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  1. Stefanie Huth - FearRP

    Let's just say that in a situation where someone aims a shotgun at you and asks you to put your hands up, you comply. I don't know what SWAT tactics you know, but I can tell you already that when you got a shotgun to your face, the best tactic is to freeze and comply with the demands of the person. I mean shotguns are really deadly from far distances too, even at 40m they are really deadly. It takes 2 sec just to google and find out how deadly they are, but here, I googled it for you.
  2. Stefanie Huth - FearRP

    Fear RP is a rule. People value their live and obviously she didn't in this situation.
  3. Stefanie Huth - FearRP

    I know I am not involved in this exact situation, but the reason I am replying is cause I was one of the people who was behind this (I was planning it with Randy and the other guy) Anyways I just wanted to add that this person is known for handling gunpoint situations badly so it is no surprise that she did that. Here are some videos if you don't know what I am talking about. (These vids are more than 3 weeks old so I don't expect that she will get warnings or anything. They are just there to show how this person normally reacts to situations where her character would die) https://plays.tv/video/5a0d7bd69d8fe6a345/kid-combat-logs https://plays.tv/video/5a0d7c74e59f723818/kid-combat-logs-again
  4. Lmao kid "I reported you several times cause you broke the server rules". Well funny how all the times I got reported by you, they were denied. You begged badger to answer the one report that got somehow accepted after a long discussion, and even he told you not to post it on the forums, as he talked to me ingame and wanted to avoid drama. This issue was solved with Pazz waaaaaaaaaaaay before you reported it. I also don't believe other officers would have asked you to report me, cause only you are the type of salty kid to bring up videos from months ago. Keep causing drama if you want lmao, if reporting me makes you sleep better at night and gives you mental or physical pleasure, then go for it, enjoy yourself lmao EDIT: This report is pretty useless tbh because I still ended up where I was originally going, which is jail. I didn't use this to my advantage really, just added more stuff for the PD to do. This whole shit started cause I wanted to give the PD a long and challenging chase. I guess it was fun for you guys to work together and chase me for like 30 min. Even when I went in the water, I got out like 2 times and made sure the heli would see me for rp to continue. It was rewarding for PD to catch me and yes I admit I didn't see the /me of Alex. As I said a bunch of times the situation was over and if Pazz really wanted, he could have slapped a PG warning then. The situation is over and should not be on the forums. I tried to give the PD something more interesting to do and get them to pull out the fast cars, heli, etc. If doing this leads to the forums cause of one guy trying to cause drama, I will just do this shit 100% on GTA Online (I already do 80% of chases there cause right now in eclipse if you do anything other than farm money, you get in trouble). The whole intention was to have fun, if fun for you or the PD is pulling truckers all day or patrolling in a city with 20 ppl, then fair enough lol.
  5. 811 situation was more then 3 weeks ago, also that 811 has been on Susan for like 2 weeks now and Megan does not use it. Please don't pull up shit from long ago cause I delete old vids. Also, Barrett did not feel the need to report that so idk why you are reporting it for him. Situation at MD was solved OOCly shortly after the event took place. Admin Pazz was there and saw it all so no need to report it here. Pending Admin (Just going to add from personal POV, this kid tried to report me like 4000 times already I think lmao, I also got admins TPing to me from time to time to ask me what happened cause he claims I "VDM" him or some shit like that. Idk what he is trying to achieve with reports or shit, maybe he wants to make my admin record look bad or some shit lmao. All of his reports except one have been denied, and that one PG report was cause he begged Badger to answer it. I mean you can read it for yourself. Anyways as mentioned before he likes to take it to the forums, despite an admin (Pazz) being there the whole time and despite the situation being solved. Stop creating drama please) Also, since you love bringing up old reports, what is this for a failrp? You get thrown out the windshield and you are downed, then you spam Panic Alarm? Like one is enough man, you don't have to spam it out of rage or something like that, which brings me to my last point, you always report cause you get salty ingame and want to get back at someone oocly through the forums. Don't believe me? Please check the ninjajack report he made on me. EDIT: I checked the logs, the 811 report is from 1st of November
  6. Desync Arrest

    Me and Batman got away and so no one would have went to jail. Please refund the man.
  7. cathedral jackson vdm/rdm attempt

    Lol I am done replying on here, there is enough stuff here for admins to look at. I'd say we just chill and wait for an admin to come and solve the report
  8. cathedral jackson vdm/rdm attempt

    Guys stop typing here, the video will be up. Also Jeff, they never KOS you until they RPly found out who you were The video is low quality for now cause it is still processing
  9. cathedral jackson vdm/rdm attempt

    I'll just upload the video so this whole shit start. Like Jesus Christ grow up and accept you have been shot. The only reason I am even replying here is cause I feel bad for Jackson having to deal with this shit. Like the report is complete BS lol
  10. cathedral jackson vdm/rdm attempt

    Also, you died...... as in just shot by a micro smg, how did u call the medics?
  11. cathedral jackson vdm/rdm attempt

    Just saying, I was there during the whole time as the mechanic. The man who ran over Jeff came up to me earlier and asked me for his name. I gave it to him via a whisper and he said thank you. They instantly went after him. Also, on the way out, Jeff hit the red dominator of Jackson. Anyways 1 min later, Jeff comes to me and asks me if he can shoot the man on the lot, and to his surprise, he gets ran over. Then they start shooting at each other, even tho Jeff was on the ground and Jackson had a Micro SMG at his head. I got the whole thing on video if needed, but just saying this report is useless, just another salty ooc event.