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Realistic Trunk space

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I believe there is a problem on the server with trunk space. For example, a faggio has the same trunk space as a minivan. I'd like to see this being reimplemented in a more realistic way, especially so criminals will have to use bigger and slower cars to transport their drugs and weapons. I think its super unrealistic that many criminals drive drag bikes and sports cars when they realistically wouldn't be able to store many drugs (if any in the bike) and especially not more than a gun or two. Now this would mean criminals would either have to use a bag on the bike (as many alredy do) or get a bigger vehicle (like a suv, offroader or even a van). This would also make it more competitive for cops to hunt criminals instead of them just speeding away on a drag bike or going offroad on bikes. I think this would also increase the vehicle diversity on the server instead of only being elegy retros and schafter v12's (even thoug the schafter would have decent space) There is many ways this could be implemented, for example one specific vehicle class could have a certain amount of trunk space but the best way to do it would be to set the inventory space of every vehicle individually. (Also this is nothing personal against any criminal, i am not a cop and i have a criminal character myself)

Now this system wouldn't be COMPLETELY realistic, as i guess we would have to find the real life car's trunk space and base the GTA inventory on that but i believe that it could be lightly put in the game like this:

Examples of vehicles that would have a big inventory:



Examples of vehicles that would have a medium inventory:



Examples of vehicles that would have a small inventory:


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+1 Great idea. My biggest problem with inventory size is the fact that Schafter V12 has same inventory size as the Elegy Retro when the V12 wod realisticly have a massive size boot if anything else not even mentioning the back seats.

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+1,  But isn't this already implemented as different cars already have different amount of slots and 'weight' that they can carry? I would agree that some changes need to be made as an Elegy Retro has the same space as a V12, yet the V12 clearly has more room. It's a case of balancing the different car classes though, so I don't suppose it's too much of a problem.

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