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  1. As I’ve said I couldn’t knew about the demands if they were given or not. Because All i heard big shots coming from the store. I run up from the bush which was fat away. And opened fire. Next time i will be more patient and Will ask my friends if those specific demands were given.
  2. I like this top notch video
  3. Correction 30-50 metres away. I couldn’t hear any voice chat or either chat. And i mean I would never broke this dm rule because I been playing in here for a really long time and I only used to show high rp. And if I did something wrong i am sorry, this won’t be happening again in the future because, i will do my actions more carefully.
  4. Account name: merliuga Character name(s): Barisow Magadan Admin who issued punishment: @YuSoHelpful Date of punishment: 7/9/2019 Punishment received: Deathmatching Offense 2: Reason given for punishment: Your explanation of what happened: We were robbing the route 68 shop, there was 4-5 of us we split around the whole store who was hiding on the roth and who were in the bush. I was sitting in the bush. Police officers came, people who were near the store and inside started fighting with the officers on the ground. I ran from the bush around 10 metres away from the store. Only one thing I saw cops shooting at my friends and my friends shooting at them. I opened fire because I was helping my mates But I never thought that people who were inside they haven't given any word demands. I only saw them getting into a danger and I defended them. Why should your appeal be accepted?: To start off I want to say that I have been playing on this server for nearly 6 months now and have accumulated nearly 105k xp between my character . My appeal should be accepted because, it's really big misunderstanding which happened not at the right time and not at the right place. I mean I never knew that the demands wasn't given at the first place and I am truly sorry for this. I been playing here for really long time and I understand your point as a police officers that its clearly looks like a dm. Also in my evidence you can clearly see that I was running from far away I could not hear anything what was said to the officers and what was not. Even if I did something wrong I'm truly sorry and this won't happen again during my roleplay in ecrp, I guarantee 100%. And my question is maybe there is some mistake, because I don't really remember having a punishment warning for deathmatching 1, If I am wrong correct me please. Post any evidence or further details: This punishment was placed in the server, I think officer has hes pov. But in here you can clearly see me running from far away and the shootout has been already started.. - https://gyazo.com/2eeca188dbfccef0b04fc2981d84941e This pov is from one of the cops, you can clearly see how long it took me to run up to the place and you can easily tell that I couldn't knew about the current situation with demands - https://streamable.com/u5atm?fbclid=IwAR0nTGGrcH92Lms2oaOvkY5n5mXCn3ivikRiFs5f5Fz9-805gG2mrwHKZ5c
  5. Hello i was involved in this situations my ID was 217. I was chopping this bike. No interaction was made no demands were given. Literally got blasted for no suspicious reason. I mean that person showed extremely poor roleplay, at the end of the day ecrp is not a freeroom...
  6. 24hours to only 14hours, i mean you come to play and enjoy the game. Not to Idle and run around the prison. Haha
  7. 6 hours or more then that spending in the jail, what is this jail simulator ? Or what! This is not right
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