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Trucker Job - Lack of Work

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I am still fairly new around here and I know the trucker job has just recently changed. Before the pay was awful but you could actually work.


Now, there isn’t enough work for even one trucker to do. You can go hours without seeing an order come in and then there are four truckers fighting over who can click the order first.


I am not sure what could change but there is currently not enough work to call the trucker job a job. 


One more note. If your trailer becomes flipped, there is no way to cancel the order or have the trailer flipped without completely quitting the job. I think there was a reset trailer option in the previous system?

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I think all they need to do is have some consistent CPU made deliveries to non-businesses, which pay slightly less than the user ones.

People will still do the business ones, as they pay more but when you don't have them to do, you can still grind away.

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On 5/30/2019 at 12:08 PM, krillinas said:


There is already plenty jobs in town to farm money without any proper rp. As i was saying in my thread:

it's better to limit amount of drivers and get better deals with business owners

Maybe they can limit the amount of rental trucks so there are less new players just running around with rigs but an unlimited amount of players who use their own truck 

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When I first joined Eclipse I went to the truckers job straight away. 
I was working alot of hours with this since it give me a peace of mind, I didnt mind it wasnt the best payed. 

Now I miss to be able to do this job even if I dont need it. 
It adds traffic to the roads and makes the city a little more alive. 

Please give us back the scripted truckerjobs!

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