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  1. F@therOsborn

    Sigito_Nemosic Punishment appeal

    Hey, thank you for appealing. I am deliberating your ban appeal with other senior staff, we'll come to a conclusion shortly. - Osborn. EDIT: After further review, it appears as if you have been banned on behalf of one of our founders. I've informed him of your appeal. @NobodyLTU EDIT 2: After further discussion, it appears as if you've left some details out on your appeal. It was brought to light that you not only tried to sell your assets, but you also shit-talked the server while advocating how you were going to leave for a competing community. Based on discussion and instructions from the founders, your appeal has been denied. You will not be allowed to re-appeal this ban in the foreseeable future. Thank you, - Osborn.
  2. Sammy what the fuck, long time no see, you're big time here. LOL

  3. @PolarBlunk Hey. Would you say that Teo deserves a second chance? We've not really got the full details for the ban but if you read through his initial appeal, perhaps you can memorize the incident? Thanks in advance, - Osborn.
  4. Hey, thank you for appealing. I've reviewed the video in questioning and read your appeal. Your assumption that it's not metagaming because the information was never used is not true. Our server rules currently define metagaming as: Because of the video not showing whether the information benefitted someone or not, we see it as minor metagaming. In the end, this was still IN CHARACTER information used in an OUT OF CHARACTER setting, and you may feel that it should be acceptable but we do not, especially not on TeamSpeak which is a privilege of MD & PD, one that can be revoked quickly. We do not mind general chatter and jokes about past RP situations that are concluded, but when an RP situation is active there shouldn't be any chatter about the situation Out-of-Character. I will link this appeal to our Head Administrators for review as I was involved in the decision of issuing the punishment (PD High Command). - Osborn.
  5. I mean we probably have the best health care available in the world here in Los Santos. Surely that should cost 😮
  6. Remember this? When GTA Online was first released

  7. Hey, thank you for appealing. @Toony @BallinByNature I have no issues with him returning to the community if you feel that his ban appeal is adequate enough. The permanent ban was authorized by Harmdone due to an extensive admin record in a short period. Pending Head Administrator+.
  8. F@therOsborn

    Ivan_Pavlovich (VDM Ban Appeal)

    Hey, @Ivan_Pavlovich thank you for appealing. I understand that you are new, and I'm happy that you're willing to learn and adapt further into the RP genre, and Eclipse in general. Our punishments are handed out to be educational, we want our players to realize that "Hey, maybe I should read the server rules again" after each punishment. Vehicle Deathmatching or Deathmatching, in general, is classed as a very serious offense on Eclipse RP, it ruins the role-play immersion greatly. I understand that your actions might've not been malicious and that it might've not been intentional that you wanted to break our rules, but as unfortunate as it is, it happened. With that being said, I cannot void the punishment that Andy issued on your account as, by your own accord, your actions led to you violating the Vehicle Deathmatching rule and the punishment was issued rightfully so. I hope that you can take this time to re-read our server rules and perhaps a role-play guide or two if needed, and then come back to our community when your ban expires. The way punishments work on Eclipse is that they stack, and for each repeated offense, the greater the punishment. Please make sure that you think rationally before you act moving forward, Rage MP desync is something that we have to adapt to when playing. You shouldn't be trying to run someone over multiple times, it's explicitly stated that you may only ram them once in the server rules. Thank you, - Osborn.
  9. F@therOsborn

    Ayo_Oni [fear rp ban appeal]

    @nigerian211, thank you for appealing. Your appeal is very vague and I feel that details are left out. Can you provide a more accurate timeline of events if you feel that you've not been in violation of our Fear RP Rule? Perhaps there's video footage of the incident that can clarify things?
  10. The player that caused the death of the requestee and later took his items was punished for Vehicle Deathmatching and Providing False Information.
  11. F@therOsborn

    fuck you

    Well, that escalated. Real world trading rules are enforced because we believe in play to progress, we don't believe in pay to win or pay to progress. This is why you can't turn store credits into In-Game monetary value, items (cars/slots) purchased with credits can't be transferred off your account to another account. You're meant to make a net worth for yourself by playing the game, this is to portray somewhat realism as money doesn't magically appear into your bank account In Real Life, you earn your money one way or another. It's your responsibility to read and understand our rules, you started this appeal off somewhat OK but I'm now going to be closing this until you grow some maturity and re-appeal properly. You don't go from "Please, I'm sorry" to "Lol faggots". Appeal rejected. - Osborn
  12. F@therOsborn

    James Fielding- Dm offence

    Hey, thank you for appealing. Based on the new details and investigation by Flucifial and his recommendation, the punishment will be voided. I will seek out the initial reporter and inquire what he means by just arriving into town when he had in fact, been online for several hours. Thank you, - Osborn.
  13. Hey Physco. As unfortunate as it is, this is an English speaking community and we require our members to be able to speak at a comprehensive level without the use of translators. It's not fair for me to tell you to go and learn English, I don't know the situation you're in In Real Life. Perhaps you can find a community where they speak your native language or accept a lower level of English speaking. You can always try to appeal in the future, all I can recommend is that you push yourself to become better at English and train. There's plenty of tools and websites available to help you with that. I wish you best of luck, - Osborn.