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  1. M_T

    [Auction] Schafter V12, Rapid GT

    @Critcoz Congrats on the V12 @Pearson Sorry, you were a bit to late and a Word's a Word. @TH3BrutalApple Congrats on the Rapid GT. I will be able to fix the transactions of the vehicles tomorrow, just E-mail me ((Discord)) with time's you're avalible. Auction Closed
  2. M_T

    [Auction] Schafter V12, Rapid GT

    12 Hours untill the highest bider gets his/her car(s)
  3. M_T

    [Auction] Schafter V12, Rapid GT

    If there's no new Offer for the Rapid GT in about 3 hours it's all yours @ElizabethC
  4. Schafter V12 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rapid GT _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The cars are up for auction. Feel free to bid. If you have any questions please contact me at [email protected] ((Discord:Markuse#8269))
  5. M_T

    Credit Cars = No Chop

    -1 Chop shop was added for a reason, and credit cars should not be given special treatment.
  6. M_T

    Interactive Phone

  7. M_T

    Tie hands

  8. M_T

    Augury Car Club (PUBLIC EVENT)

    I guess I'll throw in another $15,000.
  9. M_T

    Selling Drugs

    People might want to play for example a crack addict there for they buy crack for all their money. Depends on the person and what type of RP they wish to take part in
  10. M_T

    New cars with supers being removed.

    +1 And here are a couple more cars: Deluxo (None flying version) Jester Classic Z-Type Ellie Comet SR
  11. Like Osborn said. +1
  12. M_T


    Hmmm, 470k for the Zentorno?