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  1. I like the idea, but I think maybe the possibility of money laundering over counterfeiting would work well too. Need some more white collar crimes like that, every gang needs their tax nerd who can cook the books.
  2. +1 sometimes I've had to detain people for a long period of time, so I like to tell them they got "time served" on a charge, but if they are charged already I can't do anything about it.v
  3. oi big spender are ya? 600k 😄
  4. Even if the price is lowered I doubt people would use it.
  5. If you can't get a loan as a felon then you turn to gangs for loans, you just need trust and collateral.
  6. Why would the department of corrections store police evidence? -1
  7. -1 but they should open more loan offices though for players to purchase.
  8. Ah_shit_here_we_go_again.jpeg
  9. It costs that much because you're not suppose to just be chilling there all day, we have a public lot for that. Though I do agree the price should go down to 500 or give you an additional 5 minutes. City parking is not cheap 😕
  10. Yeah I always thought a warring option would be cool so you could do KOS stuff. Like plan drive bys or executions of important figures to send a message. It would be intense because you would never know if you would get caught in the middle of it. You could be looking at the high end and next thing you know being caught in a cross fire from a gang war.
  11. I thought the territory idea was cool. If you've played black dessert online you fought other guilds for the territory and then you'd collect funds from it every week till you lost it. It could be a way to add to the treasury of a gang and possibly work on their territory adding labs, chopshops, etc. Also once a gang goes official maybe they can pick specialization too. Like one gang would be the gang you sold manufactured drugs to, one is the gun runners, one have illegal mods, one can be the people who run and deploy chop shops too. I was thinking about all the gang run legal stores too, how the license would have to be held by someone legal, so you could even have people who are like semi-criminals. I remember a scene from the wire where they found out the guy who held their club license was messing with illegal shit and well it didn't turn out well for him... Just ideas I've had.
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