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  2. +1 much preferred the ((lagging)) tag than the ((tabbed out)) tag.
  3. 3. The change says it is closed if they move too far away. While I do like the idea of this, I feel the call should only be closed once the person who made the call is treated at MD. So for example: I get injured, I call MD but no MD respond. My friend picks me up and takes me to hospital. Once my friend does /dropbody, it ends the call saying the patient got medical treatment. This allows it to be more realistic, because then the hospital could let dispatch know that the person who made a 911 call got to a hospital and is currently getting medical treatment, no need to continue dispatching of an EMT to the scene. I feel like its helpful having this new feature, although it may be a bit less realistic that dispatch suddenly knows when the person is away from the scene, its helpful that the call gets taken off when the patient gets taken away because then it prevents MD arriving to a scene where help is no longer needed and can go to a call that is still active instead, especially when theres not many units on, it was frustrating going to call after call but no one being on scene because they'd already been taken... And then the calls who actually had people on them would die or then be taken away and the cycle repeats. It would be handy for the ability to cancel a call yourself but for the time being, I feel like this is better than the last system that was in place. -1
  4. -1, your character wouldn't just "starve" while you're offline, fair enough real life doesnt get paused... But you'd still maintain your basic needs. I view it like a sims “care for self” mode, your character wouldn’t just lie in bed and starve waiting for us to come back. They’d maintain their own basic needs at the same level as we’d leave them. much like real life... you wouldn’t just lay in bed for days (if you’re away for days) starving or being thirsty. There’s no issue with spending money or going to places like sandbar. But it’s ridiculous how the concept would be to have your character start starving each time which is then eating away at your health...
  5. +1 especially on the units, though I feel like seperate departments would work better than having all the units in one from a supervisor perspective.
  6. +1 edit: it’ll help with “immersion” being able to write stuff in game instead of constantly having to tab out and get the horrible ((tabbed out)) above your head, seeming like you’re not paying attention in training or interviews etc when you’re just writing notes/writing documents.
  7. +1 especially if the server reset rolls back while you’re on duty, and youre stranded away from one of the main hospitals were you can hop back on duty.
  8. It bounces/"popcorns" whenever you go over a certain speed, around 90kph. Definitely happens when youre in the passenger seat and not while you're the driver. https://streamable.com/nmxv9h
  9. +1 would definitely be nice to have more of a rp opportunity to remove bullets and such
  10. +1 pain in the butt coming from this direction and having to go all the way round
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