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  1. Another newbie

    Welcome, Nice RP name (:
  2. It's Baggerrrr

  3. Increase insurance prices

  4. Vehicle Impound

    +Support I've been thinking about this for a while now, it'd be a great addition to rp. Like you said, it would make people think twice before breaking the law in future. If this was to be added, It would also give mechanics more work to do which Is also another good point. -Confiscated
  5. Alex River

    Welcome to eclipse, I have you enjoy your time here. -Confiscated
  6. quizz cooldown

    Hello gRm, The cooldown is 12 hours, you failed a percentage of the questions so youll have to wait for the cooldown to end. The quiz is on the server to ensure all players joining have a clear understanding of our rules. I suggest you read over server rules to ensure that next time round, you have a greater chance of passing. Below, you will find all of the answers you need when it comes to completing the quiz. -Confiscated
  7. Change the way player's name tags work

    I know this is a different concept of the name removal, but a similar thread was made in the past about name removal as you can see below -- It had mixed feedback when it came to removing the name. I understand your suggestion is slightly different however It still may get the same response. Personally I believe its fine the way it is but I wouldnt mind if it was changed. -Confiscated
  8. givekey options

    Sounds like a great idea +Support
  9. Engine on/off color change

    This is great idea, +1 support. -Confiscated
  10. Custom Radio Stations at Mechanics Locations

    Yeah this'd be great, however, like InvalidSun stated, I believe this is an ambient sound which would be dificult to change, but if it's possible i'd be all for it. -Confiscated
  11. Rent for houses

    I like this idea, it gives owning a home more use, homeowners could earn that extra money when they are not using their house(s). This would also be ideal for newer players that don't have the money to buy their own house to start off with. -Confiscated
  12. Uber!

    As much as this sounds good, it also will have its downside. I believe that the main downside to this is that, the current taxi job ingame will become useless as players would just turn to doing and using 'Ubers' rather than actually applying for the taxi job. Players would also use ubers rather than taxis as taxis often take a while to arrive due to them going the speed limit etc, I believe if ubers were added, that realistic speed limit would be often broken. I believe it should stay the way it is, that being, keeping the classic taxis, if players want to do this job, they can just apply for it like everyonelse. -Confiscated
  13. Mechanic Suggestion

    I don't think this would work, As a player, I know personally that If this was to be done, then I would never visit the one in city if it means paying more for upgrades. I would just travel down to the cheaper one to save that extra coin.
  14. Criminal update and Penal Code.

    Exactly, the drug / weapon selling was only profitable on the first couple of days, but now the hype has died out, its best just sticking to trucking for money as no one buys imported weapons / drugs currently, due to the cost of imports.
  15. Spawn your vehicle when crashing

    As far as I know, Job vehicles currently do not de-spawn right after a crash, If you get back in fast enough after a crash, your vehicle will still be there. I guess you could suggest that the time it takes for the vehicle to de-spawn should be increased.