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The Street Reapers (WIP)

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The Street Reapers started off as a small group of high school friends who have always had a passion for cars, after high school after the friends where able to start working and create a means of income they started to pursuit their dreams even deeper. They slowly started building the cars they dreamed off back in high school little by little, while on an honest living. They soon started to realize how expensive it can be to build up and maintain a car, that's when they started delving into other means of earning money to keep up with the costs of new parts. The group would lurk through the city of Los Santos while the citizens slept reaping any expensive car they could get their hands on waiting to be chopped, with this new source of income the group was able to really kick things off buying not only cars they wished for but fully modifying and customizing them, but this money did not come without cost, it was a very risky and dangerous means of income which a lot of the times resulted in jail time or gun fights; after having an excess and abundance of money from there illegal activates the group was able to really take off and gain popularity and notoriety showing off their racing machines. Things started off as just car meets and hang outs throughout certain locations of the city where the group started to meet new people out in Los Santos who shared the same interests they did, as more and more people started to noticed that is when things began to spice up and the illegal street racing began, although most people would just enjoy and admire each others cars during the meets, there where always a few who wanted to take things to the next level by trying to see who the fastest and the best racer,  but it would not stop there, it would go beyond that to the point where people would bet money on races, and the best drivers would even pink slip their cars.


Currently The Street Reapers are located in Paleto Bay where the crew owns and operates a gas station that is used as a meet up and hang out spot, they also use the garage near the gas station to work on their rides doing everything from maintenance work to installing new mods. This is the HQ for The Street Reapers from here they can socialize, work on their vehicles, and plan future meets, and most importantly, fill up their cars with quality racing fuel.








The long term and future goals of the Street Reapers is to keep the car scene of Los Santos Alive and to control the city roads along with a chop shop location, this could be done by reaching out to random people who attend car meets and partake in street racing, getting them involved in the crew. They also want to be the number one racing crew in the city, apart from that, the other goals the crew has is to keep making money fueling their ambitions and passion for cars, this can be done by racing for cash, pink slip racing, and selling certain items during meets the Street Reapers hold.


To join The Street Reapers you must make contact with us ICLY by attending car meet's and role playing with us so be on the look our for car meet bleets, if you're a good racer and you show above average role play capabilities then a member of the crew will approach you and inform you about the crews existence. This does not mean you'll be in the crew/faction right away, it just means you'll be known to us icly.


This is a pretty simple one, the upmost number one rule that must be followed at all times is the server handbook rules, other then that there are not many rules as of now other then have fun and follow the rank hierarchy.






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3 hours ago, Osva Silver said:

I thought the same thing after seeing the pictures and I think they are from like 3 to 4 months.


I was there most of the time, i was one of the original car scene founders with them back in the day. We where the inner circle, here is an old clip from us from 6 months ago i made this clip was around the time things where starting to pick up and get bigger 😛



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