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  1. Scam for more than $15k 8367_6989

    The way this seems to me, it looks as though you set a deal for $1 over the scam limit, that way, they wouldn't be able to scam you, because they would be breaking the rule. You've reported a player for scamming you one dollar over the scam limit, when you set the price to $15,001 by metagaming, and abusing the ruling to your advantage, and that is why this report will be denied. However, in the screenshots you have provided, I noticed quite a lot of offensive language in an OOC chat, which will not be tolerated. Player Omar_Alsabi will be punished for OOC Offensive Language. Report denied/locked.
  2. The Savage Family™ Lore...

    (( The roleplay section is 100% in-character unless OOC brackets are used, a better place for this post would be in the Criminal Faction section, so I will move this post there, thanks! ))
  3. [Appeal] Thomas Luciano

    Pending @Sane before a decision is made.
  4. Sane - Incorrect Punishment

    When you feel as though punishments were placed incorrectly, or want to appeal them, you should post them in the appeal section, so they can be reviewed you can do so here https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/3-unban-requests/, so we can look into this case and see if the punishment should be lifted, thank you.
  5. [Appeal] Alba Bus

    Death threats are not taken lightly in any way, we may have some players that have experienced traumatic things happen in their life, and we do not want to let any players have to remember those things when playing on our server, or feel as though EclipseRP is not a safe place where they can have fun with their friends. Telling someone to "Kill yourself" in any OOC chat will not be tolerated, if you wanted him to kill himself ICly, you should say that in an IC chat, and not in an OOC chat where it is directed at the player, and not at the character. Request rejected/locked.
  6. Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: Glubu has stepped down from Administrator and Head of Support Staff. aongrant has passed their Moderator Trial and has been promoted to Moderator. Wanheda has passed their Moderator Trial and has been promoted to Moderator. InvalidSun has been promoted to Administrator. Toony has been assigned Head of Support Staff. Masony has been assigned Assistant Head of Support Staff. Sane has been removed from Moderator.
  7. im looking to join this server

    Hey @zappier94! Glad to see your interest in joining our roleplay server! EclipseRP does not require you to apply, but we have a short roleplay quiz, just to make sure you have some understanding of our rules and other things. These are some resources you can use to help out starting out, and can help you improve your roleplay experience on the server all around! Remember, this is a game and it is all about having fun! If you need any extra help with roleplaying, or anything server-related, please notify a support staff member, and they can help you out, the best way to do this is through our help-desk section on our discord, which you can find here: https://discordapp.com/invite/y2gxAjg
  8. [Appeal] Django Highroller *NEW*

    I never stated that it was the same person, I quoted the rule that states that you hold fully responsibility for anyone playing on your IP Address, and in this case that is exactly what happened, if Almad_Roller get's unbanned, you will as well, but until then your account will remained banned. There is no way for us to determine if you are the same person playing on both accounts, and unbanning one of them simply because of that reason would make it so everyone can use that excuse, which is why we choose to avoid it. Also, you should not post more than one unban request hoping for a different answer, as stated in the forum rules, please avoid doing so in the future, as doing so will result in a suspension from access to our forums, thank you. Request rejected/locked.
  9. [Appeal] Django Highroller

    After reviewing further evidence into this request, I have determined why your account was banned, it is because both of the accounts. Almad_Roller, and Django_Highroller played on the same IP Address, which lead to both accounts being banned when Almad_Roller was banned. Because of this rule,, your account will remained banned unless the ban is lifted on Almad_Roller. Request rejected/locked.
  10. My account was falsely banned

    Locked awaiting further review, thank you for posting.
  11. [Appeal] Almad Roller

    Sharing your account with your friend would still make you responsible for actions he did on your account, and rules that were broken, that being said, you shouldn't have been sharing your account in the first place, and doing so lead to your account being banned because of someone else's actions, also, it is against forum rules to re-make unban appeals hoping for a different answer, so please avoid doing so in the future. Request rejected/locked
  12. Newbie chat

    We are working to improve the support staff team daily, increasing our numbers so we can handle the amount of /report's that come in, in previous, we had VIP Chat, which was an OOC global chat for all VIP members, but it was removed due to complications with metagaming and needless spam, I do not support a newbie chat, -1.
  13. Supreme Racing League - Recruitment: OPEN

    @FemavejaGammes @Rhaen0n @MrButterVenom Your OOC Applications have been approved, please find either Trent Williams or Santos Mota In-Character to show interest in joining the league, can't wait to see you guys out there racing!
  14. {Appeal] Almad Roller

    After reviewing the evidence provided by @Toony, and checking your login logs, I have decided that the ban will remain, we do not tolerate real world trading on this server, and anyone who is caught attempting to sell items or cash for real life money will be banned. Request rejected/locked.
  15. Report Staff - Sane

    Hey, first of all, thank you for making your post. When a player feels as though a punishment was misplaced or they have learned from their mistakes, they can make an appeal for the punishment here, rather than reporting the admin for 'abuse' Admin abuse, in my eyes, is when an admin is throwing around punishments extremely often with no reason to do so, or using their admin commands for personal gain, in this situation, it is not admin abuse, because you just feel as though you were punished incorrectly, and that is why you should make an appeal instead, I'll go ahead and lock/reject this report, and you may make an appeal for the punishment in the other section of the forums, thank you.