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Animated Business Billboards - Get your business featured!

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Attention, Player Ran Business Owners!

@Paulo @QuirkyMayhem @Xoza @Larry Wrzosek @Puzzling @KimeyBear101 @Brody King @britbritxo @BillyDrake and any other interested parties.

As part of next mapping update, I'd like to add some animated billboards that are around town to create more of a metropolitan feel for the server, particularly in the city.  Now, one of the things that I really wanted to do was add some adverts for player run businesses and to that end, that is why I'm coming to you today.

I'd like for you to make or have made, adverts in a certain size, for your businesses that I intended to add to these animated billboards, subject to their performance review and any potential impact they may have on the server performance. This is obvious a free service but some rules do apply. It cannot contain any real life logos or anything of that nature, it must be lore-friendly. It must not be unsafe for work and most advertise a business/organisation within the world of Eclipse.

I should also point out that the addition of any or all images is completely subject to review by the development team as well, so don't get your hopes up thinking it's a sure thing!

The dimensions of the image must be 540 x 540 and in a .jpg or a .png format. They should be uploaded and submitted to this thread in the next couple of weeks.

I look forward to seeing the submissions and thank you!

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Just to be clear, you don't have to ask me, just make them yourselves or have someone make them.
Send them to me via Discord or post them on here and I'll add them.

Please don't make them too memey though 🤣 Remember, they'll be like 25 foot high.

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So, a bit of an update as i've now tested some of the adverts that have been sent to me. It moves quite fast and I'm not sure I can slow that speed down, so what i'd recommend when sending your submissions is focus on logos and such and not a lot of text that people wont have time to read.

I may be able to slow it down but this video will give you an idea of how it would look in game, at night, in adverse weather so brand recognition is more important than anything else.


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