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  1. wait i robbed you twice? lmao i didn't recognize you. but i don't understand when you said that i didn't give you a chance to escape? why? am i supposed to give you a chance to escape? the video shows no rulebreaking since i never directly forced you to withdraw money from an ATM. and you didn't get DM'ed since i explained i killed you for lying to me when i told you not to lie also i told you not to talk about religion and you continued to mention Jesus Christ multiple times even more of a reason to kill you you didn't follow my orders therefore being compliant . /frisk was properly RP'ed just because i didn't go in detail with it doesn't make it rule breaking. go back to FiveRP if you want absurdly extreme levels of detailed rp kid
  2. I never forced you to get money out of an atm i said you could use any means but never specifically told you you withdraw money for you to be free and i killed you cause you lied and i told you not to lie if you wanted to rp not having a license you shouldve done that beforehand. I wanted someone to pay for you to be free. I broke your phone as an insult. Again never forced you to withdraw any money from an atm i said any means to get money and you died because of your lie. i demanded you didnt lie but you did so you did not fear for your life and just lied knowing i searched you i would not have killed you for not getting 7K lol that isnt a reason to kill this report was made by a salty individual i broke no rules.
  3. What the fuck does you scuffed my puma even mean kid lmfao also which gods are you talking about when you said “gods knows i have the storage” lol u prolly worship buddha get outta here kid
  4. If you truly did record it Then show the footage of you killing me with your vehicle and blowing up my bike by stationing your truck on top of it. or would that just add a DM on your record?
  5. 6.2.1 New Life Rule I Rped with the driver not you. you Rped with me by hitting me with your truck multiple times and the attempt to ram me off the road i didnt break NLR i spoke with the driver not you. not my fault you thought it was you i rped with the driver then drove around when we got to the docks not giving a shit about you being there cause i was tryna do something else then you hit me with your truck 6.1.1 Deathmatch I Rped with you telling you to surrender and exit the vehicle after you attacked me with your vehicle you didnt comply. this was before the taxi incident. this has nothing to do with NLR this was completely fine. 6.6.2 Fail Roleplay i didnt hit your vehicle you hit mine.
  6. You hit my bike with a TRUCK you interacted with ME and then proceeded to VDM me you placed your fucking truck on top of my bike and blew it up
  7. you interacted with me. and tried to ram me off the road multiple times i followed the taxi not to interact with you to interact with the driver. not you you attacked me thats why i killed you. | bring the recording a text doesent show anything. when you attacked my bike i told you to leave your vehicle which you didnt thats why i killed you i never kill without giving the warning of the other person surrendering and you were fighting and resisting you brought it upon yourself to die.
  8. first of all i called you a dicksucker i didnt use racial slurs dont make shit up. second of all you just stepped out of your vehicle and started spraying us down with no warnings what so ever which is called an attempted RDM. we came back to defend ourselves which is hitting you with our vehicle since we didnt even have any guns ONCE, which we are OK to do. The VDM rule states that we can hit you once in self defence which we did. third fearrp was not broken as soon as i was getting shot i left the area i Uturned as soon as the cop faced the other direction so i can hit him with my car. also there is this case of FailRP and copbaiting. We did not copbait we just didnt like the cops at all and wanted to remind them that they are a bunch of dicksuckers we just wanted to make that statement clear so they understand that they just suck dick. and we had some previous interactions with the pd before this incident. also we found your car on the streets and you have no evidence whatsoever to support your claim that we stole it in an NCZ someone else stole it and we found it on the road. also you didnt rp with us you just tried to rdm us lol nobody is going to put video evidence on any of this because you would get a failrp punishment
  9. Also i like how you used a variety of cool colors
  10. we never liked u anyways lol also you should get punished for making false forums report read the rules instead of making salty reports.
  11. it was to my advantage but still there was me and my friend and you and sarah that i confirmed doesent have a gun on her secondly there was no "RP" he was just bored and trying to do something clearly. besides that only an admin can pause rp also i couldve told my friend to shoot you while i aim my gun on the cop id force him in the vehicle kidnap him and take off.
  12. i was going to kill you anyways even if he didnt crash
  13. i killed you because you tried to kill me
  14. BigJeff


    now for id 4 id 4 i have the proof but i cant give it since i dont know how to crop and i wont waste 1gb upload
  15. BigJeff


    thx for the proof i didnt want to waste my time to upload 1gb since i dont know how to crop
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