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  1. Hello and thank you for responding. I will explain the requested transactions. 14th of March 2020 : The transaction with Jake Ryan was indeed a real world trading, I was new to the server and I was brought to the server by Shawn Hawkins. Nothing really to explain or add. 14th of March 2020 + 15th of March 2020: Shawn Hawkins and Rizzo Collins are both friends OOC'ly. I was contacted by Rizzo and was asked to take the following items from Shawn Hawkins (900k + drag) because Rizzo was away due to the military and did not know when he is coming back. I took the items as he requested and kept them in my posses until he would be back. It was a surprise that he returned, he was given a day off and wanted to claim his items which I transferred to him. In return for assisting to him and being new to the server he decided to gift me 500K to purchase a house that I wanted. I do not have any information about Shawn and Rizzo's deal, I was simply asked by my OOC friend to take the items and I didn't see it an issue back then, but I do see how wrong it was now. 26th of March 2020: This transaction was indeed RWT. 29th of May 2020: It was a loan, Drake Ryan quit the server not that long afterwards, therefore this is why the loan wasn't repaid. I actually do know Drake OOC'ly and he told me that he doesn't care about it no more because he stopped playing. 3rd of July 2020 + 17th of July 2020: The transaction with Jayson Powell and Lou Laurie (the same person) wasn't RWT. He is my friend OOC'ly which I know for 8 years, we have been playing together most of our time, due to the corona virus and other responsibilities of Lou, he had to sell his PC and equipment and therefore decided to quit the server. You can check and see that Lou transferred me his items from a different PC and IP address, he had to drive to his cousin's house and use his computer to transfer me the items to keep them. Lou decided to return and play again two or three weeks ago, and when he came back he noticed about the new regulations about one-side transactions and we understood that what we did was wrong. We contacted two staff members, @Kris and @Mod Drizzy four days prior this ban and came forward. We explained that we did one-side transaction which is against the rules and wanted to figure a way for Lou to receive his items back without it being one-side transaction again. Kris told us that he will get back to us about it but never did. We asked Kris to allow us to transfer Lou the Comet Retro back as it is his original asset, I still posses one house, the other one was sold for $450,000. I used the $750,000 and $450,000 (from the house) to purchase a warehouse that Lou and I are currently sharing together and this is why we only asked to return the Comet Retro back to it's original owner. We contacted Drizzy at 13th of September 2020 and Kris at 17th of September 2020 the ban was issued at 18th of September 2020. To conclude: All the transaction I made with Jake Ryan were indeed real world trading, the others weren't. I made these mistakes like you stated, in my first week on the server. Since then I have been playing for nearly six months on Eclipse and did the best to my ability to keep myself away from troubles and follow the server rules. I was stupid, extremely stupid for trying to find shortcuts, in my six months on Eclipse I have barely to no admin record at all, only one warning for assisting an illegal trade in NCZ. Please take my admin record into consideration, I am willing to accept any punishment, I do not want to stay banned for stupid thing I have done nearly six months ago. Thank you for the opportunity to respond and explain the above, waiting for you response! @Archaeah
  2. Character name(s): Jevonte Runnels Admin who issued punishment: Archaeah Date of punishment: 18/SEP/20 Punishment received: RWT Reason given for punishment: No idea. Your explanation of what happened: No idea, would love to get some info. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Can't answer it. Post any evidence or further details:
  3. Hello Thomas, You clearly haven't seen Derek's POV if you are still trying to claim the meta-gaming, I would make it easier for you and send the link again - https://streamable.com/71g2jr . Please do yourself a favor and view his POV. Power-gaming claim, you clearly never played in a very serious role-play server before. /do is being used to allow the other person to role-play their reaction to the other player's action. I role-played my reaction to him throwing the bag out and therefore there was no need for /do. When Derek made his mistake he was driving on 65 Km/h, therefore no way the bag wouldn't survive as it meant to carry high weight and built from high grade materials. You were driving on 100 Km/h and it doesn't mean the other driver was. I believe as player if there is even a doubt that we are about to meta-game any information we should think twice before doing so and definitely prefer to not meta-game which unfortunately Felix did. You're claiming that we didn't give you a chance to react, but you tried to tase me? Is that not a reaction to what's happening and trying to stop me from getting the cash? I was being chase and managed to escape, this is not a reaction to the scenario? I believe this report was made by your saltiness, PD is always used to win.
  4. I would also say, in fact the person who is being questioned meta-gaming in this situation is you @Lukeyswrench. Even if his intention was indeed to throw the bag of cash out of the windows which was a mistake out of stress, you'd only see him throwing a bag out with no indication of what's inside the bag. In your video you said "the person is throwing money" which is meta-gaming the information from his /me.
  5. Hello and thank you for posting the report! I am ID 94, the receiver of the cash. I would like to start by apologizing for not having my recording software on, ID 4 sent me a PM in-game and informing me about the upcoming report. I went ahead to save my POV and unfortunately I found out that I forgot to start the replay option. I did the best I could to gain evidence and I took this screenshot from my chat. https://i.imgur.com/GUUOl6n.png https://i.imgur.com/LeBLti9.png I was next to Derek when the chase began, I was actually the person who gave him that amount of money. The chase started and I knew shit was going down and he is going to lose all the money. I called him after I lost my sight on him and asked him if he is being chased. He confirmed it for me and I started to think on a plan to save the money as it was a huge amount of cash ($106,000). In the screenshots I provided you can see that we were indeed on a phone call, therefore no meta-gaming was done, Derek told me that he is at the tollbooth and I told him to make his way to Chumash store. I told him that I will be waiting just in-front of the store and he needs to throw me the money and I will do my best to secure it. I wanted to make sure no rules will be broken and he just /pay me without proper role-play so I sent him a PM to make sure that he understand that he needs to role-play this action to avoid any forum reports like this. Derek arrived next to me, role-played throwing the bag out and I did role-play taking it and fleeing away. Therefore I believe no rules were broken from our part as it was all planned IC and role-play was done properly. I would like to stay that I am extremely disappointed to see such a petty report from a person who is high rank in PD. It's pretty clear that Derek was so stressed about the situation and was worried that you guys will not let him type his line after he'd stop to give me the cash. It can be seen in your video how hard it was for us to transfer the money with all the action around us. Instead he decided to prepare the role-play and mistakenly sent the line, even indicated to you in /b right afterwards that it was a mistake. I, myself as the person who received the money couldn't know about the mistake he made and I was completely unaware but still. I am seriously have a hard time trying to understand what are you trying to get out of this report. I would also say that I am completely disappointed to see other staff members @RedFox blaming others for rule breaking without knowing the full story and investigate both sides properly. This is not the behavior I expect from a staff member as this is very clear, no rules were broken.
  6. Hey, if you are interested in renting the vehicle or purchasing it, send me messages at 435-2482
  7. I completely agree, please remove this.
  8. Player(s) being reported: Mark Sloan (310) Date of interaction reported: 08/28/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1598646422 Your characters name: Jevonte Runnels Other player(s) involved: Axel Ace Specific rule(s) broken: 6. Metagaming (MG) Metagaming is the act of relaying IC information through any method not considered IC that has the potential to change current or future roleplay scenarios or using that information. Mixing IC and OOC information without any benefit is a minor MG offense. For example, a player uses IC chat to call someone by their player ID displayed above their head. Players may not have any interaction or knowledge from their alternate characters. How did the player break the rule(s)? I'll explain the situation briefly, I injured myself somehow and got my friend Axel to come and save me with his vehicle. Somewhere along the way Mark decided to chase Axel until they arrived to me, Axel loaded me in the vehicle and took me to central MD. Mark apparently saw the pistol I had on my back and decided to chase me down. After I got out of the hospital I took my friend's vehicle to save my drag from being pick-locked by NLA members. I knew Mark was coming after me and therefore I stored the pistol in my friend's vehicle. Mark arrived 2 minutes later after I stopped NLA from pick-locking my bike. Mark decided to arrest me and while he did my friend managed to escape with his vehicle which had my pistol in it, therefore Mark decided to search me and did not find any evidence of me actually carrying a pistol IC other than seeing it back at Central MD. Mark asked me where was the pistol and I said I don't know and that it's not a real pistol and it was a toy handgun. I ended up being arrested with the following charges, felony evasion and carrying an unlicensed firearm. I am reporting Mark for charging me for the illegal firearm I had. He was using his OOC knowledge that the script does not support toy guns at all and that he used this OOC knowledge to gain IC information that the handgun he saw on me was actually real. Unfortunately I do not have a full evidence of the arrest but this is the only footage I have, I believe that it's very clear that all Mark had was just seeing me with the pistol on my back with no validation or any investigation confirming the pistol was real and not a toy gun like I said when he asked me. I truly believe that what Mark did is a case of meta-gaming when he abused his OOC knowledge of the script and turned it into IC advantage when in real life it could easily be a plastic, air, or fake handgun. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/cksy55
  9. I would like to know who you are with on discord and sharing your screen to in the video as it might be an opportunity to meta game for somebody else. Unfortunately you do not record your own microphone, you could be meta-gaming easily with somebody else. By the beginning of the video you hear foreign language.
  10. Hello and thank you for posting this report. I will be explaining my point of view on this situation. Unfortunately, this is the only footage I have regarding this scenario and posted below. https://streamable.com/7na7vu I will be explaining my point of view regarding this situation and my actions. We pulled up next to you just to try and see who you guys are, didn't care much about you and therefore we drove away. Then, we noticed that your friend who pulled out a gun was running after us and showing some act of hostility. I did not see him coming but the driver did, he pulled up back to you and asked what was that for and your friend decided to disrespect us IC by saying a few words. ID 40 got out of the vehicle with no gun in his hand as can be seen in your pov, saying hands up and you all started to shoot him instantly while he did not show any hostility other than saying "hands up". This was the moment that you guys chose to make this a shootout and all of you started to shoot right away. Would you shoot somebody in the street for walking up to you and saying hands up? Now I will be explaining my actions for this entire situation, I was sitting in the vehicle being busy with talking to somebody through PMs and therefore I did not pay much attention to what was going on around me. When I heard the shots I was a bit confused as I did not understand why shots were fired but I saw you all shooting. This was the moment for me to decide, either I let you guys kill me or fight my way out of this situation. It's clear in your video that you started to shoot me right away and gave me no other choice than open fire at you to save my character's life, even if I would've thought there was a breach of the rules. You need to understand that the moment you shot me, there was two options for me, die or fight my way out which what I did. You forced me to shoot you because you shot me while doing nothing in the vehicle.
  11. I agree with most of the things you've said. But it's been only three hours, give it some time bro...
  12. Completely agree with this suggestion, this is becoming frustrating. I think a new management for SA news is required aswell.
  13. Bro, and how do you think they obtained these firearms and weapons? They found a connection, someone who can provide them some. Therefore is why only gangs can provide heavies to the server.
  14. Of course you'd need to join a gang, what do you think? Show me a simple person who has no power, no men, who is nobody in the city that can provide such firearms and many other things? Nobody. If you want to be able to provide those you need to have power in the city and have strong enough connections.
  15. I don't understand what's the issue about the thing you said. The situation you provided here is completely IC matter and no need to change the script because of it. A new player is a guy who has no knowledge about the criminal side of the city, instead of just trying to purchase stuff the easy way, you should make contacts, meet people and ask them to explain things to you to obtain the information and knowledge you need. Nobody other than gangs should have access to the smugglers, when obtaining an official slot you are expected to be responsible and distribute import items back to the server, this is one of the main job of illegal criminal organizations. And again, you are repeating that gangs are scamming and asking for more cash. Get the knowledge about the street prices before you go and try to buy something, get the knowledge about things and show the dealer that you are familiar with everything and he can't trick you and I am completely sure that he'll sell you for the normal price. Everyone wants to make money and this is completely IC if he decides to charge more, and if you're not happy with the price go and find somebody else who is selling, there are so many. Overhaul I think this suggestion is just here to create a shortcut for yourself or other players who are lazy to work their ass and join a gang to obtain the privilege they want.
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