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  1. LancelotTheKing

    Stormy nights

    +1. Snow would be nice
  2. LancelotTheKing

    Tie hands

  3. LancelotTheKing

    Inventory system overhaul

    +1 I like the idea as well. The concept with the cash limit, I find is really interesting as it adds more risk on carrying large quantities of cash, if it was a visual item. It could also produce more roleplay opportunities for criminals if they are purchasing expensive equipment
  4. LancelotTheKing

    Populating Los Santos

    I completely agree with Kay133. -1
  5. LancelotTheKing

    Bring Back Visible Guns

    +1 I liked the idea of visible weapons from before and would like to see it implemented on RAGE.
  6. LancelotTheKing

    Unfair Capturing of Turf

    The issue is that previously when we requested permission to take a turf from a inactive gang that we couldnt get hold of IC was told that if they continue to be inactive for a long period of time they would get the Dev team to open it up to other gangs.
  7. LancelotTheKing

    Stranger 8132_1042

    I never said the gang members was innocent. In my first post I said When I say innocent people I'm referring to the gentleman on the bike who was killed due to your actions.
  8. LancelotTheKing

    Stranger 8132_1042

    I'm not saying you have to call the cops or do what I would do. I'm just struggling to see how you think the answer to that scenario is run loads of people down including innocent people
  9. LancelotTheKing

    Stranger 8132_1042

    I was a bystander while the initial situation and VDM occurred . I'm not completely sure what happened at the start apart from the fact @Bigman_ruke (Rico Santosi, man in purple Bestia) was picking up a fellow gang member from Mors mutual hence why he's looking for him at Mors in the video. After I received information about a trucker killing some members, I was instructed to go to Mors to help out over the radio. In the video you can clearly see Rico santosi say "Yo yo yo come to Mors, we got an issue" bare in mind this took place near our turf which isn't too far away, so we wouldn't take us long to arrive on scene. When the first member was killed I couldn't tell you if it was desync or not but, in real life if I was put into a scenario where I was just held at gunpoint and given the chance to drive off so nothing would happen to me and give me the chance to call the proper authorities. I wouldn't drive back towards them and hit them with a truck killing them and killing innocent bystanders because you would be in the wrong and end up going to jail instead.
  10. LancelotTheKing

    Newbie chat

    I think they should implement a command to open up a newbie chat that the whole server can see and respond in just to help the work load for the admins so they're free to handle more serious situations that require urgent attention.