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  1. M_T

    "Hands up this is a rob" mentality...

    Here's the issue with letting CKing be a choice at all times, it destroys RP. I'll give you two scenarios, these scenarios will begin by showing how it is currently VS how I think it should be with the forced CK. Currently ➸ Besus_Shrist takes a large loan from a loan shark, Besus refuses to pay it back. Loan shark finds and kills Besus, Besus Respawns and acts like nothing happened. ➸ Uarack_Cobama has a shoot out with the police where he kills 12 cops. Urack gets 120 Months jail time (2 Hours OOCly) and then proceeds to be a free man. What it should be. ➸ Besus_Shrist takes a large loan from a loan shark, Besus refuses to pay it back. Loan shark finds Besus and excutes him, Besus gets CKed and faces the consequences for not paying the loan shark back the money he owed. ➸ Uarack_Cobama has a shoot out with the police where he kills 12 cops. Urack gets life time in prison or the Electric chair, he will never be a free man. This is once again just my opinion, but I do see it as a huge issue that actions never have any consequences on Eclipse, doesn't matter if you crashed your car you can just keep driving it without RPing a squat, oh you started trouble with a gang? Well you just get killed and then wait 5 minutes to respawn and avoid anyform of proper consequence. People who example pick to RP criminals need to be able to face the consequence of a forced CK due to their actions, it puts them on edge, something which makes the roleplay more true to real life. Criminals live on the edge. You don't need to share my views, but I do believe that forcing people to take consequences will make people weary of their decisions.
  2. M_T

    "Hands up this is a rob" mentality...

    @McCatalyst What I suggest is done about the deaths being a minor inconvenience to people is to implement a system where one party if they have a valid reason enough can force CK someone, this would also add chances for Loan Sharks, and proper beef where the other party doesn't just respawn. Imagine how immersive a gang war would be if the other gang is trying to execute the leader of your gang. I believe that a system like this would also prevent people from starting gang wars for stupid reasons that quite frankly, are dumb.
  3. M_T

    "Hands up this is a rob" mentality...

    I guess I'll throw in my opinion as well. I guess I'll throw in my opinion in as well.I left the server a good while ago because I felt like RP had gotten really bad to the point where doing /Me's was something a lot of players didn't even consider. I once again joined the server just to see what had became of it, and I am sad to say it has only gotten worse. It's hard to say who you should hold accountable for this, you can't blame the admins because they are not all seeing, you definitely can't blame the Developers. The Devs here on this server are nothing short of amazing, I don't enough people give them cred for that, but I am getting side tracked. I am not going to expect this server to have the same in level of Roleplay as different servers I am on like, SAMP Servers like LSRP. Now I am not going to mention any GTA V servers because I don't want to risk people seeing it as "Advertisement". Now, I'm going to highlight the issues I believe are creating this environment. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Issues ✯ There's nothing rewarding about being a civilian. ✯ The "Quiz" to get in is way to easy. ✯ People only RP for money's sake. ✯ Lack of /Me's and /Do's. ✯ Lack of none Government Roleplay Jobs. ✯ To many Scripted Jobs. ✯ People are not afraid to die. ✯ You don't risk little to nothing when dying. ✯ Not enough for petty criminals do. ✯ No Roleplay owned business. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I wish I could tell you everything that would fix these issues, but sadly I can't. I believe that the server as a whole is too focused on money. Players seem to believe that they'll only get good RP if they have stacks and stacks of money. One part of the issue is the player base itself, a lot of players are great, but when most of those players can't roleplay it creates an issue. The lack of Roleplay jobs you can do without writing out an Application are little to none and I think this also creates and issue, this is one of the things that has made this server into cops and robbers, it's either or and basically no in-between. Eclipse RP is turning into GTA V Online. I am aware I made some points that have been made previously in this thread.
  4. M_T

    [Auction] Schafter V12, Rapid GT

    @Critcoz Congrats on the V12 @Pearson Sorry, you were a bit to late and a Word's a Word. @TH3BrutalApple Congrats on the Rapid GT. I will be able to fix the transactions of the vehicles tomorrow, just E-mail me ((Discord)) with time's you're avalible. Auction Closed
  5. M_T

    [Auction] Schafter V12, Rapid GT

    12 Hours untill the highest bider gets his/her car(s)
  6. M_T

    [Auction] Schafter V12, Rapid GT

    If there's no new Offer for the Rapid GT in about 3 hours it's all yours @ElizabethC
  7. Schafter V12 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rapid GT _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The cars are up for auction. Feel free to bid. If you have any questions please contact me at [email protected] ((Discord:Markuse#8269))
  8. M_T

    Credit Cars = No Chop

    -1 Chop shop was added for a reason, and credit cars should not be given special treatment.
  9. M_T

    Interactive Phone

  10. M_T

    Tie hands

  11. M_T

    Augury Car Club (PUBLIC EVENT)

    I guess I'll throw in another $15,000.
  12. M_T

    Selling Drugs

    People might want to play for example a crack addict there for they buy crack for all their money. Depends on the person and what type of RP they wish to take part in