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    [Apeal] :Tree: Bot

    @2girls1pig Ma brada, da only wey is out of da server or not be da True Savage
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    [Apeal] :Tree: Bot

    Account name: 3Bot Character name: Does not matter Reason of Punishment: Apparently I knew who was DOSing the server Administrator: The one and only @NobodyLTU Why should this appeal be accepted? It should not lol, just saying good bye to people, because dat is da only wey. Here is the story incase you wondered: I am in a discord server which I got in through a member of ECRP. That discord has nothing to do with ECRP but has some ECRP members in it (most who are perma already). Someone out of all the ppl there makes a new discord account from time to time to announce that he will do shit. Not only shit to do with ECRP, mostly shit outside this community as the world does not revolve around this server lol. Anyways, I knew that someone was DDOSing the server as a new newbie account stated that there etc. People in savage voice chat were wondering why the server was down, so I told them this guy is DDOSing it. I don’t know who that guy is and I really don’t care either lol. I don’t know the guy but most ppl there did not play in ages, so I assume is an inactive player. When asked why people are DDOSing the server, I said I didn’t know but heard something that in the past, people were doing it to get out of jail. Anyways then Tim messages Nobody to tell him that I know who is doing it because he misunderstood what I said. Nobody then thinks I am in direct PMs with the guy and that apparently he is doing this to get out of jail. I say idk who is DDOSing as it is in a discord server, not in PMs. Nobody wants a screen of that discord and I reuse as that discord has little to do with ECRP and the rule is “No Screens, No Leak”, and I commit to that as this expands beyond this tiny Gta Server. Then I get banned. Then I talk to Tim and he realises he told Nobody a bunch of stuff that were not true (I was going to include conversations and other shit in this post, but for the respect of those involved, I will not). So then he PMs them back to say he was wrong, and they reply with “no you were right” XD. The savages have been witchhunted since the start, and it’s no wonder that obtaining the highest rank (True Savage), gets you Perma. First it was Mason, then Zaki cause apparently he “bullied” Chloe. And even after it was proven he didn’t do shit, admins did not unban him cause he is a “retard” (Best admin work lol) Then came Le_Chan cause he “leaked” Julya’s nudes, even tho they were public on the internet this whole time. Then came Ruslan, but they will justify that somehow. Then Quan, then Ray (he was not a savage but Ballin hated him), and finally, me. The next one on the list is Tim, and we all know it lol. I mean let’s take a look at the famous list. Other than the people who were banned, me and Tim also made it on the list despite never actually using Hacks. And why? Probs they were trying to get all the True Savages and people they hated to admit to some shit so they can ban them. They said they knew Quan was hacking, but that ain’t true. Quan gave himself in because his cousin, Coke Swiss, snitched on him. How did they find Coke? Cause he kept TPing around like an idiot lol. Ok, so you might say that we all got on the list because we did something, not because we were all “True Savages”. Yea, I mean some people were a bit suspicious, but bitch please, I know ppl who still use hacks today and who never got on that list XD. People who actually modify their game to their advantage, something that me and Tim never did. Despite that, they said that what me and Tim were “doing”, brought suspicion up lmao. The truth is, they had nothing on us and just wanted to ban Savages. This is again an example of BallinRP, acting tough and saying they got proof, when in reality they got none. I mean think about it, it only took one guy to PM Nobody that I might have something to do with the server DDOS, and then poof, ban. That is how desperate those ppl are. The truth is they used Tim as a reason to bn another “True Savage”. Probs Ballin said “Hey, this is a good opportunity to get rid of him, let’s do it lol”. Then Tim said “sorry I was wrong”, and BallinRP be like, “nope already banned, gtfo kid” XD I mean how many complaints did that guy get already? Oh wait but he is doing a good job as a head admin, answering refund requests after 1 month lol. If they would actually have something on me, I would have been banned long ago. Not to mention that the security of their Gov website is so low, that literally anyone can pull out internal files. (I was going to include a link of all the gov files I pulled, but then again, I ain’t an asshole so I won’t post it here) Even tho I have nothing to lose, I will still go and truthfully say I never did hack on the server. But a lot of people still do.These are the hacks they say they can detect, but they actually can’t do shit. How do I know? So many people are using them and got away, you just don’t have to be a dumbass (Again I was going to post a full download link to them and how to use them without getting caught, but I ain’t trying to cause shit on the forums, this can all be done private) The devs and admins know about this already, but they lie to you and tell you that this shit is detectable. I personally did not use any of these as I only played this server for RP and did not mind going to jail, just saying that it is possible to use and not get caught. How do I know that? There are ppl who use this rn on the server and are still not banned, despite doing it frequently. I mean how do you guys think Ruslan got away with hacking for so long, and he was never caught too XD, he admitted it himself ;) If you got this far, it means that the final decision was taken and I will not be unbanned. I know that Nobody and Ballin wanted to see pictures of that Discord server I was in, and I refused at the time. But I realised that if I really want to get unbanned, I need to work together with the Devs and Admins. I will not snitch on anyone, but the video below contains all the info you need to know on that chat. That is the only way probs Btw Ballin, please don't even bother replying to this as I know you will just get salty and say some shit like "You are the worst RPer, we already knew it was you, you will be perma forever, balablabla" lol One last thing before I leave, but this is just for the lols. Here is my admin record. After I got banned, I did talk to a few people and they said that depending what I will say, I will get unbanned from the server. I thought about it and talked to my mentor. He told me "Brother, did is not da wey. The best step you take is a step backwards. Leave da community, they ban you again for bullshit reason" As Julya once said, “I will slit my wrists if you ban me”. So plz unban me or... It was nice playing with you all. If you are a True Savage or Tim, hide yo kids and hide yo wives, cause they banning everyone in here. Noodle man out ;)
  3. 3Bot

    Mike Onfroy and Jens Winckler | FailRP

    Hello this is Jens, I personally agree with what Mike already wrote so I will start off by personally saying sorry for that. A lot of things have been mentioned in this report so let me explain them form my side. A lot of stuff were going on in the bayview garage at the moment and it was kind of a place where everyone was having fun and ppl were messing around a lot. Someone got injured which was not a surprise and cops were even confused of what was happening. As we were waiting for a medic to come, someone in the discord voice chat with me said something along the lines of "I think hitting the radio doesn't kill you anymore, I just punched it and nothing happened". Since we were waiting for a medic and the scene was anyways pretty messy, I tried to punch the radio, and as I expected, I died. Even if I was a mechanic in the past, I did not punch the radio in ages as I knew what would happen if you did punch it. Since so much time passed since I last tried this, it was not hard to convince me that it could have been patched, hence why I said that. I can also remember that as a mechanic, people kept telling other people to punch the radio and no one was getting reported, I don't know why this is getting reported now. I would love to show my own perspective of this but this is another example of a "surprise report". I do not know why the person reporting did not bother sending a PM or just telling me on discord "Hey I will report you for this, save the last X minutes from your perspective". I mean my apologies if you already said that in /b, but I was crashing a lot at the time, and I asked those who were there and all of them said that nothing was said in /b. I mean it surprised me that a support member would not message the people he is reporting and ask them to save a video of their perspective (He also knows my discord). As mentioned before, I am sorry for this happening but again, I don't know why this is something so concerning that it has to be reported. An admin was there at the time (invisible footsteps) and was fully aware of what happened, but not even verbal warnings were issued so idk why this is on the forums now. This is another example of "if we were all being watched 24/7, we would be all banned by now". If the admin thinks it's so necessary to give us a FailRP warning, that will be his decision and we will have to go with it, but this is really putting in question the Light/Medium rp on this server. Pending an admin
  4. Account name: 3Bot Character name: Megan_Smith / Susan_Smith Reason of Punishment: PG, MG, Non-RP behaviour Administrator: Badger, InvalidSun Why should this appeal be accepted? Powergaming The Warning was issued by Badger when I was still new to the whole mechanic thing. It was at the time where people did not really RP flatbeds and at Biggs, no one even told me about it. One day I encountered Henrique who at the time worked at LSC, and I towed the car of Alissa. He made a big fuss about it cause I did not use /me and wanted to make a forum report. Badger stepped in as he was the owner of LSC and knew what Henrique was talking about and told him to wait so he can explain me. Badger wanted to avoid forum conflict, which if you know my story, Henrique reported me on the forums 100 times already in an attempt to cause more drama, even tho all his previous reports on me where denied, expect this one. Here are the logs of me and Badger talking. Notice how he was trying to resolve it, but as soon as Henrique made a forum post, he had to take it. Well technically he did not have to take it but Henrique begged him so much to. Since it was really long time ago and it was such a small thing, I feel like it should be removed. Also, I have been a mechanic for a long time after that report, and learned from there. I was always RPing Tows and using /me and /do. Metagaming I was helping someone with a forum report by submitting my video evidence, when InvalidSun came to the conclusion that I Metagamed to get Jeff's name. In the video I put on the report, you can see that at the beginning I did /id Jeff_Z . If that would have not happened, the whole event would have not taken place. I have no proof to defend myself on that one. It was one of those moments when you are sure that the player in front of you is who you think he is, but just want to double check it using the /id feature. That would be indeed considered as metagaming. I have learned from that report and was never punished again for Metagaming. The warning was for a pretty small MG offense, therefore it's why I am also appealing it. Non-RP behaviour That took place at the singing contest between the PD and MD. The reason for the Non-RP kick was because I committed a crime in a NCZ. To my defence, there were other admins there too which had no idea that the event was a NCZ, and also a reminder that the event is a NCZ was done after I got punished. I was punished for stealing a medic helicopter that was left unlocked. It would be a non rp behaviour at first glance, but no one even investigated it. Here is a picture below. The event was going on where the red line is drawn. That is where all the officers and medics where placed at. I stole the heli from the blue zone which had no one in it. A medic by the name of Maverick was nearby and saw me and others take off in it. He said it over support chat and from there I assume that Invalid thought the heli was stolen from somewhere near the stage. Instead of asking over ooc chat if I was aware that the event is a NCZ, or even investigate where the heli was taken from, I was just kicked for non-rp. So far those 3 are the only active punishments on my record. I know that warnings are just sticky notes and should not be taken too seriously, but I feel like some time passed to show that I learned from the mistakes I did. Thank you for reading
  5. 3Bot


    I don't thinks it's a problem of the fine, but more the time lol. It it was just the money it would be fine but I don't see the use of leaving a PC idle for 2 hours when you can have an option to wait 24 hours. I mean you could argue not to do crime, but that would be telling half the server pop not to do crime. How can it harm the community in any way if players are given the option to have long offline jail times?
  6. 3Bot


    What if there was an option for the max prison time to be 24 hours of you are offline or 2 hours if you stay online. 2 hour offline prison time would be too short but it's also annoying to leave your PC idle for 2 hours, as there are frequent timeouts which you might not be aware of. So yea there should be an option to chose how you want to spend your prison time
  7. 3Bot

    Stefanie Huth - FearRP

    Let's just say that in a situation where someone aims a shotgun at you and asks you to put your hands up, you comply. I don't know what SWAT tactics you know, but I can tell you already that when you got a shotgun to your face, the best tactic is to freeze and comply with the demands of the person. I mean shotguns are really deadly from far distances too, even at 40m they are really deadly. It takes 2 sec just to google and find out how deadly they are, but here, I googled it for you.
  8. 3Bot

    Stefanie Huth - FearRP

    Fear RP is a rule. People value their live and obviously she didn't in this situation.
  9. 3Bot

    Stefanie Huth - FearRP

    I know I am not involved in this exact situation, but the reason I am replying is cause I was one of the people who was behind this (I was planning it with Randy and the other guy) Anyways I just wanted to add that this person is known for handling gunpoint situations badly so it is no surprise that she did that. Here are some videos if you don't know what I am talking about. (These vids are more than 3 weeks old so I don't expect that she will get warnings or anything. They are just there to show how this person normally reacts to situations where her character would die) https://plays.tv/video/5a0d7bd69d8fe6a345/kid-combat-logs https://plays.tv/video/5a0d7c74e59f723818/kid-combat-logs-again
  10. Lmao kid "I reported you several times cause you broke the server rules". Well funny how all the times I got reported by you, they were denied. You begged badger to answer the one report that got somehow accepted after a long discussion, and even he told you not to post it on the forums, as he talked to me ingame and wanted to avoid drama. This issue was solved with Pazz waaaaaaaaaaaay before you reported it. I also don't believe other officers would have asked you to report me, cause only you are the type of salty kid to bring up videos from months ago. Keep causing drama if you want lmao, if reporting me makes you sleep better at night and gives you mental or physical pleasure, then go for it, enjoy yourself lmao EDIT: This report is pretty useless tbh because I still ended up where I was originally going, which is jail. I didn't use this to my advantage really, just added more stuff for the PD to do. This whole shit started cause I wanted to give the PD a long and challenging chase. I guess it was fun for you guys to work together and chase me for like 30 min. Even when I went in the water, I got out like 2 times and made sure the heli would see me for rp to continue. It was rewarding for PD to catch me and yes I admit I didn't see the /me of Alex. As I said a bunch of times the situation was over and if Pazz really wanted, he could have slapped a PG warning then. The situation is over and should not be on the forums. I tried to give the PD something more interesting to do and get them to pull out the fast cars, heli, etc. If doing this leads to the forums cause of one guy trying to cause drama, I will just do this shit 100% on GTA Online (I already do 80% of chases there cause right now in eclipse if you do anything other than farm money, you get in trouble). The whole intention was to have fun, if fun for you or the PD is pulling truckers all day or patrolling in a city with 20 ppl, then fair enough lol.
  11. 811 situation was more then 3 weeks ago, also that 811 has been on Susan for like 2 weeks now and Megan does not use it. Please don't pull up shit from long ago cause I delete old vids. Also, Barrett did not feel the need to report that so idk why you are reporting it for him. Situation at MD was solved OOCly shortly after the event took place. Admin Pazz was there and saw it all so no need to report it here. Pending Admin (Just going to add from personal POV, this kid tried to report me like 4000 times already I think lmao, I also got admins TPing to me from time to time to ask me what happened cause he claims I "VDM" him or some shit like that. Idk what he is trying to achieve with reports or shit, maybe he wants to make my admin record look bad or some shit lmao. All of his reports except one have been denied, and that one PG report was cause he begged Badger to answer it. I mean you can read it for yourself. Anyways as mentioned before he likes to take it to the forums, despite an admin (Pazz) being there the whole time and despite the situation being solved. Stop creating drama please) Also, since you love bringing up old reports, what is this for a failrp? You get thrown out the windshield and you are downed, then you spam Panic Alarm? Like one is enough man, you don't have to spam it out of rage or something like that, which brings me to my last point, you always report cause you get salty ingame and want to get back at someone oocly through the forums. Don't believe me? Please check the ninjajack report he made on me. EDIT: I checked the logs, the 811 report is from 1st of November
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