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  1. I'm not disregarding anything, already said on multiple occasions, waiting for admin response, you don't need to keep copying pasting just to get the thread bumped and your post count up, pretty childish.
  2. Can you stop bumping the report with just straight up copy & pastes? Stop replying if that's all you're going to do. You're literally spamming the same information over and over without there being a need to.
  3. "like I said previously the only window smashed on the vehicle was the windscreen, which is why i how i was telling you to stop following us" I've already mentioned that the front window was the only one opened, which is how I was attempting to communicate with you, you are pretty much saying that you heard Moe on the phone from the back seat of my vehicle through our open windscreen from where you stopped 30 ft away from us in front. You have the cheek to say "Fundamentally due to your very low standard of role playing this report has surfaced, and quite clearly has no grounds." Yet you didn't roleplay with us at any point during this situation, instead you just jumped out of your vehicle(s) and RDM'd us. Nice roleplay that is. This is my final reply, if you plan on making another reply, please make sure to read our responses instead of replying none-sense. Thank you.
  4. The report is against you opening fire on us after Moe called the police, just so you know. Again, I'll repeat myself, Moe was positioned in the rear of the vehicle, even IF my side window was smashed / open (It wasn't) how are you able to hear Moe speaking on the phone while your windows (closed / unsmashed) - At no point did you state your windows were up, On top of that, you were 30 ft or so in front of us, so no one in the right mind would be able to hear a private phone call from that distance, yet you metagamed, ignoring the chat and opened fire right away. "this is made it clear to us that your windows were in fact down or broken" - Seems you have issues seeing as well as well as your mega hearing skills now. (The image clearly shows all side windows fully intact) Stop trying to turn this report around on us. Leading up to the shooting, you didn't respond not even once, the only time we had a response from you was after you RDM'd us, the windows weren't smashed, like I said previously the only window smashed on the vehicle was the windscreen, which is why i how i was telling you to stop following us - Both my side window and Moe's side window were closed making it impossible for you to hear Moe on the phone to the police, instead of checking the chat you decided to jump to the conclusion that you could hear us and just opened fire with 0 initiation. You two know you are in the wrong and are now trying to turn this report around onto us.
  5. My IGN - Nicholas Acosta Hello, here is my reply - Both windows on the side of my vehicle were fully intact as shown on the image below - The front windscreen on my vehicle had been shot out which is what I was trying to speak to you through, however your windows were in-fact ALL in tact which is why I'm guessing you ignored my call outs. Both side windows fully intact - AS SHOWN on the IMAGE below - After badger (Moe) stated, you ignored my call outs so i then assumed your windows were also fully closed (I didn't notice this, however after taking a look back at the video, it CLEARLY shows ALL of your windows are CLOSED on the video) - I then began talking to Moe asking him to call the police seeing as though you were being sketchy and then after Moe picks up the phone after stating "cant hear windows are up" before hand. You then magically learn how to hear (Windows are still closed by the way) and respond by jumping out of your vehicle and jump straight to using lethal force without any prior roleplay. This makes your argument invalid as there is 0 chance of you hearing me, never mind hearing Moe call the police on his phone - even if your windows were down, the only window open on my vehicle at the time was my windscreen and Moe was positioned in the back of the vehicle, On top of this you were also around 30 ft in front of us, making it almost impossible for you to hear Moe on the phone), This is my first and only reply to this report, If an admin wishes to include me and get further information, feel free to tag me and ask. -Confiscated
  6. confiscated

    Another newbie

    Welcome, Nice RP name (:
  7. confiscated

    Increase insurance prices

  8. confiscated

    Alex River

    Welcome to eclipse, I have you enjoy your time here. -Confiscated
  9. confiscated

    quizz cooldown

    Hello gRm, The cooldown is 12 hours, you failed a percentage of the questions so youll have to wait for the cooldown to end. The quiz is on the server to ensure all players joining have a clear understanding of our rules. I suggest you read over server rules to ensure that next time round, you have a greater chance of passing. Below, you will find all of the answers you need when it comes to completing the quiz. -Confiscated
  10. confiscated

    Change the way player's name tags work

    I know this is a different concept of the name removal, but a similar thread was made in the past about name removal as you can see below -- It had mixed feedback when it came to removing the name. I understand your suggestion is slightly different however It still may get the same response. Personally I believe its fine the way it is but I wouldnt mind if it was changed. -Confiscated
  11. confiscated

    Engine on/off color change

    This is great idea, +1 support. -Confiscated
  12. confiscated

    Mechanic Suggestion

    I don't think this would work, As a player, I know personally that If this was to be done, then I would never visit the one in city if it means paying more for upgrades. I would just travel down to the cheaper one to save that extra coin.
  13. confiscated

    Spawn your vehicle when crashing

    As far as I know, Job vehicles currently do not de-spawn right after a crash, If you get back in fast enough after a crash, your vehicle will still be there. I guess you could suggest that the time it takes for the vehicle to de-spawn should be increased.
  14. confiscated

    Adding new clothes to stores