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  1. Lord Pepe

    [2.1.0] [2018-06-22] ECLIPSE Roleplay

    :sun_with_face: :clap:
  2. Lord Pepe

    DM, Fail RP Mask 9033_305

    In this video, Walker_Davis breaks Fail Roleplay, as he was downed and the only reason he was able to pull an SMG was because he had been stabilized, in this situation, it makes zero sense to pull out a MicroSMG, as in real life it would've been very obvious to the officers that you had the SMG on your player, and you would also still be severly injured by the bullets that hit you in the first place, making pulling out a MicroSMG a slow and very noticeable process. Developers will be contacted regarding this feature, and it may be disabled in the future. Walker_Davis will be punished for FailRP, thank you for reporting. Report accepted/locked.
  3. Lord Pepe

    Mask 8399_6920 & Mask 2404_7726 VDM after carjack

    The roleplay required to carjack someone should look something like this: 1. /me attempts to pull the man out of the vehicle 2. /do Would I be able to 3. *Waits for reply from the driver 4. If they respond with /do No, then you may ask them in a /do why you wouldn't be able to. 5. If they say yes, you can pull them out with the F key. @Himy_Atlake You did park his own vehicle that you carjacked, the Vigero, on top of him, which is considered FailRP and you will be punished for it. @Revolutionary At the start of the second video, you claimed that he was VDM'ing over VoIP, VoIP should never be used OOCly, whether you believe a rule has been broken or not, take this as a warning. As for the VDM report, the man driving the Issi was friends of the person trying to commandeer your vehicle, and when you started shooting at his friend, he reacted by running you over, so he will not be punished for VDM. Report accepted/locked.
  4. Lord Pepe

    Report [Powergaming]

    When an officer asks in a /do if you would like to resist, it is giving you the chance to do so, instead of using their commands forcefully, that is a rule that is enforced in the PD alone, and not a server rule, however, failing to respond to their /do is considered Failure to Roleplay, and you should be prioritizing responding to the /do rather than running immediately. This is a minor rulebreak, @iSeeYou, I hope you learn from this report and how to better your roleplay. Report accepted/locked.
  5. Lord Pepe

    Sanna Crome [OOC Insults]

    Whether or not you agree with a situation, it should not be brought to /b with insults, that's immature and some players in our community could find it offensive. Sanna_Crome will be punished for OOC Insults, thank you for reporting. Report accepted/locked
  6. Lord Pepe

    PG warning Appel (3 months ago)

    PG warning voided. Request accepted/locked.
  7. Lord Pepe

    Request - Void on Admin Log

    They have all been voided except for the engine spamming one, as it is a valid charge. Request accepted/locked.
  8. Lord Pepe

    [APPEAL] James Schmidt

    After some testing and reviewing the game features of GTA I've determined that you were not using an aimbot, but simply just the assisted aim feature of GTA, request accepted. Unbanned/Locked.
  9. Lord Pepe

    Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: FatherOsborn has returned to the Staff Team as a Moderator. Wanheda has resigned from the Staff Team.
  10. Lord Pepe

    PG warning Appel (3 months ago)

    This was three months ago, can you explain what you did, why you were punished, and what you learned from it?
  11. Lord Pepe

    Unban Appeal

    After reviewing certain logs, it is obvious that you teleported while trucking to multiple gas stations, to make money faster, this was not an accidental TP and you will not be unbanned for it. Request rejected/denied.
  12. Lord Pepe

    [Unban Appeal] Ruslan Labazanov

    When you have someone in the community, that wants to roleplay a criminal, but each time they get arrested, or something doesn't go their way they rage-quit, it ruins the roleplay experience for every single player involved, which is what you have done, multiple times over your time on the server. From months back when I was an officer, and I went to arrest you twice, and you "Timed out" then never returned, or now, over the past week, where you have logged out or wanted to log out (Told me over PM's) each time you were arrested. This type of play-style, where you cut off the fun for other players will not be tolerated, and that is why you were banned for it. Request rejected/denied.
  13. Lord Pepe

    Failed Quiz?

    Quiz cooldown time may be adjusted in the future, thank you for stating your concern and I hope that you retry the quiz today and start playing.
  14. Lord Pepe

    Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: Pazz has been promoted to Moderator Trial.
  15. Lord Pepe

    [Appeal] Matt French

    Discord ban will last one week, as for this situation the punishment will remain. Request rejected/locked.