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  1. House in Vinewood hills for only 500k - or the best offer! Contact me! Phone: 2124168 Email: [email protected] ((Markuse#8269))
  2. Impound

    @nateX Huh, didn't know - and yeah that changes a lot actually. Well I will be damned.
  3. Maletti Crime Family

    Yeah looks dope, it's nice to see this much effort! Hopefuly I'll see some Malettis members driving around soon.
  4. Impound

    I'm going to keep this short - I think the LSPD should have a impound lot where they could take the cars they were in pursuits with and have a fine to get them out - this is a lot better then them just being left on the side of the road. Last time I got in a chase and got arrested my car was left at the side of the road, this led to it getting stolen and ending up somewhere in Paleto. So to cut this short get a impound lot to prevent such things from happening.
  5. IRL cars and custom buldings

    Well, most of the things in the server are player owned. The thing with custom interiors is a nice idea - but the thing is they tend to be hard to loadin or take a lot of time. Look at the Jail for example - but being able to decorate your house/appartment would be nice - with furniture would be nice; I know some servers in SA where you were able to do this - and for the "Real cars" you can use replace mods if you want a car to look a diffrent way but that's only client side. I do like the idea of more mechanics, but I think before that happens we need to get more mechanics working at Bayview specifically, LSC already has plenty of staff. This is just my experiance but when I'm online there tends to be atleast 3 LSC mechanics on but only 1 Bayview mechanic on. This might be because of my timezone I wouldn't know. But, I'd love to see buildings like Auto Exoitic used as a Roleplay mechanic shop.
  6. This thread turned toxic quickly. The issue here is that people are taking things other people say out of context. So let's just all calm down and have a nice polite debate.
  7. Stop the GTA Online events

    In my opinion it's way to easy to get into Eclipse RP. Whilst the "Whitelist" dosen't need to be as strict as servers like FiveRP it does need to be harder. Whilst the easy quiz does give us loads of people who are new to RP and willing to learn it also gives us trolls. And yes, these events do make this server seem like a Cops and Crocks sim. I'd prefer events that created a social gathering rather then constant gun duels.
  8. Removed

  9. [Suggestion] Stunt shouldn't be a fail rp

    Here are a few videos of cars made for offroad taking jumps. I'd say, you can do a stunt jump in anycar as long as you then RP the car's suspension being totally fucked, and the car being pretty much undrivable.
  10. [Suggestion] Stunt shouldn't be a fail rp

    Like @Dashingly said, nobody would ramp a 500,000 dollar lambo. If you do this jump with a ATV or a Dirtbike it's more reasonble.
  11. Criminal Martin

    I think you might have posted in the wrong subforum.