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  1. I told you my story, let’s don’t begin an argument because we both know what you did was Incorrect. Just wait for a moderator.
  2. Oh my daise, why did u cutter the video out, when i shotted you and before? Why? You run over my mate VDM you done that on purpose because, he robbed you like 1h before all of this incident to happen. I came next to u with my vehicle asked you politely to get out of your contender, you started to ram my vehicle like for good 3-5 minutes. ( Post the video back in 2-5 minutes show the whole video fotage ). I run out of the patient because u were ramming me and u didn’t followed my instructions. You got shot, and u were injured. And where is the problem? You are the only one who caused the problem because u run over my mate on purpose, for which u going to get a report today. So my point is Post the whole video fotage from where u run over my friend and the whole situation begins. 2. Your car I stole it was doing what I need to do it with it, that’s not your business I didn’t stunt or done anything wrong. And I was there because of my injured friend, I called the police and a medic like a normal civilian. 3. Why there is now sound in your pov? Are you hiding something?
  3. Hello I was 234 , we got out of our vehicle and as you can hear from the voip we already told the high demands to you and your girl. I made a shot near the window I didn’t made any damage and it was done to give you a warning. To step out the vehicle. In our perspective when we came, you were still refueling your van. And number 2. You mentioned that at that moment you have been teaching the girl how to RP. But buddy you two was clearly using a 3rd party program to communicate- Discord or Ts3. And when we robbed you, you mentioned that you belong to staff. And the reality is different. Also : when you jumpted in to the car, we already were approached and as you can see in your video footage you was about to run away because, look at your van’s wheels. And also look how long does it takes you to step out of your vehicle.
  4. -1 Even if you are a farmer It doesn’t matter you can be robbed same as in real life.
  5. My mate run over the other player probably on purpose. What I’ve done is wrong because I jump out of the car . Haven’t made any roleplay situation, just took his stuff (don’t remember what).This is wrong even if this happened do to the desync, I had to call 911. And at least apologise. The whole situation happened because at that momement I was still learning about the server. I will not do this in the future. Also the whole time when I was banned I was thinking how to improve this situation. @ChuckM
  6. Good Evening I agree with everything what you said sir, and I’m guilty and sorry. This will not happen again. Thank you for your respond, and I am looking fowards to recieve the final decision. Regards, James_Merlius
  7. Account name: merliuga Character name(s): James_Merlius Admin who issued punishment:Dqniel Date of punishment:26/03/2019 Punishment received: Permanently Banned Reason given for punishment: VDM Your explanation of what happened: In the whole situation I was punished for VDM but how I could VDM if I was sitting the whole time in the passenger seat. The whole action was made not by me, I wasn’t driving the car. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because, I’m not involved for this punishment, And it’s miss understanding. And if I done anything wrong regards braking the server rules, I’m very sorry and i regret for doing this. Please give second chance.. Post any evidence or further details:
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