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  1. Bank accounts

    But people can't transfer money through them
  2. Dubsta 6x6

    +1, the problem of FailRP is not in the car but in the players.
  3. Voice Phone

    Damn man, you just wrote my wish. Definitely +1
  4. Bank accounts

    Add bank accounts
  5. Prison/Jail

    People just waste their time there, it should be meant only to take the character off their life for a certain period of time not to make players bored.
  6. Prison/Jail

    But it's meanless, nobody RP's in prison or in jail. And it's not good to leave your PC for two hours turned on.
  7. Prison/Jail

    Make your sentence time go when you are off
  8. Hello. What's the thing with banning from the server? I get banned from the server from time to time and through some time I'm again not banned. 

  9. Ban reason

    Hello. I just got banned and I don't know for what and where I can find out for what.