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The phone UI needs some attention

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Ok so couple of suggestions for the phone which would benefit everyone:


1. Add the ability to add a number from your received messages menu. So next to the Bin + text back icons, add a little '+' Icon that allows you to automatically add that number with an option to enter a name.

2. Update the phone call section to add the name of someone who's calling if they're stored in your contact list. Many times i'm asking "whos this" to people I have in my phone already.

3. Perhaps a couple of organisation choices would be nice in the phone, maybe segment the contacts alphabetically as follows;


(This is a menu title panel) A:

Contacts beginning with A are listed here

(This is a menu title panel) B:

Contacts beginning with B


And so on. (this could be listed via Surname or first name, whatever people's preference is.)

In addition - Automatically turn off radio when phone is answered would be nice.



I believe this would be a benefit to literally everyone in the city, especially when you have a lot of contacts, I spend too much time searching through my contacts trying to find the one person I need to be in contact with.


Please add anything you think I missed below and +1 to support or -1 if you don't want a useful phone. 😉




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On 8/30/2018 at 12:30 PM, Alan Ben said:


Also Add an Camera in the menu and remove /record, so instead of typing a command in order to ICly record with a phone, you actually click Camera on phone. 

I think this could be cool, players would need to understand that this doesn't ACTUALLY record anything though, so it might be too complicated.


The whole idea behind /record is so if a player wants to ICLY give evidence of something happening to somebody else, they can show them stream footage/recordings whatever OOCLY, but for IC purposes, since it was evidenced with /record.

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