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Ingame Rulebook

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Hey fellow roleplayers. 

My idea is to add the rulebook ingame. Any "old school" roleplayer who has been in eclipse for a long time knows most or all rules already. But new players still gotta learn. This might help fight agains NCZ for example. Or stop alot of OOC discussions that take place (for example cop scenes) this also helps people enforce server rules aswell and work as a community, for example you see someone lockpick a car at the bank. You direct him to the rulebook and read about NCZ. He can do that on the spot and then continue playing. (Afcourse if he started its still wise to inform staff)

Option one: Add the rulebook to F4 or /help menu.

Option two: /rules, that opens the menu with the rules

Option three: Assign a new F key. For example F7 (I know that toggles HUD just a example) 


Please no discussions. This is a suggestion post. Not a discussion post.

+1 if you agree.

-1 if you disagree




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