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  1. LancelotTheKing

    Stormy nights

    +1. Snow would be nice
  2. LancelotTheKing

    Tie hands

  3. LancelotTheKing

    Inventory system overhaul

    +1 I like the idea as well. The concept with the cash limit, I find is really interesting as it adds more risk on carrying large quantities of cash, if it was a visual item. It could also produce more roleplay opportunities for criminals if they are purchasing expensive equipment
  4. LancelotTheKing

    Populating Los Santos

    I completely agree with Kay133. -1
  5. LancelotTheKing

    Newbie chat

    I think they should implement a command to open up a newbie chat that the whole server can see and respond in just to help the work load for the admins so they're free to handle more serious situations that require urgent attention.