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  1. Date and time (provide timezone): 18/FEB/2018, 17:26 CET Character name: Samuel Osborn Issue/bug you are reporting: When we use /takestinger on stingers on the ground, it removes the stinger but sometimes leaves "invisible spike strips" on the ground that spikes any car that drives over it. When we use /takestinger on stingers on the ground, it removes the stinger but sometimes leaves the object on the ground. The object is not harmful, it's just there. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Place stingers on the ground and take them, eventually, it will replicate. In the video below, you can see me drive over the stingers on the ground and they are not harmful. However, the 2 lanes on the highway that has no object suffer from the "invisible stinger" syndrome, it spikes my tires even though there is no object there indicating spike strips. And I cannot pick anything up. Vehicle license plate number*: N/A
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  3. Date and time (provide timezone): 16/FEB/2019 Character name: Samuel Osborn Issue/bug you are reporting: when you use /pw or go into the drug lab making screen (not sure if anything else has issues), it doesn't appear. We get a "404 error: file not found" appearing in the upper left corner. please fix :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: just type /pw in a police car or go to the drug lab and try to open it up Vehicle license plate number*: LSPD
  4. Hey, thank you for appealing. The ban is now over, the only solution to this problem is not linking yourself up with other players. If it occurs again, we will try to unlink you but moving forward, you will be held responsible! Osborn
  5. Hello. Thank you for appealing. We do not void / remove legitimate punishments, they stay on your record. The point of punishments is to be educational, and the way that punishments work on Eclipse RP is that they start off minor depending on the rule violation and it gradually builds up depending on how many punishments you've received of the same rule violation. For example, in this instance, you violated our PVP rules which we do not take lightly, you received your first offense punishment which was a 48-hour ban, should you (V)DM or KOS a player in the future you will receive your second offense violation which is more severe. Punishments are educational, this note on your record is meant to serve as a reminder and make you be more cautious and considerate with your actions. Please do not post another punishment appeal for something that has already been deemed as a legitimate punishment. - Osborn.
  6. Great work by our Media Relations Division as always!
  7. Hello, thank you for appealing. From what I've read, you and your friends decided to casually stroll into a hospital because you were bored, and try to role-play stealing equipment from offices and the hospital throughout, then proceeding to vandalize the place. This is why we create No Crime Zones, a hospital of the size of Pillbox Medical would be greatly staffed, you'd have the nurses, the doctors, janitors, security staff, civilian staff (administrative etc) and so forth. I don't find it very realistic to casually do what you did, sure it's possible that people with mental issues might do something like this In Real Life (not sure if you role-play a character that has a mental issue properly) but you have to consider how well a hospital of this size would be secured with security. I will not be lifting the Non-RP punishment given by Boxxy, let this serve as a reminder as to why this wasn't OK and allow you to be more cautious and considerate of your actions in the future. - Osborn.
  8. Thank you for appealing. As Bakmeel is on a leave of absence and has limited access to the internet, I will be leaving this pending one of our Head Administrators / Founders. @NobodyLTU @Osvaldon @harmdone @BallinByNature @Toony
  9. Thank you for appealing. Pending @NobodyLTU The only reason why you would've been banned automatically after your brother was banned is if you're on the same IP or you've linked your social clubs up (logging into one another's account on the same PC). Chances are however that you will be able to play a soon as your brother's ban is expired. Do let me know if that's the case (should be today).
  10. Hello, thank you for appealing. I am grateful that you recognize your mistakes and that you are apologetic, however, at the end of the day, you were in violation of our server rules. We do not take violations of our PVP rules lightly, as we aim to create a more realistic city environment. As you've said it yourself, vehicles are excluded from the Killing on Sight validation list. The punishment that was issued is within our punishment guidelines for a "NORMAL" violation. I will not be overturning the punishment as it was a legitimate punishment. I hope that moving forward, you will be more cautious and considerate of your actions. Thank you, - Osborn.
  11. F@therOsborn

    Id 2, Id 37 (Metagaming,DM)

    Okay, I've spoken to a few other staff members about this report and I am ready to conclude this. Because we lack statements from the other players involved, I will base this on the information that I have. First of all, I do not buy that your "D" key was broken, that sounds like a cheap excuse - You were typing throughout the incident, taking your good time to get down and then suddenly your friends appear to your advantage, in other words - somehow your friends knew you were in trouble and decided to coincidentally appear to help you, all while you were stalling the RP. Because of the above, I have decided to punish those involved for metagaming and I've also added a note on Zoey's record about deliberately stalling RP. If they have evidence to prove their innocence, such as a video, they may post an appeal and get the punishment reversed - but as it looks right now, the evidence is against them. Thank you, - Osborn.
  12. Also forgot to mention, you can post a refund for items lost.
  13. Thank you again for posting this report. Over 48 has gone by without a response from either of the players, and the evidence is overwhelming in a sense that it shows them clearly attacking and killing you despite you following their demands, which is according to our rules, deathmatching. John Xena will receive his third deathmatching ban. Nicky Cruz will receive his third deathmatching ban. - Osborn.
  14. I do not support cheaper weapons (we have a gun problem, prices were increased for a reason) neither free housing, that's too much - wealth should be gained through playing, not paying - which is why credit vehicles can't be transferred. Sure, add a "Donator Building" but make players pay for the properties/houses like any other player. Let's not push it P2W. Edit: We are removing the advertisement system (Bleet), let's replace that with a new advertisement system instead. Create advertising boards around town where VIP / Donators can create advertisements that stays for x time, players would need to walk up to the boards and type a command to browse through them. Perhaps let Donators create 2, and VIP 1. If players want their advertisement broadcasted to the entire server they should go through weasel news. Edit 2: The perks of VIP / Donator is already good, and with the Eclipse economy, I do not support discounts of things that are already as cheap as hell. $500 to park your car for an unlimited time at the parking lot? That's like what, 1 bus route? You even get discounted tickets & jail time which IMO is stupid, but I've grown used to it and I accept it. Edit 3: Custom Phone Numbers, 1-time change with VIP. Could even become its own shop item as well. Gives no advantage over anyone else, and is more of a convenience thing. TL;DR - No pay 2 win features are supported by me, no more discounted prices (especially guns) and no free wealth (e.g. properties). Wealth should be gained through playing, not paying. Replace the bleet system with advertising boards/billboards, add a few around Los Santos/Sandy Shores and let VIPs & Donators walk up to these boards and create stationary advertisements that stay for x time. Players would need to walk up to these boards to read the advertisements. If players want to have their advertisements broadcasted to the entire server & on discord, they have Weazel News. Perhaps let Donators have 2 advertisements active and VIPs 1. Add the ability to set a custom phone number (1-time use) when you first become VIP or Donator. This could also become its own shop item.
  15. F@therOsborn

    Please Archive

    Hey. I am glad you were able to come to terms and sort this out. I will be closing this as per the reporter's request.