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  1. Well I already have the refund. Plus his comment was like 9 days ago so I'm sure I would have noticed by now
  2. Character to be refunded: Jeremy Brown Date and time of incident: 19:34 and 20:30 Requested refund (what and how much): Seven-70 insurance. $10212 Description of incident resulting in loss: Server crashing Evidence of loss: Comments
  3. Character to be refunded: Jeremy Brown Date and time of incident: 27/03/2018 11:00pm Requested refund (what and how much): The price of restoring and repairing a Seven-70 Description of incident resulting in loss: A cop drove into LSC and a nice bit of desync threw my car against the wall, causing it to explode. https://plays.tv/video/5abac04db58bc85f0d/jeremy-brown shows my car on it's side, on fire against the wall.
  4. Your player name: Jeremy Brown Player you are reporting: The Reapers MC, The Lost Motorcycle Club, ZBOR M.C Rule broken: Not a rule necessarily, just people whining to the admins so that they get what they want. Explanation of events/why you are reporting: So, while me and the rest of the gang haven't been on for a few days and maybe only just enough to appear as inactive on the faction list, we have had our turf taken by 3 gangs. They claim to have gotten permission from an admin so that they can just take the turf but I cannot come to understand why they would be allowed to take the turf from a gang where you probably wouldn't be certain at this point as to whether had actually just gone. We did return to the server, showing that we haven't just quit too. An better way to do this would be to shoot me a message on the forums or whatever, if I didn't reply because I didn't see it or didn't care then sure, take it. Instead, there seems to be a system in place where you can say, well, most of that faction hasn't been on for a few days so I'll beg to the admins meaning I don't need a reason or any kind of rp to take the turf. Seems wrong to me. I would also like to point out the fact that when we tried asking to be able to take turf from an inactive faction we were refused, being told that the admins will make the turf available to anyone at some point. Time and date: Evidence:
  5. An hour wasted enough of your time, now a maximum of 10 hours is even worse. Perhaps it's to get some use out of that poorly constructed prison. But as a whole, it's not going to help anything, at very best it will cause many people to quit the server.
  6. All I was told is that you wanted more power in the faction. I asked staff if that's a valid reason. They told me to make a report on the forums as they don't believe it to be valid. You also said that you were mistreated. I'm not sure how, or if that's been made up or not but it seems a little odd to say that I was trying to be nice to you guys and allowing you to do what you wanted.
  7. You know, I was wondering, if these things are true and I did by any chance say them. Which I highly doubt I did, why didn't you elaborate on them in game?
  8. Wait, what? You put 17k into the gang yourself to buy guns, this was then not returned to you because it was payment for guns. "you commented on it yourself in PM's". What?
  9. You never told me this. And we would have done some cool stuff, imported some guns and that but we didn't want to risk it with a potential broken warehouse. So you're blatantly lying now, you got a pistol .50 our of your car to get rid of me with. You put no money into the operation and in what way were you used just as a body? These valid reasons are just being plucked right out of the air as neither of us have any proof that you said them to me, you're taking this opportunity to create a nice story for us all.
  10. I left when you declared war because you pointed a gun at me, in no way did I accept anything you said as it was just "you disrespect my family" in a vaguely Chinese accent. This isn't about me knowing about the war, or anything like that. It's the reason behind it, don't get that confused. Spitting out paragraphs about something completely unrelated to the reason of the war isn't getting anywhere. So yeah, I can't be bothered to argue with you as from my viewpoint all your giving out is to put this lightly, utter bullshit. I'm going to leave this to the staff now.
  11. The name wasn't changed and how is that even relevant? You changed it after you declared war but it still stands that you did declare war on us then. But on the subject of Miguel knowing about the war, he would have gotten a notification and because I was asleep at that point told me in the morning. I really didn't foresee you guys breaking away anyway, so I don't get these assumptions. I also feel like you are trying to change the subject away a little bit here. I have video evidence of Riya killing 2 of your guys, then one of my guys. Sadly I didn't get the part where they were being apprehended by Rico. How is this in any way to do with the bloodbath that took place thanks to Riya and Hans apparently trying to kill you. Either way, this is really straying from the original point, and into something that's already been solved.
  12. Woah, I didn't know the war was coming. If I did and I saw a legitimate reason I wouldn't report you. The thing is, when you first declared war the people who were on were not told anything about it by you. I further don't appreciate it how you claimed that "was aware of this and did not question it". During our meeting it was Riya Vladdy who drove into your guys and you said it was part of your "plan". I have a video of this if anyone wants to see it. Also, that screenshot isn't old, and I can prove it by the date it was created in the directory. I'm going to be honest, I don't see the relevance of this, what a terrible lie... "gave perfect examples and situations in which we were exploited. " Eh? You didn't get access to the warehouse? Or is it about the pistols that got bugged? Either way, the only thing I got from you is that you didn't get warehouse perms.
  13. Your player name: Jeremy Brown Player you are reporting: Max Wuhno / Behind the Meme Rule broken: Another war without a reason Explanation of events/why you are reporting: So Max Wuhno again declared war on us and the reason he gave was that we "disrespected his family" and that "we wanted more perms to manage warehouse" (don't have screenshots as it was on VOIP) and therefore formed a rebellion and are trying to take our turf. He claimed that he asked the staff and is allowed to do this, even with this reason. Time and date: The time shown on the screenshot, there was also a long discussion afterward that didn't result in anything. Evidence:
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