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  1. This is the Character Story of Megan and Susan Smith. Megan and Susan grew up together in grove street. Megan is 27 and Susan is 25. Their father was a long serving member of the LSPD, until he died on duty in a gang shootout. Their mother died of a heart attack when Megan was 18. The relationship was always a complicated one. They never liked nor hated each other. It was their different characters which separated them. The simple fact is, Megan was always kind of jealous of her sister, but she never wanted to show it. Megan Smith: Age: 27 Gender: Female Ethnicity: White Favourite Vehicles: Super cars, Sport bikes, Certain weird vehicles (lol) Believe it or not, Megan used to be somehow of a normal person at the start. She grew up in grove street meaning that she was used to the hood life. Two years later, Susan came along and fucked everything up. As time passed, Susan would always get more attention than Megan, due to the fact that she would purposely mess things up in order for all eyes to be on her. Megan was always pushed to the side, as her parents would tell her that they need to take care of her sister. Megan would always have the responsibility of her sister and would always get blamed for the stupid shit she did. At the age of 14, Megan gave up on her 12 year old sister after she purposely broke some antique plates to blame on Megan. It was at this time that Megan started to hate Susan. Megan never really had a relationship with her family. Her mother was sick most of the time and her father never had time to talk. In order to get closer to her father, Megan used to show interest in police work and admire what her father did. That did get her closer and closer to her father. All she wanted to hear from him was "I'm proud of you Megan", however that never happened. Megan believed that becoming an officer was the way to truly bond with her father, but that did not last long as her father died on duty. Megan was 18 at that time, and had just finished high school. Unable to process the fact that her father was gone, she continued studying law and still going for her goal. She believed that becoming an officer would make her feel better, that she would be able to continue her father's duties. And so she finally made it, became an officer of the LSPD. Whilst Megan did have fun as an officer, she quickly realised that the power she was having could be used for her advantage. She started making deals, hanging out with the wrong people and turning a blind eye where she saw an advantage. All worked out well for her till she stepped into the first problem. Megan was not even close to being a high ranked officer, and if she would ever be caught, it would all be over. Despite that, all the shit she has done was never saw. Until one day she was busted talking to a savage member, thankfully however it was jus passed off as suspension. A really short suspension as she was quickly discharged for voicing her true "opinions" on her higher ranking officers (lmao). Soon after that event, Megan applied and joined Biggs (Bayview). She had continued what she has started on the streets, but also worked as a mechanic during the day. When she was off duty, she would do criminal activities. Not caring too much about life anymore, she had nothing to lose. She started not to care about her job at Biggs, frequently not following orders from superiors and not even doing her Mechanic duties. Despite that, she was making some friends, until one day a close friend became more than a "friend". Megan found love for the second time of her life. The first time was with a man, which she did not enjoy that much, hence why she turned Lesbo. She found that she had more feelings for the same gender, and shortly after proposing to Bella with a bullet (yes that happened), they got married. The marriage was more of a stereotypical southern marriage, on the beach with Andy McGallen as the priest and a lot of white people with guns. The wedding gift that Megan gave to Bella was an Ar-10. After the wedding, Megan realised that she had something in common with the individuals attending her wedding. For the first time in years she felt like she was standing among superior people, the belief for white power grew stronger and stronger in her. She had a higher intolerance for coloured races and other cultures, and started blaming them on the bad events that happened in her life. Megan was eventually fired from Bayview for not following orders and doing her criminal activities on duty. At this point Megan had nothing to lose and decided to take her own life, till her wife stopped her from doing it. Megan has gotten a bit better over the time, however she is still mentally unstable, similar to her wife. What Megan does now is unknown, but she can still be seen doing retarded shit on a daily basis. Susan Smith: Age: 25 Gender: Female Ethnicity: White Favourite Vehicles: Low-riders, Sport Classic Susan Smith is the innocent angel, or at least you think that. Two years younger than Megan, she has a more "normal" personality. Growing up in Grove, she used to hang out a lot with Family members. Whilst she is used to the gun culture of the ghetto, she has never shot a gun. Compared to Megan, Susan used to get a lot more "lucky" in high school (aka she is a whore), dating a lot of Family members from around the area and others. Her father never liked that too much but she never listened to him. Susan is indirectly a Family member. Having grown up around them a lot, she proudly displays the green colour everywhere she goes. What inspired her to get a career into the medical department is due to the fact that a lot of gun homicides were taking place around the area she lives in. Having a lot of close friends getting shot, Susan decided that is she cannot handle a gun, might as well be able to assist her "Family" in another way. I mean who knows, maybe if she learned how to pull a trigger she would not be a medic now. At the age of 16, after her father's death, Susan left to Liberty City to finish her high school and continue with her medical studies. She started off a nurse, and slowly progressed to become an ambulance driver, and finally a certified Medic. After all those years in LC, she decided to return back to her home city, Los Santos_Mota (jk). She did not get a very pleasing welcoming into the city however. Soon after Megan found out that she returned into the city, Susan was left with a permanent back burn and an internal scar around the nose area, made by a certain James Eriksen (Damn you James). Despite that and all the other challenges, she managed to get herself into the Medical Department, which she currently works at.
  2. Fake Licenses

  3. Your player name: Susan Smith Player you are reporting: Jeff Zed Rule broken: NCZ, Ninja jack, Fail RP Explanation of events/why you are reporting: PD wanted to arrest Jeff Zed but forgot to cuff him. Placed him in the hospital and he got out to car jack me. Please note how he typed in ooc chat that he will steal my ambulance. Personally, don't care much about this guy but @Kapclo wanted to report this guy. I'll let him handle the rest. Time and date: Earlier today Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/gRFzx
  4. Well as a criminal I got to say... with all the recent shit going on, the cops have a reason to think that everyone will get shot. Me and the 2 other medics were standing back taking cover, as we also thought shit was going to go down. You are in a potential gang territory with a lot of ppl around you, so the officer was scared. Also, this is America XD. Argue with cops there and you will be jailed for failure to comply. If you got nothing to be scared of then let the officer do his work and report it later (Oh wait nothing will happen if you report). I'm on the same page as the cop, I mean he just followed procedures. But yea what you said before was right, you either follow everything what the cop tells you or you kill him, it sucks that there is nothing in-between.
  5. I was the medic at the scene. Another medic by the name of Leo Faye made a /em as someone went over to them and started shooting at them. You can see that in the video of Adriana. The cops came and I told the officer someone shot at the Medic. The officer asked to search you as you were on scene and you started to resist. idk why you took this ooc tbh
  6. [REMOVE] Auto fines.

    Yea I completely agree with this. The server is not big enough to add 10 hour jail times. The jail is big, but not enough cops are there to RP activities, so it is basically the same thing. If you tell me I got to wait 10 hours IG then its kind of dumb. 10 hours of gameplay is a lot, like you can do so much shit in 10 hours, especially on a game. To give a perspective, I can finish certain games in under 10 hours including the whole gta 5 campaign (the basic missions). Some ppl finish the whole game 100% in 11 hours. So you are telling us we got to spend the duration of a whole game in jail.... doing nothing. At least give us a way to AFK there. +1 @Phil McGee
  7. Megan Smith Ninja Jack/Fail RP

    @Ethosyde I find the powergaming and failrp part kind of weird. You don't have to RP opening a car door when you hop in your vehicle do you? No...... There was clearly no door, and she was going to run away anyways. No point RPing with trolls. As for the powergaming, I stole back my own car and did not enforce anything on her. As I said before, this whole report is because someone is salty cause they lost. It happened to me 2 other times where someone got salty cause of IC stuff and reported me for minor shit. If we would all be watched 24/7, we would all be banned by now. I don't agree with all this reporting a player cause I hate him IC so let's go after him OOC. You are the admin here, so you will decide what goes on my OOC record. Personally, I am done talking here as there is no use really. I'm out
  8. [REMOVE] Auto fines.

    Whilst I agree that the autopay might be more realistic, it will make the whole game less fun. But for now why don't we just try it out and see how it works?
  9. [REMOVE] Auto fines.

    Well it doesn't cost to drive cars does it? No...... Also, weapons are sold, so some profit is made, but not enough to just waste 15k on fines. Why don't you try criminal life and then speak
  10. More Roleplay

  11. [REMOVE] Auto fines.

    Wallace.... do you even have a criminal character? Making money is already hard enough if you don't transfer money over from you alts (which you are not supposed to), so doing the fine thing will just decrease crime rate, and without criminals, cops will be useless...
  12. [REMOVE] Auto fines.

    Lmao is negative balance a thing? if it is, then it is BS...
  13. [REMOVE] Auto fines.

    So what if I got no money?
  14. [REMOVE] Auto fines.

    Yea I agree with that, give it a week. But Criminals don't have money to pay for fines, we save up for guns. For someone who kills cops, the least of his worries would be paying his fines. Also, what happens if we get a 15k fine lets say but we only have 8k? Do we go negative or only pay 8k?