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  1. Another newbie

    Welcome, Nice RP name (:
  2. Alex River

    Welcome to eclipse, I have you enjoy your time here. -Confiscated
  3. quizz cooldown

    Hello gRm, The cooldown is 12 hours, you failed a percentage of the questions so youll have to wait for the cooldown to end. The quiz is on the server to ensure all players joining have a clear understanding of our rules. I suggest you read over server rules to ensure that next time round, you have a greater chance of passing. Below, you will find all of the answers you need when it comes to completing the quiz. -Confiscated
  4. Change the way player's name tags work

    I know this is a different concept of the name removal, but a similar thread was made in the past about name removal as you can see below -- It had mixed feedback when it came to removing the name. I understand your suggestion is slightly different however It still may get the same response. Personally I believe its fine the way it is but I wouldnt mind if it was changed. -Confiscated
  5. Engine on/off color change

    This is great idea, +1 support. -Confiscated
  6. Mechanic Suggestion

    I don't think this would work, As a player, I know personally that If this was to be done, then I would never visit the one in city if it means paying more for upgrades. I would just travel down to the cheaper one to save that extra coin.
  7. Spawn your vehicle when crashing

    As far as I know, Job vehicles currently do not de-spawn right after a crash, If you get back in fast enough after a crash, your vehicle will still be there. I guess you could suggest that the time it takes for the vehicle to de-spawn should be increased.
  8. Turfs.

    I believe they are randomly around the map and then its up to different factions to capture / fight for them.
  9. [1.0.7] [2017-06-10] ECLIPSE Roleplay

    Yeah boiii
  10. Greetings!

    Welcome to eclipse!
  11. What about a barman job?

    As much as it sounds cool and all, I don't think many people would actively visit the bars, so the job would become very boring overtime.
  12. Hello Everyone!