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  1. Unable to locate the player in-game (offline). As you can see i provided and screenshot of pms to the player that were sent to him when he was online.
  2. Player(s) being reported: Mask 3837_1554 Date of rule breach: 14/09/2018 Time of rule breach: 17:21 GMT Your characters name: Arfa Isat Other players involved: Specific rule broken: Stealing a vehicle by hijacking the driver without engaging in any roleplay when there are no current circumstances to justify it (for example, other players are trying to hurt, capture, or kill you); 5.6.1 No crime zones (NCZ’s) are areas of the city which are against the rules to commit crimes involving a victim or disobey a police order even when you may have an in character reason. 6.1 Fear Roleplay How did the player break the rule?: Kicked me off my bike in an NCZ then proceeded to drive away with me on the bike brandishing a gun at him telling him to pull over. Eventually he crashes and tries to return to the bike at which point I tell him to get off and walk away. He starts to walk away but immediately turns back and jumps onto my bike and drives away. Evidence of rule breach: Evidence of & 5.6.1. Evidence of 6.1.
  3. Phones often glitch out when changing voice range. This is extremely frustrating as the only way to fix this is by relogging or having someone take your battery and replace it
  4. Did you watch the youtube video mate? you also ninjalooted my shotgun in an NCZ
  5. Player(s) being reported: Stranger 3221_495 Date of rule breach: 26/8/18 Time of rule breach: Approx 18:30 pm GMT Your characters name: Arfa Isat Other players involved: Specific rule broken: 6.3.1. Players are allowed to rob other players by either roleplaying it or by forcing them to raise their hands and using the /mug command. Repeatedly jumping around and into people, or repeatedly jumping onto and off vehicles (unless you have a reason, for example, you try to avoid getting run over by another vehicle) and purposely ragdolling with no rp reason. How did the player break the rule?: The player was jumping around in the road onto cars and then ninjalooted my shotgun from my moving vehichle. I tried to ask him to return it and i'd leave it but he refused to log back on and return my belongings Evidence of rule breach: https://youtu.be/kY41RkVdrs0
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