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  1. Just standing outside the car with a hand-held radar gun.
  2. I support this for all cars. All cars should come with more costs than just the vehicle and fuel cost. There should be more vehicle maintenance required, crashed vehicles should require vehicle parts to be repaired. The most expensive the vehicle, the more expensive the maintenance. This should discourage people from using sport/supercars on a daily basis for practically everything if they have to continuously pay money for more than $150 visual repair at Bayview/LSC. A lot fewer supercars/ sports cars would allow PD to willingly nerf their vehicles if we saw more regular cars being used. But that's not the case right now, 1/5 of our vehicle pursuits is of a regular vehicle, whereas the other 4 is with a fast vehicle. One of the old SA-MP servers that I played on used to have a % life on battery and engine. When you crashed your car so hard that it went kaboom, about 25% of the engine went out and the battery would always gradually decrease its lifespan. You could replace your engine with a new engine, but that was expensive as hell. This encouraged people to drive responsibly, and we rarely had pursuits with sports cars because of said reason, most of the time it was stolen sports cars that we chased. You should post this in the suggestion forum, I think it could be nice to have in there for the developers when they look for ideas.
  3. F@therOsborn

    Officer Biggins JK Tyrone_Biggens

    You are not welcomed to return for the foreseeable future. You show no respect for our server rules, you taunt server administrators and boast about ban evading and how you're going to continue ban evading. When you do ban evade, you provide the community with nothing but a negative RP experience. You're a toxic person that has no place in this community. You're forgetting to mention the fact that you were metagaming with Tom Daniels during your "kidnapping" incident by telling him out of character that he should say you're being kidnapped, as well as with Luna Lei. You were also ramming players prior to being banned, something which you've not mentioned in your appeal. Try appealing, let's say.. in about 4 months, and do not ban evade between that period. We'll see then if you can come back to the community or not. You were told on September 8th to appeal in a month (October 8th) but instead of doing that, you decided to ban evade and circumvent the ban earlier. You ruined your chances, this is on you, nobody else. Thank you, - Osborn.
  4. I'm not sure if it's possible to disable the default GTA 5 system of your character putting a helmet on, but I know they can make a command to put your hat on and off so that you can re-sync your purchased hat/helmet and have that visible instead of the default helmet. +1
  5. Hello sir i appealed a ban earlier and said you were going to reduce my ban to 24 hrs. When i look at the status it still says 72 is there something i have to do on my end to make the appeal go through.

  6. Hey. Thank you for appealing. Given the circumstances, I had no other choice but to ban you. You should never go AFK whilst doing something that automatically collects money, or could lead to major RP, such as a store robbery. Police Officers made attempts to RP with you and stop you from grabbing cash, which they weren't able too -- I then slew you, teleported you away, but you were still collecting money from the counter. And given that when you grab cash from a counter, the script thinks that you're actively playing, thus also circumventing the AFK timer. There's a command to stop grabbing cash from the counter, you should've used that command if you had to go AFK for an emergency. I'm happy to reduce your ban from 72 hours to 24 hours given the circumstances, the punishment can't and won't be voided because a severe rule was broken, although, without malicious intent, it still happened. Our punishments are meant to teach you discipline as well as be educational. You have to understand that if something like this happens again, the consequence will be more severe.
  7. F@therOsborn


    Username: Daddy69 Comment: What's your phone number? I'm interested in the eating ass and sucking toes part. No homo, of course.
  8. Official Factions is becoming a thing now.
  9. Great to see it being implemented. I remember it being talked about last year.
  10. F@therOsborn

    Less rain

    I think rain once in a while is nice, but not as frequent as it is right now. I support this!
  11. Team Update: LeftSharkie has stepped down from support staff team. MusketDeezNuts has been promoted to Moderator. nateX // nateX2 has been promoted to Moderator. Andy has been promoted to Moderator. Tobias van Dam has been promoted to Moderator.
  12. F@therOsborn

    Red Lights

    At least in Europe, from the countries I've visited, it's pretty common that it goes from red > yellow > green or from green > yellow > red. But aside from that, the traffic lights work the way Rockstar Games made them work. I'm very doubtful that we'd be able to adjust the lights if we even wanted to do so.