl days.
  11. Guns R' Us new deals !!!!!!!

    Now introduccin new prices and DELIVERY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come to Guns R’ Us, the Gunstore where costumer matters PISTOL: 700 Sns Pistol: 800 Combat Pistol: 1000 Heavy Pistol: 1400 .50 Pistol: 1800 The real cheapest prices in the city !!! If you whan your gun but don’t have the time, just call 2509411 and we go DELIVERY to you for and extra fee. And remember our regular costumer deals, for that you can fin us in live invader at:
  12. and only when they are inside the store.
  13. my first days on the server i use to sell cars in heavy flow, and cloth at the binco store in the canals, the RP its good and is how i get in to the crime life, one day i was seling cloth at my store and some ganster came in, o saw there cloth and since that day all i whan it to be it was a ganster !!. i hope admins make this happe. PS: the salary its just and option.
  14. You are the salami I use in my bread for breakfast :)