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Sports Class Addition(Cars)

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Hey Guys,

I've come into a common occurrence when I have been spending my time on the server. There is a small choice in the sports class. I know what some of you are saying, "there are 39 sports cars available". This is true, however, the majority of cars in this class are not used, only the top speedy ones are chosen, what I am trying to do is add more to this class so that it isn't just about speed, but a bit of style, but also broadening out the choices of the top speedy cars.


These are just a personal few of mine, if you have any other cars you want added, please add them down in the replies:



Jester Classic

The Jester Classic is based on the Toyota Supra, it is a nice speedy car, with nice customisations such as liveries and body kits. I think it would be a nice counteraction to the elegy retro seeming they are both similar in origins.




The Pariah is based off the Aston Martin Vanquish and is an extremely fast sports car. This is a good addition as it rivals the speeds of the Jester Classic, Seven 70 and other high tier sports cars in GTA. It would add some nice competition in racing of the sports class.



Sports Classic


The 190z is based on the Datsun 240z, a personal favourite of mine, both in and out of game. This car has different customisation based on the chosen style. It slightly slower but has a great aesthetic.


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Just to get an idea of what we have now I counted [ Eclipse (approx) vs GTA ] (Now.. obviously some of these not used makes sense.)

  • Boats 1 of 15 (?)
  • Commercial/Trucks 5 of 16
  • Compacts 8 of 10
  • Coupes 12 of 14
  • Cycles 3 of 7
  • Emergency 16 of 22 (?)
  • Helicopters 2 of 20
  • Industrial 0 of 12 (would be great for an industrial civilian job)
  • Military 0 of 15
  • Motorcycles 34 of 50
  • Muscle 17 of 50
  • Off-Road 11 of 50
  • Planes 0 of 37 (I would totally take a flight to Sandy Shores, go sightseeing, or skydiving)
  • Sedans 21 of 31
  • Service 3 of 14
  • Sports 39 of 59
  • Sports Classic 18 of 39
  • Super 6 of 41 (?)
  • SUVs 22 of 29
  • Utility 6 of 18
  • Vans 10 of 23
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On 12/14/2018 at 11:11 PM, Denni said:

-1. People need to buy cars not just for speed. 90% of the server speed, it's not realistic, you wouldn't do it in real life.

Bahhh humbug! Give me some nice SLOW classic cars. 

I agree, thats why I added we should add the 190z which is a classic car, you can also state some of the cars you want 😉

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Unless you're directly tweaking the stats of the most recently released sports the new ones won't really beat a car like the elegy retro on the track but I agree there are so many cars that can be added still on both the high-end aswell as low-end price range and quite honestly we're kinda' getting to a point I'm failing to understand why this hasn't been done ages ago. The jester classic has been out for a long while now.

I could understand them not adding the pariah on account that it has the highest top speed in the game and will outdo most supers. But there are plenty of comprehensive lists (Broughy's to start with) That has accurate lap-times, top speeds all organized based on the class for the dev's to decide wether said car is too quick for eclipse.

There is honestly no excuse for the bulk of remaining cars not having been added yet. There's nothing of interest or new to buy anymore for the vast majority of players on this server.

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