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  1. Hello you can offer me only fully maxed contender.My number - 4968761
  2. Hello Xani! Welcome to the community 😄 hope you have a good time playing!
  3. Hello, this is also my first rp server. Only positive things about this server.
  4. Are you man serious haha , you came with them. And they went inside robbing us what are you telling me man 😄 you were coming as well with ur gun in hand but i stoped you.
  5. Okay my explanation is that you and your friends attended the robbery which was unsuccessful, as you can see you drive up to that green container and you clearly see the chat that the demands were given from you and your friends - you had 5 people jumping on us two you got smoked, that was mad. My point is you can clearly see that you participated in this, because in our video footage you and your boys can clearly be seen coming in a big group and begin trying to rob us. Also, who does that jumps from hes bike and points the gun? So you wanna say you just came to chill in this place :Dd And this is the video footage, where we can all see clearly you came with that big company. With intentions to rob us, and take our guns and etc. And I mean why your intentions are bad, why are you lying that we committed DM on you, you were the one who tried to rob us, that's called SELF DEFENSE. https://imgur.com/undefined Also for Fain - check the logs he cut the part were he asks for the stuff recovery, and he offers to not report us or something in exchange he asks for items. Which clearly shows nrl and /pm using and etc. The time gap is like 1-5mins.
  6. Of course it’s pleasure to play in Eclipse.
  7. 60k cheap runs extremely good, also price is negotiable
  8. Hello i am selling fully maxed - V12 , Sanchez. And Warrener. They all are fully maxed in every performance. Open for offers. Number - 4968761
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