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  1. Hi! I just added a new van, a half maxed Bravado Youga which is listed at HE Market for $60.000
  2. The Stinger GT is sold.
  3. The Bati 801 is sold.
  4. Hi! I just added a new bike, maxed Pegassi Bati 801 which is listed at HE Market for $69.000
  5. I might be wrong, but I don't think that you can store something in a crate for more than 24 hours. Anyway, sorry to disappoint you but that's no bug. I've also learn this trough the hard way, loosing some important and high value items.
  6. As the name says, the crate has a "Temporary Inventory". It means that after some time (don't know exactly how many IRL hours), all the stored content in a crate will be gone. That's why you also see the inventory on a red background, instead of the common transparent one.
  7. The Seven-70 is sold.
  8. @KeistuoliZ, I think he means that the house has many furniture pieces to store items in, like 10 counters or so.
  9. Hi! I just added a new car, a nearly maxed Seven-70 which is listed at HE Market for $400.000
  10. ACE CARS™ by David Aceveda I'm David and I'm presenting some of my cars that I have for sale. All transactions will be made following some basic rules: we won't wear masks, we will show a valid ID, we will sign a genuine contract, you will transfer the money to my bank account, after that you will receive your vehicle. For your comfort or safety, if any spot will be available at High End, we can do the deal there. CONTACT DETAILS #3762172 yenoH#[email protected] CURRENT OFFER Bravado Youga: $60,000 The van is half maxed (Brakes 3/4, Engine 4/5, Suspension 4/5, Transmission 4/4, Turbo 0/2) and is currently at High End Market listed. EXPIRED OFFER SOLD Pegassi Bati 801: $85,000 SOLD Gallivanter Baller LE: $120,000 SOLD Seven-70: $400,000 SOLD Pegassi Bati 801: $69,000 SOLD Grotti Stinger GT: $250,000
  11. Found the solution. Just erasing everything inside client_resources will do the trick.
  12. Date and time (provide timezone): 20 August 2019, 17:00 CEST Character name: David_Aceveda Issue/bug you are reporting: Outdoor Furniture is gone after the update from 19yh August Expected behavior: The furniture outside the door didn't broke any rule so it has to be where it was. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Every piece of my outdoor furniture (walls, door, plants, lights etc.) is gone. It didn't broke any rule to be removed by an admin, I heard that other players have the same issue too, so it has to be a bug.
  13. I sent yesterday a PM to Mikex on Discord and he helped me out with this, @JohnLucman and @saman2200.
  14. Issue Being Reported: I'm not receiving the Email to verify my location both in game and on the panel. Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 09:00 AM UTC on 18/AUG/2019. Your characters name: David_Aceveda Other player(s) involved: N/A Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: Last time when I got a verification mail from Eclipse I've hit by mistake the "Unsubscribe" link and now I get no Emails from you anymore. I already tried all the steps from Discord and Technical Support forum, without any success.
  15. Ohhh, yeah, those garages are at the end of the alley, don't belong to this house. Let's be real... How many of us have a real interest in the interior of a house. With all the robbers out there, the real thing is to be sure that all of your belongings are protected. That means also the vehicles. When you say that a house has a working garage to park your car safely, you attract buyers. That was my first feeling... I wanted to sell my houses and to buy yours. When I saw where the garages are, I dropped...
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