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  1. Lil' pretty hell


    I've got two concepts regarding this faction. The first and the simplest one: lawyers can get prisoners out of prison for money despite their charges or jail time but higher the jail time higher the price. There is not much RP in this concept so I have also got another one. The second one is way more realistic and provides more RP opportunities for players. So, the faction will have different branches for different cases from tickets for speeding to murders and different lawyers will be in different branches. Since there are no courts on the server, every case will be dealt in the PD by RPin it with the police. Also, as an option, the faction will also provide with advice regarding laws, how to behave in different situations. Who will need this? Well, people who are new to the server or just don't know the laws or some small details about them.
  2. Lil' pretty hell

    Bank accounts

    But people can't transfer money through them
  3. Lil' pretty hell

    Dubsta 6x6

    +1, the problem of FailRP is not in the car but in the players.
  4. Lil' pretty hell

    Voice Phone

    Damn man, you just wrote my wish. Definitely +1
  5. Lil' pretty hell

    Bank accounts

    Add bank accounts
  6. Lil' pretty hell


    People just waste their time there, it should be meant only to take the character off their life for a certain period of time not to make players bored.
  7. Lil' pretty hell


    But it's meanless, nobody RP's in prison or in jail. And it's not good to leave your PC for two hours turned on.
  8. Lil' pretty hell


    Make your sentence time go when you are off
  9. Hello. What's the thing with banning from the server? I get banned from the server from time to time and through some time I'm again not banned. 

  10. Lil' pretty hell

    Ban reason

    Hello. I just got banned and I don't know for what and where I can find out for what.