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  1. Born as Camellia Rose Black into a comfortable life in London, Camellia had next to nothing to worry about, apart from how her clothes matched and what kind of tea to drink next. Her wealth and influence came from her father, a well known CEO within the banking business who was known as a kind and generous man, someone Camellia looked up to with such admiration... Whenever she could get a minute with him. As she grew older, her time spent with her father grew less and less… And the rumours and whispers about him grew more and more. In his absence, Camellia’s gentle aunt, Ivy, raised her, teaching her the morals of the modern world and how to look out for herself as well as look out for others. With her father's influence and her aunt's teachings, she began to reach out and help people and charities in her early 20’s… But something always seemed off, people would accept her help but almost quickly usher her out as soon as they could once they heard her family name… Was it something to do with herself?... Was it her family?... She heard whispers about her father and the questionable things he did… Threatening people, blackmailing, laundering money… But it couldn't be true, it wouldn't be her father at all, he was a hard working man who just stayed late at work to finish up some loose ends… Eventually, enough was enough, the whispers and rumours were getting too much, she had to confront her father herself at work. Upon facing her father she became anxious, her heart racing, was the man in front of her the father she knows and loves, a man who wouldn't harm anyone?... Or are the rumours true, is this man sat behind his desk in front of her the monster she's been hearing whispers about? “Father?...” She nervously muttered under her breath, trying desperately to avoid eye contact “Yes?” He responded curiously, sensing her anxiety “Ive heard rumours… And whispers and i’ve just heard so much and I don't know how else to think about it because it's just getting too much and… and.. And” She started with blurting out everything that was on her mind, barely pausing to take a breath but she stalled and stuttered He stood from behind his desk, firmly walking towards her before reaching out his arm, Camellia closed her eyes and flinched, fearing the worst for her accusation before feeling his warm embrace. “They're not true my little flower, they're just trying to pull our name down with what we’re doing, we’re doing a new project which is just a little bit controversial… But it's for the good of the people.” He pulled away with a reassuring smile on his face “Nothing nasty, nothing being hidden from you.” Almost all of Camellia’s fears melted away and she nodded back to her father, feeling reassured in what she thought was his honesty. Later that night, she awoke in the night to a smash in the hallway, rushing towards her bedroom door, she heard shouting, leaning her ear towards the door she began to listen “Get away from me! I am going to the police, I’ve had enough of the lies and deceit! You lied to your own daughter! You told Willow you’d never put Camellia in danger and yet everyday that you are doing your shit you are pulling her closer and closer to it and she's completely oblivious!” “Its better to keep her unaware of the shit I have to do to keep our lives the way they are! Your sister, MY wife died in peace and comfort with our lifestyle that I fucking provided.” “She would be turning in her grave now if she saw the crap you've gotten yourself into.” Camellia slowly opened her door, peeking through to see smashed glass in front of her door, along with her father and aunt by the staircase. With her aunt's last comment, she saw a change in her father, his posture changed significantly and a rage came over him, and before her aunt could move, he pushed her down the stairs. Camellia held in her gasp, but she was paralyzed in fear, she couldn't believe what she was witnessing… The monster had come out in front of her… She watched her father stand at the top of the stairs before he calmly pulled out his phone to make a call, and before he could turn round Camellia quietly closed her door and leaned against her bedroom wall, trying desperately to hold in her devastating sobs. Camellia heard footsteps crunching the glass outside her door before hearing him walk away. Once again, she opened the door, peering out to check for any signs of activity before quietly darting down the stairs to see her aunt crumpled at the bottom of the stairs. Rushing to her aunts side she carefully touched her aunts arm, hoping to find some signs of life… Her aunt stirred, giving a weak smile to Camellia before trying to speak. “Camellia… Take my car… And run.” She said in a hoarse voice. “I cant leave you here, we’ll leave together and you can explain eve-” Camellia tried to reason with her aunt, but she was interrupted “No, go. Theres a letter for you in my car, in the glove box… My keys are in my pocket… Just… Go.” With every breath her aunt became quieter, but Camellia stayed by her side, refusing to leave. Suddenly, she heard her fathers voice explode “What are you doing?!” Camellia snapped her head back, watching her father at the end of the corridor on the upper floor, her fight or flight instincts finally kicked in as she grabbed her aunts keys before running towards the garage, trying to escape her fathers reach. Storming into the garage she hit the door switch before fumbling with the keys to get into her aunts car, rushing to get into the drivers seat. Camellia finally drove off, but before her home vanished into the horizon in her rear view mirror… She heard a gunshot. Camellia came to Los Santos as a last resort, feeling lost, hopeless and aimless. She had reached out to Bez a few months prior to Burnout Nation starting up, looking for somewhere new to try to rebuild her life. Camellia had nothing to her name, no family, barely any possessions and the last of her money spent on escaping to Los Santos. And even though she had moved countries… She still felt like she couldn't shake her past. Before starting out in Los Santos, Camellia changed her name to Winter. She wanted to grow from her past, camellias grow in the Winter, with proper care and protection they can thrive in the Winter, and Camellia wanted to thrive in her new life. Winter initially followed Bez around, being taught the ways of Los Santos and tagging along with her adventures. Eventually joining in with the Motorcycle club that she was in at the time. However, Winter still didn't feel like she had a purpose or was even fully living her life within the city yet. Once the time came to leave the motorcycle club, Winter followed Bez and Maccy, fully putting her faith into them and their new pursuit. Once Burnout Nation began to start up, Winter felt like she had more of a purpose in Los Santos, she felt energised and motivated by her friends around her when ideas were bounced around and excitement was shown by everyone in their new promising adventure. She made more friends and became more dedicated to the wellbeing of Los Santos. With Burnout Nation set in a nice cruise towards their goals, Winter felt like it was time to apply for EMS. She had seen them in action and had friends within the Emergency services. It was time for Winter to build her own purpose and a solid name for herself within the City. After anxiously waiting for the result of her interview, Winter was accepted into the LSEMS! Ready to be trained for all sorts of situations and ready to make a difference to Los Santos. One thing to mention though, although Winter is within a car club… She is not the best driver… and not an ok one at that either. She’s terrible actually as most of the Burnout Nation can tell you. She had never driven herself before coming to the city and she only began to drive once she moved to the city.. With her questionable driving in her "trusty" little Panto making her notoriously known for being a bad driver, it was time to get a new car. One that had better handling and one that was less likely to fly around the corners and inevitably end up crashing. With a new car, she was ready to thrive in Los Santos.
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